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February 07, 2013


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Rocky, your write: Only 7 got sick from herpes caused by MBP? Over 8 years? Not material."

You must be kidding, spoofing us, right? Not material? Tell that to the parents of these victims. You are not practicing Judaism, the prime tenet of which is "do no harm," but something else.


Making it a taboo to compare male with female sexual mutilation is the biggest scandal of the controversy. In both instances the most sensitive and most erogenous zone of the human body is amputated and severely damaged. In both instances, what counts primarily is the cutting of human sexuality. The imposition of control by the patriarchy.

What is lacking in all the talk about circumcision is discussion of its
archeological dimension - that it is the left over of human sacrifice.

Also, unfortunately it is / has been circumcision that has MADE for no end of anti-semitic sentiments. Freud found that it was the chief reason for unconscious anti-Semitism. And the myths surrounding it are at the core of the “blood libel.” Thus, it's time to eliminate the Brit Milah because if that is the chief reason for being anti-Semitic or anti-Abrahamic [Islam too practices the rite] then why hang on to this left-over of human sacrifice? that traumatizesthe child, cutting off 5,000 nerves, that is the equivalent of female circumcision in the sense that it eliminates everything but the clitoris,and only serves the UltraOrthodox to maintain their power? After all, reform Judaism sought to eliminate the rite in the 19th century, and Jewish identity depends on being born by a Jewish mother, or converting. Here a link to an archive of the entire German and then some debate, note especially Michael Wolffsohn's two pieces . Circumcision has been controversial also within Jewry forever.





Once I again, I reiterate. With small numbers, you cannot attack the practice as inhumane or a huge problem. It can only be addressed from the perspective of the preventable deaths and infections of a small number of children (.008%). Those types of numbers do not lead to large public movements against entrenched practices. Anyone concerned about informed consent for MBP should use the precedents, things like Vioxx (17 cases of preventable stroke) or allergy shot precautions (everyone wait twenty minutes because studies produced a handful of unaccountable anaphylactic reactions).

Then at the end, you can persuade informed consent, but news shock. Most people to whom this is relevant will opt to accept the small risk. They will wonder how much more risk these numbers imply than circumcision itself, and they will not forgo circumcision, even though it is minimally risky. So in the end, there will be few or no children saved by this effort.

Not that I am happy about it, but just as we demand that Haredim accept reality, we need to as well.


My guess is most do it. I don't if the recent publicity will change anything. I doubt it.


Jeff, I don't know. My youngest boy is a teenager and I try to avoid talking logic with Lubavitchers.


Rebitz - lol


David4--I live in new york, and everyone here knows about mbp mayor boolmberg got into this also so dont be overly concerned about others finding out about it all the the whole city of n.y. heard about this,let me say when i first saw this being performed i was about 8 years old i really got spooked by it and am very much against it we both agree on this have a nice shabbat.


I agree, David.

Shmarya - can you try to find a picture where the baby looks like he's enjoying the procedure?


What is "sexual intent?"

David 4

jancsibacsi- yes, I am for real,let me ask you a simple question, do you think that it is ok to post a picture of a child getting molested to "show how disturbing this behaviour is so theese hayes will be held responsible in case the child dies from it"?

now yes I understand that (hopefully) there is no sexual intent with metzitzah b'peh, but if you had to ask someone who has never heard of a bris what is going on in that picture, what would he say?

maybe I will ask asacp


c) why is it that all studies are done by anti-semites? why are all the studies done by charedi scientists ignored?

Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | February 07, 2013 at 12:22 PM

Absolutely solid!


ca, I know MBP is also a Chabad custom. Is there a significant number of Lubavitchers who don't have it performed?


David-Are you for real, just because you find it disturbing it should be removed,it was used at least a dozen times before where have you been? the reason this picture is here is to show how disturbing this behaviour is so theese hayes will be held responsible in case the child dies from it

David 4

while I agree with your concern about this issue, I find the picture in this post very disturbing. Is it really necessary? can you please remove it?


Sadly, the charedim will say it's biased etc. Lets up people start getting some sense knocked into them with this study.

And, in other news from Israel: Tel Aviv paints handicapped space around already legally parked car and then tows the car.



Morocco Bama

Hey when it comes to religion you're supposed to leave your common sense at the door. Let your child's penis with an open cut on it be exposed to someone's filthy mouth? No problem!


Only 7 got sick from herpes caused by MBP? Over 8 years? Not material. The anti-draft Haredi scholar in yesterday's video came from a family with 13 children. He also wants a large family.


thanks, Ben.


APC, you are as sharp as ever


a) their kids are expendable when it comes to a ritual their holy men adopted years ago.

b) only 7 ? so whats the problem?

c) why is it that all studies are done by anti-semites? why are all the studies done by charedi scientists ignored?


Theese defenders of mbp belong in a lunatic asylem the lunatics are running the medical world,brain washed automatons is what they are,theese people are a shande shame on all decent jews,they should be excomunicated from amidst the jewish people.

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