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February 21, 2013


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just saying

I find the men's fur hats a real turn on. I want to just touch and stroke them and then the guy wearing them... so maybe a little modesty for the guys aint such a bad thing? Maybe they ought to stop wearing their fur in public

Moshe aron kestenbaum , Williamsburg

I drove by at 2.15 and there was nothing there , it was probably a commpetition or a Purim prank or Hershel klar going haywire but backed out at last minute because of his new legal issues that he lived on government subsidies while having big fat accounts in the gemachim in Williamsburg, I heared that he recived a 5 million life insurance when his grandfather rebbi simcha died last year but didn't stop his food stamps and continued his rent subsidies in the government backed Bedford gardens where he lives for almost free

Sex, Drugs and Neturei Karta

Of course nothing happened.

A Purim prank, duh!

under duress

Pics or it didn't happen


Nu? So what happened? Anybody there?


I hope Williamsburg continues to be overrun with hipsters.

Yeah, but they wear funny hats nonetheless so not so much of an improvement there.


Perhaps the protest is being organized by a competitor.

Sex, Drugs and Neturei Karta

Did it occur to anyone on this site that the timing of this "mass protest" is a bit peculiar and that the Satmar community, like all human beings, may have a healthy sense of humor?

Ever heard of Purim pranks?..

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

OK, now I see the location in Google Maps. I see what they're upset about. North of that corner is a whole street of yeshivas, girls schools, and related operations. South of that corner is a street being used as a school bus staging area. So all the kids will be exposed to - current fashions.

By the way, what's with the billboard Google shows at that corner - "Go Car - the kosher way of getting around"?


Alter Kocker--- they are making all of us look totally ridiculous and a laughingstock.
They have being doing this from the get go over 200 years ago,now they live in big cities instead of forests and the damage is exponentially increased i am truly embarrased to be seen with a hassid on the street in fact whenever i saw a hassid in manhattan with long phallic symbol payes and white socks i went over to the other side of the street i am not kidding i am so ashamed of being of the identified with them as jewish.


Devorah! Go take pictures!


What needs to happen is for the Girls Gone Wild bus to visit Williamsburg. Have the babes do their thing right on Bedford Avenue, right in the middle of the street. The bochers will develop erections of such size that the rest of their bodies will be drained of blood and they'll be immobilized, hopefully for quite awhile. Would be good for a laugh and for sure will make them forget about the size of the windows in this store..

(The Other) Eli

I hope Williamsburg continues to be overrun with hipsters. They're slightly less annoying, hairy, putrid smelling, and self righteous than haredim. Not by much, but it's definitely an improvement.

dapper danny

Thanks for that correction and the links.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar


Alter Kocker

There is a simple trick to prevent this chilul hashem. DON'T LOOK.

This false modesty and acting "Frummer than Thou" needs to stop. Is it not enough that these pronouncements are leading to burkha wearing females, or at least the ugliest women known to mankind. (Dear G-d whenever I see a good looking orthodox woman, I think: What a complete waste! For as much as these fools look at their wives they might as well be 500lbs and cross-eyed.) The erection obsessed black hatters need to tone this down as they are doing something even worse to "Klal Yisroel" they are making all of us look totally ridiculous and a laughingstock.


maybe they can also, for modesty's sake, sell some of Pinky's trademarked modesty strap-ons. each variety in exhibit organized by holiness of chag, just for balance.


Would it be ok if the mannequins wore burkas?


oy vey, oy vey!

we must protest a store with windows showing clothes. this could lead to impure thoughts. there is no greater danger than impure thoughts. after the protest we must stage a rally in favor of guys who rape children.


Traif" was the name of Baruch Herzfeld's bicycle shop, not a restaurant.

Posted by: dapper danny | February 21, 2013 at 09:37 AM

Herzelfeld's shop was the treife bike gesheft.

The restaurant, which was not linked to him in any way, was called Treife. It was profiled in one of the NYC papers a few years ago.


traif restaurant:

dapper danny

"Traif" was the name of Baruch Herzfeld's bicycle shop, not a restaurant.


What's the store, does anyone know? I'd like to give them my business ASAP.

Outcast Yid

Remember the fellow who opened a restaurant named "Treif" in the heart of Williamsburg? Maybe he decided to open a clothing store named "Erva".

meir from willy

this is nothing note not signed by any org. or shul , there wont be any protest


John Nagle @ 0217: The corner exists, you just misspelled Keap Street so Google did not find it. It's right by the BQE.


So, small windows would be just a little "immodesty"?

There are no words for this level of psychosis. This is what comes of generations of inbreeding and Reagan cutting the funding for state psychiatric hospitals thirty years ago. It simply shouldn't be tolerated.

Now, of course, we're in for two days of trolls telling us it isn't properly translated, who are we to tell them how to live, and of course, the obligatory crack about Shmarya being in the basement.

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

Lee Ave, corner Keep Street (formerly Fruend's Dry Goods)
Where are those street names coming from? Neither street exists in Williamsburg. The actual location, from Google, seems to be 5301 13th Ave. New York, which is at the corner of 53rd St.


..in a very obscene and immodest fashion

Translation: clothing that isn't all black.


Did Nechmeya Weberman purchase Lingrie from this store?


He who fears for the future of Williamsburg..

I'm far more worried about the present than the future.


I think stores selling childrens underwear is more of a nisoiyon in Williamsburg.


What is this "our town" crap?

BTW, HeathenHassid, I very much enjoy all your tips. Thank you.

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