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February 01, 2013


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suri taub

This whole story smells really fishy. Lebowitz is a convicted molester and belongs in jail. Hynes bends to every blast of hot air. Kellner is either atzaddik, of the same word with the tza part. This is really sticky and Hynes best clear it all up. Otherwise, Hynes and Vecchione will be in prison with Lebowitz (after his re-trial any day now ?).

Give us a break Moshe

If the DA had additional evidence that concerned Kellner they would need to disclose it to his defense. Where is the Taub tape? Please Moshe, give us a break and let the facts speak for themselves.


The question is just the opposite how come Hynes is still proceeding with Lebovits. Shmarya, you have the facts wrong. Meyer did bring this tape where kellner blackmails him to the attention of the DA's office BEFORE his fathers trial. Though the judge of pre trial asked the DA's office to investigate they hadn't done so at the time. It took them over a year and onky after they had wired Simon Taub and indicted him for extortion only then did they proceed with the extortion investigation of Kellner. the reason because Kellner is on those tapes with Taub! Taub clearly says that the Lebovits family is so dumb. they should of paid the 400K to Kellner and their father would be free. It would be far cheaper then the case.

Shmarya be honest and post this. Investigate deaper and you will see that kellner is feeding you with manipulated facts and interpertation.


what a pathetic moron. perhaps if you'd keep your mouth shut, your ibecility won't show so bad.


Hynes is a a puppet, and all this "Weberman" story is just smoke and mirrors to show the 'outside' world that he is tough.. etc.

Kellner is innocent. He is an iconoclast who is a thorn in the side of Hasidic power brokers.. and .. they got him.. with the quiet quid pro quo help of our corrupt DA Hynes.

Shame that he'll come in again, and die on the job..

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