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February 20, 2013


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Chicago Sam

Hey, I think Putin may be correct. The archives are part of a national treasure and are also an important in terms of their historical value.

Perhaps Chabad should send someone to microfilm the library. That may be an even better solution.

Eli, what me messiah?

When Chabad got into bed with Putin, this is the price they paid.

Putin has become so virulently anti-American that his anti-Magnitsky law won't allow Americans to adopt handicapped Russian orphans that Russians refuse to adopt. (Better they should die in Russian orphanages than have a good life in the US.)

The worst thing Chabad can do now is ask the US government for help, which would be the height of betrayal to their patron Vlad. All they can do is accept whatever crumbs he throws their way.

hot stuff

Putin just appreciates the value of the books and knows if it falls into the hands of Chabad, they will take out, censor, all the enlightened philosophy books the rebbe had and rewrite history so noone will know what he was really reading.

Ever hear the story about how the Rebbe met with Freud and asked him how to deal with his chassidim and was told to just listen. If you believe that story (I dont) and want to believe the rebbe was so enlightened to meet with cutting edge doctors in hsi time (from Russia to Vienna), then do you think he didnt have Aristotle in his library too?

I have heard enough with the Chabadiks and saving their sefarim -- when they should have been working on saving human beings during WW2, not saving books.

Yosef ben Matitya

maybe he should give chabad the conan doyle books!

Satmar Rebbe

Seems like a nice temporary solution while they work things out.

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