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February 06, 2013


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Hometown Postville

Sick of hearing about the Haredi justifying defiling little girls and boys. Have they no respect for children? Too many hours in yeshiva makes them think they can justify just about anything! The abusers have been abused themselves. Have'nt they heard about "breaking the cycle?" Need some educated psychologists counseling, not just cult leaders calling the shots. Perpetuating a sick culture!



I hear what you're saying and I am conflicted. I grew up in the ultra orthodox community and now in my 40s I am distancing myself from it in many ways. But I sort of still feel sorry for the community and kind of look at them as victims of lousy leadership and a sick culture that make it practically impossible to break free. They are taught from the womb that thinking independently is the ultimate sin and that one must accept the word of the "gedolim" over all else, including common sense, self-preservation, and natural parenting instincts.
When it comes to protecting innocent, defenseless children, one would hope that truth and goodness would prevail, but one would seem to be wrong.


According to YNET the parent is trying to back out of the complaint but the police are going ahead since they have good reason to think there was molestation.


true colors show shmaya, funny how it was all a hoax



This is a five year old child. Some gentle questioning would traumatize her minimally. Naming the perpetrator even if he isn't convicted would at least put others on warning as to what he is and what he did. The fact is that the social pressure from the community, their nonsupport of the child and her family as epitomized by her prospects for shidduch likely being harmed because she was violated while still a small girl says it all.

I'm not judging the victim at all but the community of frum Jews who would rather leave a rapist loose than do what's necessary to bring him to heel. A pathological society - more like a mafia with their omerta than anything else, though if anyone were to violate a child of any mafioso the matter would be dealt with extrajudicially and definitively. You're right: it's sick and sad and infuriating and revolting and morally wrong.




I want to point out that rape victims of any society often choose not to come forward for a variety of reasons. They are worried about the stigma attached to being a victim, they are ashamed, they are fearful, etc.
One can argue to them that it is reprehensible of them not to try to put away their rapist so that he cannot hurt another person, but the trauma of being victimized and then the trauma of going through the questioning and medical examination is so great that it is unfair to judge victims in this way.
The parents of this girl may be trying to protect her from all sorts of trauma. They may be misguided but I don't think that it's right to judge people under these circumstances. What ever they are afraid of is very real to them and my heart goes out to them.
The community as a culture clearly is very sick in its approach to dealing with abuse of every nature. It is so sad and infuriating at the same time.


Posted by: ca -

yes. and we'll be left to wonder whether she was lying then or now.


If it was made up, it will have terrible consequences. It will just feed further into the disbelief and denial among charedim that these type of things actually do happen.

J E hoover

JPost.comBreaking News
Kindergarten supervisor: I made up Modi'in Illit rape By JPOST.COM STAFFLAST UPDATED: 02/06/2013 21:24The kindergarten supervisor in Modi’in Illit, who filed a complaint with the police on the alleged rape of a 5-year-old girl by a haredi man, told Channel 2 on Wednesday that she made up the story.

"I blew it out of proportion and made up a story that, in essence, specifically in that place, did not happen," she told Channel 2 while sitting in the dark with her voice distorted to maintain her anonymity.

She went on to say that she did not feel the city treated cases of rape properly and that filing this complaint was her way of "crying out for the children" who can't. "I didn't think it would reach this level [of attention]. I wanted to shock the system," she added.

When asked why she did not tell the truth to police investigators, she explained that she was "very confused. I didn't know what to say. I feared for my life."

The supervisor told Channel 2 that she is a rape victim as well, and that when she was attacked at 16-years-old, she did not receive the proper treatment.


The word is spelled "incremental."


It was understandable that when living in an oppressive anti semitic dictatorship under Tsarist rule, Jews as a matter of policy refused to cooperate with the state police. Our brethren haven't yet realized that in a modern western society, let alone Israel, the injunction against state cooperation is no longer in effect.


"...It is believed that the family of the victim has remained silent and encouraged other haredim to do so as well because it is difficult for a rape victim to in the haredi community to find a husband..."

Instead the rapist will continue raping other children unimpeded. Does anyone seriously believe that this is in any way consistent with any form or morality? Do these people believe it's more important to circle the wagons against the secular police than to protect the children of the community? What in the name of all that's holy is WRONG with them? What a plague they are - protecting the scum and sacrificing the innocents.

Jacob Mendlovic

In the Torah (Genesis 34),when Shechem raped Dinah, daughter of Jacob, her brothers, Shimon and Levi, kill all the males of Shechem's town because they were complicit in the crime. What then should be the punishment for the town of Modi'in Illit where the Haredim are complicit in the rape of a girl who is not an even adult like Dinah?


Wonder why she was questioned under caution.

In Israel when questioned under caution it means that you are a criminal suspect and may be prosecuted.

Posted by: Jake | February 06, 2013 at 07:59 A


Bob Guthrie

"But the woman refuses to cooperate with police, claiming that she took a vow not to reveal what she knows about the rape."

Easy money it wasn't a vow to G-d.

"Police originally checked a hospital and a private haredi medical institution... They were originally met with a wall of silence."

I guess these yentas were taught by their Rebbeh that the "Hippocratic Oath" was just another insult for "goy". =P


Wonder why she was questioned under caution.

In Israel when questioned under caution it means that you are a criminal suspect and may be prosecuted.

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