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February 06, 2013


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Do we think she actually fabricated the story, or do we think she was threatened to retract it? I can't decide. I'd like to believe she was pressured to tell media she lied, but sometimes people do go too far in their desire for revenge, which is, like "Unorthodox" a HUGE disservice for those survivors/victims/haredi that tell the truth about their abuse.


"I have no doubt now that the rape WAS real."


I concur 100%. Continued silence would have served them better. This charade only concreted the fact it actually occurred. Luke.

Bob Guthrie

"I blew it out of proportion and made up a story that, in essence, specifically in that place, did not happen," she said, sitting in the dark as she spoke, her voice distorted to shield her identity. She said she filed the false complaint as her way of “crying out for the children" who can't speak out for themselves. "I didn't think it would reach this level. I wanted to shock the system."

Woah, that's such a load, I gonna need my full body waders!. Not saying she is full of sh*t, but the whites of her eyes are deep brown, her blood type is manure positive, her last name is Dreck, instead of putting a bridge on her teeth, they ran a sewer line, instead of dirty diapers, Haredim just thrown her, in lieu of earrings, she wears air fresheners, she chews pink bubble gum, but she blows brown bubbles... >.<

richard lewis

Maybe the reason this community is so reluctant to have outsiders deal with such issues is exactly because of incidents like this. How amny other false accusations have there been? Will this woman now be indicted for lying to police investigators?


I'm sure she was threatened into recanting. I have no doubt now that the rape WAS real.

Roley Poley Yoiley

I've got something else for her to blow out of proportion...


Bad move.

Now the Charedi will always cite this case and claim that all future rape claims are also false.

Also, perhaps the kindergarten teacher was pressured to say this?

Finally, she says she has heard of many sexual abuse cases in the Charedi community. She should report those real cases.

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