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February 21, 2013


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That takes him into Shabbos.

Luckily the police station is within the eruv.


"Police were also allowed to retain money seized during the inquiry."
If he would have donated it all to Kupat, Ha'ir, none of this would have happened.

Kosher Ham

I guess he'll be home in time for Purim, no?


For some time no I have been trying to figure out how the very same people who have perfected the art of of gender segregation brainwashing have -anyone- let alone leaders engaged in unauthorized sexual activity. It just occurred to me that the leaders rationalize that they are like kings and actaully ENTITLED to many women includig those that have no interest in being with them. Didn't Shaul have 1000 wives? Or was that David ...or Shlomo...and then there was Batsheva too...

Moshe aron kestenbaum , Williamsburg

Purim in a cell, the haman knocking is gonna be calling the warden bell, the rebbis ass is wine red, he got caught with a girl in clad, oi oi what a rebbi,with a girl freind name Debby, the rebbi sleeping in a prison bed, chained together with the rebbi hat, Vaisya zukken un langa gatches but can't keep his dick inside his zurisana lattes, toast to Chaim halpern, Stay there rebbi the world is saffer this way


Hediot . .

Can we please have some leadership from our Rabbonim or Machers and arrange a NW wide Tefila or Tehillim for the Torah's and Schina's shame . . .




im getting dressed for purim as a keddasiah supporter
wearing by best pinstripe inmate pajamas

or the othe costume is me and my sons are going to get dressed up as the halperin family rebbes who see no evil hear no evil but do evil


Hediot . .

Ps. I was referring to the young Rabonim and askonim.

The older generation can't multi-task

Chicago Sam

Man, he looks like someone's hairy posterior.

Darth Zeidah

Man, he looks like someone's hairy posterior.

Posted by: Chicago Sam | February 21, 2013 at 07:15 PM

I see, very interesting. So you are obsessed by other men's posteriors. I really don't know who is worse: Halpern for shtupping his client or you for your clear and obvious liking for 'toeva'.

Chicago Sam

Judging by your stupid comment, it seems that you're the one who is into shtopping. The man is an obvious menuval--you defend him probably because you are of the same persuasion. It's called the law of mutual attraction. Haredim are a sick group, an embarrassment to Jews everywhere.


Evil and shame!

No excuse!

Darth Zeidah

Judging by your stupid comment, it seems that you're the one who is into shtopping. The man is an obvious menuval--you defend him probably because you are of the same persuasion. It's called the law of mutual attraction. Haredim are a sick group, an embarrassment to Jews everywhere.

Nowhere in my comment did I state, infer or imply, directly or indirectly that I endorsed or defended Chaim Halpern in any way. My remarks were directed exclusively at Chicago Sam - and at no one else.

The blustering Chicago Sam has assumed an awful lot about a person he does not know, he has assumed a lot about person he has never met, and he knows that.

As a matter of fact, yes: I am very much "into shtopping", as our little Shmulik so gracelessly describes the act of procreation. In fact, it is one of the greatest pleasures in life for a heterosexual, mentally well-balanced man - and it is a mitzvah too. Chicago Sam very probably fails to meet the criteria for either of the two descriptives in the last sentence, but nebach there are plenty of social misfits and economic losers - even in Chicago.

The egregious Chicago Sam's revealing Freudian remarks clearly show him up for what he really is: a complete ass!

As for Chicago Sam's valedictory assumption about "Haredim are a sick group, an embarrassment to Jews everywhere" regrettably I have to disabuse him of yet another of his unfortunate assumptions. I am most definitely not Haredi in any way, shape or form. The proof for that lies in date and time of publication of this comment.




Darth, you are an ass if you think you can "infer" from a statement you make.

You are an ass if you only partake of "one of the greatest pleasures in life" for procreation, notwithstanding we applaud you if you abstain from pleasures with little boys.

Freud called, he wants to discuss your "ass" proclivity.

My assistant wants to know why you missed the obvious 'ass' in "Haredim are a sick group, an embarrassment to Jews everywhere." Probably because your pointy little head is up your own.

Chicago Sam

Darthy boy was probably writing his imbecilic piece as Purim Torah for the holiday.

Get a life.

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