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February 26, 2013


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Nigritude Ultramarine

"Excuse me, but all I see is his wife dressed like a demon [...]"

Dressed like a demon? I thought that was just makeup.


Come on. Politicians like Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Schwarzzenegger, Mark Sanford, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, John F. Kennedy do this all the time. Hikind's costume wasn't nearly as bad as what they did. Relax.

Dan O.

@Simple Jew

I don't know about this specific Koch incident (there were so many). But as to your question - "Is Dov a friend or foe in general..." that's, of course, fraught. He can be friend to black politicians, by giving them space to get things done, and foe, by supporting onerous policies like racial profiling.

The trouble is that Hikind brings up these divisions at all. He maintains an atmosphere of division that could explode.

To use one of Dov's own little ideas, should a law-abiding non-gun packing black person feel safe in Borough Park? Maybe to look at a used car... Is Borough Park the next Howard Beach? Dov is sending the message that black people are sub-human. One wonders.

Dov basically expressed a belief that's not dissimilar to what the antisemitic 3-train preacher expresses about Jews. He compares the other to the devil. Not good.

Simple Jew


Dan O. -- My point is that EVEN back then before we had 1st black president, etc etc 25 or 30 years ago .... Koch asked if "OK" and was told by blacks it was "OK" to do.

Then.... when he did other blacks said "Not OK- very offensive"

So... I think the question educated rational african american would ask themselves is "is Dov a friend or foe in general to our community?"

I am not an expert on NYC politics.

I don't know much about Hikind voting record to know if he is friend or perceived friend of AA community.

Dan O.

"Hikind is loved by his constituents because he is a doer! He does not have a racist bone in his body."

Being beloved as a member of the NYS assembly is, to understate it, only relative.

I don't care about Dov Hikind. I want to know what Bill de Blasio, Brad Lander, Yvette Clark or any of the rest of the Democratic Party of NYC giving Hikind a soft landing have to promise in order to get Hikind's endorsement.

This event was merely a reminder of the obvious: Dov Hikind is (to put it mildly) out of step with the Democratic Party. The whole Weprin/Turner affair was proof of this. This is merely a nice little reminder.

Why is the public advocate who wants to limit stop-and-frisk want the support of a shmoe in blackface who wants it increased?

@Simple Jew

You want to use Ed Koch to defend Dov Hikind? You want to turn back the clock to the riot days? Dumb.

Critical minyan

Nobody ever votes in these elections and the job sucks. That's why Hilkind will keep his job.
Vito Lopez in budhwick admitted to far worse behavior and he kept his job. Why should Hilkind be ashamed in comparison.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

Here's an excellent article about it:


Rueven Aharon

Why is a Democrat using a Republican newspaper like the Post to get his criticism across?

Oh right, I forget that the Daily News actually endorsed Romney last fall, but it seemed a lukewarm endorsement anyway.

dapper danny

Posted by: Flatbusher | February 26, 2013 at 07:47 PM

Wow. That was a virtual blowjob more graphic than anything else I've seen on my unfiltered internet connection. You really should work in politics or write porn scripts.


Must be a slow day at FailedM, when 4 out of the last 7 reports are the same story about Hikind's Purim costume.
Noone else is giving it SOOO much coverage.
we get your point, move on.

Simple Jew


I don't think it was good judgement on Hikind's part because of the supercharged Politically Correct society we live in BUT...

Mayor Koch did something similar to this when he was Mayor of NYC.

He was told by black advisors that it was OK but then he got reemed by someone like Al Sharpton or Charlie Rangel or maybe another person etc.

Koch was LIVID that they hassled him about it.

Details are in his biography --

spacedout BT

This whole thing is grossly overblown but it does give an insight to the extent that certain individuals live inside a hubris-filled bubble.


1. This is absurd. Anyone who knows anything about Purim knows that any costume goes ; crossdressing, women dressed as men & vice versa EVEN THOUGH THESE ARE AGAINST JEWISH LAW, BUT ON THAT DAY EVERYTHING IS NAHAPOCH HU! Hikind is loved by his constituents because he is a doer! He does not have a racist bone in his body.

2. No one in state govt. is as devoted to fairness and the community as he is. He did NOT make a mistake by dressing as a black basketball player. But let's play devil's advocate: assume he did. Doesn't all his MITZVOS for the KLALL far outweigh this costume!!

3. The fact that this is posted and reposted and some of the comments, makes me think about the blog and its denizens. Thought most are on a higher level.

Happy post Purim to all.


Hikind has nothing to do with terrorism. This is just nonsense promulgated by Robert Friedman of the Nation. If you take him seriously you probably think Abbas is a holocaust scholar.

just saying

he was just trying to get Simone's attention...


Hikind is to Jewish the way Sarah Palin is to women. I certainly don't want him to represent any group that I am a part of.

Sarah K

"Thirty one year old Yoni Hikind, a Brooklyn therapist, is heavily involved with Yeshiva Simchas Chaim, a school that serves at risk teens. The school is now in its third year and Assemblyman Hikind had nothing but praise for his son."
Sarah K


That dude Milhouse on crownheights.info is a jerk.It seems my comments are not being published over there.

"Internally, everyone realizes he’s a dirtbag, we’re just not going to say that because that’s the game we play.”

"political figures running for citywide office are reluctant to take on Mr. Hikind because they fear “retribution” from a man who’s seen as “the gatekeeper of Orthodox Brooklyn.”



I think this episode speaks more of his lack of intelligence.

a really stupid move I do not think he did it to be hateful even thought it may be perceived that way

Dan O.

The JDL connection is irrelevant to the politics. (It is relevant to judging Hikind's character).

Bill de Blasio wants to win against Quinn in the Democratic Primary for mayor. Ditto for Bill Thompson. Christine Quinn, who is associated with the Mayor, hopes Orthodox Jews stay home for the Democratic Primary, because they certainly won't be voting for her.

All of them have an interest in giving a soft landing to Hikind, or, at least, not inflaming the situation.

As a voter, this sucks. On the one hand, Quinn tacitly supports Stop and Frisk. On the other hand, de Blasio is beholden to the endorsement of a homophobic bigot.

But that is, and has always been, the reality of NY/NYC politics.


Excuse me, but all I see is his wife dressed like a demon, this disturbs me more. Imagine if your own mother dressed like this, chas veshalom!


Plz Hikind hasn't been involved in anything remotely JDL in over 25 yr's and in fact proudly votes for ever freakin anti gun bill. With that said I do believe he's gonna look for a way to end his career on a high note...B/c 2-6 yr's from now the young generation will be the majority etc...


Cross him and he’ll call you an anti-Semite and put you in the New York Post

Makes no sense, the New York Post is for all intents and purposes an anti-emetic paper - an enemy from within. They are always the first to jump on any anti-Jewish story.

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