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February 26, 2013


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It really saddens me when an ignorant individual of one ethnic group condones shitting on another group, simply because they've had it rough in the past. Keep the cycle going, you racist assholes.

Friar Yid

Maybe he should just go as a jerk. He won't even have to dress up.


I have met Dov Hikind. He is a super class guy. God bless him. Love you dov and keep up the good work.

just saying

he'll be attending the gay pride parade to get some inspiration. Im sre the gay lobby wouldnt mind after his speech in albany... so at least he recognizes they exist, they arent going away, its something significant enough to dress up as... hey, it's a beginning. Gay marriage, they dont have to give up on him just yet..


Just listened to the audio. I could not believe what I heard. According to Hikind people were actually dressed up as Palestinians! I cant believe that! This is akin to having people dressed up as Nazi SS officers! What an eye opener!


Here Lubavitchers Are Christians - sounds like a real Democrat to me, just one who shares YOUR politics:

"In 2011, Mr. Hikind was one of the most vocal Democrats opposed to New York’s legalization of gay marriage. He bucked his party again this year when he suggested Jewish support for President Barack Obama was a “disease.”"


Another racist Dem.
Posted by: Lubavitchers Are Christians |

That's a pretty disingenuous comment.

Actually Hikind is a Right-Wing nutjob, former(?) Kahanist and suspected terrorist. He was the one frothing at the mouth about a 2nd Holocaust at Brooklyn College. The only reason he's a Democrat is because that's the party machine in New York, as I'm sure you know full well.

Teaneck Jew

Hikind wants to do good but his lack of education and sophistication shows in his gross insensitivity.His actions will reflect badly on him and on his community.His apolology makes things much worse. My sense is that he will lose credibility both in the community and with his political peers. In time he will be ignored.

Welcome Back Moloch

Term limits. Only solution.

Rueven Aharon

maybe he should dress up in drag. And, yes, cross dressing is a traditional Purim stunt, it turns out.

As for blackface, I'm opposed to Hikind's use of it, particularly because it makes him a hypocrite. Remember, he chewed out some goy for wearing a Hasidic costume, and now he goes around poking fun at the next ethnic group in town - the African Americans - by appearing in blackface. How is that not hypocritical? Flip-flop, flip-flop.


What a shame that his blazing idiocy is the unfortunate price we pay for all the good he's done over the years.

And the thought that his clueless wife and son went along with it is just to much to bear.


Obviously, he's thought about dressing up as a gay man. I'm thinking he's either closeted or bi-curious. He figures he'll catch a few dates that way.


I must say, for an elected official the guy really lacks brains. The clincher for me was his absurd and outrageous suggestion that he 'dress up like a gay man', clearly showing an absolute ignorance and childish attitude to gays. Yes, they all walk around in lycra pink trousers, just like all Jews wear yarmulkas to hide their horns.

Lubavitchers Are Christians

Another racist Dem.

Dan O.

@gold Saw that. That was not Yoni, it was a facebook friend. Still, it's sad. I expect more from younger people.


dress him up as yudi kolko

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, Sarek.



Unrelated question: for next Purim's costume, where will Dov stuff his hamentaschen?

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

Healey's First Law of Holes-
When you are in a hole, stop digging.

Yochanan Lavie

Next year, Hikind will sing this song:
Apologies to: Helen Reddy - I Am Woman:

I'm a moron, hear me schnorr
A numb nut too big to ignore
And I love Purim so I can play pretend
'cause you've heard it all before
And I've been down there like a boor
No one's ever gonna want to be my friend


Oy vey, I'm despised
But it's 'cause I inflict pain
Yes, I've paid the price
But on Pesach I eat chrayn
If I have to, I can insult everyone
I'm a schlong (schlong)
I am detestable (destable)
I am Hikind

You can bend me in the mikvah
I can be your favorite "shiksa"
More determined to fill up my gaping hole
And I come back next election
With MBP on my erection
'cause I've deepened the corruption in my soul


I am Hikind, up you throw
See me acting like a schmoe
As I show my true colors as a man
But I'm still a white Negro
As the Chillul Hashem grows
Until I make the Goyim understand


Oy,I am Hikind
I am detestable
I’m a schlong
I’m a moron



So let him come as Sister Sadie Sadie Rabbi Lady. That way he can offend Jews and Catholics as well as gays.


Hikind's son's facebook page: "u needa figure out who showed this to the media and then let us deal with them... if its a jewish person they should be hung....threw us all under the bus..."

His son must be the leader in the Mafia.

Dan O.

It's one thing for the ignorant old man... But what disturbs me is his son allowing himself to be in that pic. Either he's spineless, or he's young and ignorant, which is worse.


I thought he meant he would dress up as a frum rebbe carrying an iphone. What if someone dressed up as a holocaust victim? Would he think that was funny and OK? What if he does that and just puts on a pink triangle instead of a yellow star? Wouldn't that be "dressing like a gay man?"

Really, what a putz!


@ Leib

Delete them pictures. I don't want to see that gay crap.


How does he have time to be an elected official who gets paid to represent a diverse constituency with all his make-believe and dress-up play?


My father dresses up as a GAY MAN every day - chinos, brooks brothers button down, and shoes - oh yea and a kippah too. Maybe Dov doesn't need to "dress up" maybe he is a Gay man. and really, who cares?

Flatbush Girl

If black people were to dress up as Hasids for Halloween, he would be the first one complaining to the media.


Next Halloween, I guarantee that one of the biggest costumes will be a Dov Hikind mask. Will he have the nerve to cry "anti-semitism"??


Do gay people look different?

Someone should tell him they don't.

Bob Guthrie

People not buying it:





And on, and on, and on,...

Bob Guthrie

Hikind: "[The blackface costume was] all in the spirit of this very special holiday."

Purim is a Racist Jewish holiday?. Who knew. =P

"Maybe I would be a gay person on Purim. Would that be OK, Zev, if I played a gay person next year?."


"It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt - Mark Twain."


Is he still drunk?

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