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February 20, 2013

High Court Orders Standardized Testing Of Haredi Students

Haredi kids Mea Shearim to school 1-3-2012Earlier today, Israel’s High Court of Justice gave the Ministry of Education 100 days to formulate an outline for standardized testing of students in haredi schools and to sanction the schools if they fail to follow the outline. This is a way to force haredi schools to comply with the law and teach math, science, English, civics, Modern Hebrew laqnguage and other core subjects.

Haredi kids Mea Shearim to school 1-3-2012

High Court Orders Standardized Testing Of Haredi Students
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

Earlier today, Israel’s High Court of Justice gave the Ministry of Education 100 days to formulate an outline for standardized testing of students in haredi schools and to sanction the schools if they fail to follow the outline, Ynet reported.

This should mean that haredi schools will be compelled to follow the existing law and teach Israel's core curriculum, including math, science, English, civics and Modern Hebrew language or lose all or most of their state funding. Many haredi schools – and most haredi men's schools, yeshivas – do not currently teach the core curriculum, even though they are mandated to by law. The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, has failed to enforce that law, as well.

The President of the High Court of Justice Asher Grunis warned haredi schools that they "should start taking things seriously, or face the consequences."

The High Court’s order was the result of a petition filed by the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism against haredi schools.


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I guess that puts the Israel ahead of the New York State Department of Education or the US Department of Education, neither of which require testing of Haredi Americans. Yes, it is probably hard to believe that these Jews are Americans, but Kiryas Joel and Williamsburg are part of the US. So are Boro Park, Monsey etc.

"Aha! We said that trying to draft us was a slippery slope. Now you want us to be civilly educated, too? What will you want next: that we get jobs and earn our keep?"

Just like the High Court ending the Tal Law did not lead to a chareidi draft, this decree will not lead to any changes in the Chareidi school system.
A law is only as powerful as the force the state is willing to us to support it. In this case, with Shas and UTJ in the coalition instead of Yesh Atid there is no support.

The Haredim are already apoplectic about having to serve in the army, now the courts are mandating the core cirriculum.

They will once again try to fight this without actually going to court. They will stand on street corners screaming that they would rather die than give up 3 hours a day of "Torah Learning" in order to learn how to function in society.

It boils down to a simple fact. The cult is unwilling to open the window to the secular world. Math, Science and History will do so. As much as they tighten their grip on the hearts and minds of their followers, the ignorance on which they base their mind control begins to slip away once real education is added to the mix. It would be a good addendum to the Jewish people if these minds could be liberated from the control of the oligarchy which is the rabbonim.

even if the testing is required it wont matter. they will use every manner of cheating and deception necessary to pass muster and retain funding. does anybody doubt this?


Here is the standardized test:

Spell "Dog."

We will spot you a "D" and an "O."

Could not agree more, but I believe that this is multi-faceted. All facets lead to the same reality: The Haredim are on the dole and have laughed in the face of secular Israel and for that matter secular Jews and non-jews for actually working and paying taxes.

This story, if true, and ENFORCED will pull another rug out from under them.

The great genius Jancsi has spoken. Praise be to Vishnu.Remember, Jancsi, be proud that you think billy goats are for loving.some day, the people of your country will think like mine. Stick your shvinky wherever it fits. Woman, man, monkey,pig. Wherever it fits.


Does this apply to the Arabs as well or is this a strictly Jewish thing?

Don't expect any of these High Court decisions to be enforced as long as Bibi is PM. The haredim can do whatever they want as long as they help keep him in power so he can continue the real work of the state...building settlements and avoiding peace talks.

To the black hatted (& hearted) trolls on this page. Haltsach nisht in groisen! You are done in Israel. The seculars or chilonim as you call them have taken back their government. Sure Bibi is still in the drivers seat, but he is no longer beholden to Shas or UTJ. That means that the you motherf**kers are done. Best get ready for your yeshivas to empty, and those that are still in operation, will have to teach core subjects like math history and science. If they refuse, or the students fail the minimum tests then the shekels will promptly dry up and they will be standing there with their shmuck in hand and unable to even pay the rent or the rebbes. That is what pissed off the majority that kept hearing how they had to go out to work and serve in the army so the haredim would "protect" them with "Toyreh Learning", when the reality of the situation is that most of the Haredi numbers sat around all day doing nothing but drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and picking their anus.

Alter Kocker ---Hahaha youre good picking their anus hahaha,by the way toireh learning is another word for shirking youre duty to youre homeland.


I feel very confident in saying that Arabs attending yeshivas will be held to the same exact standards.

be proud that you think billy goats are for loving.some day, the people of your country will think like mine. Stick your shvinky wherever it fits. Woman, man, monkey,pig.

Ah........the language of the religious.

So inspiring.

Alter Kocker, I hope you're right. I would love to believe this is the beginning of the end of their reign of darkness.

Now if the politicians in New York would just grow a collective pair.

I fully agree with APC.

When standardized tests are given in Hareidi yeshivos, it works like this. The teacher reads the question, then reads the answers out loud. He reads the CORRECT answer LOUDER and this is how the kids know what to answer on the tests.

The answers are written in pencil, so the staff then take the answer sheets, arbitrarily erase some correct answers here and there so it doesn't look like everyone got everything correct. And voila - it looks like the kids know answers to standardized tests.

The children are taught that the cheating is considered a GOOD thing, because it helps the schools qualify for school lunches, books, or other government subsidies. The cheating enables the school to teach Torah, which is the most important thing. But secular subjects only "corrupt" the minds of Hareidi children with information about dinosaurs and evolution and other apikorsus (blasphemy). So, the cheating is a good thing.

And if the Haredim do not cheat on the tests THIS way, they will find another way. One thing is certain, they will not learn the secular subjects that the state requires and that are necessary in order to be knowledgeable enough to compete in the workplace.

And the Hareidim will continue to claim that they are being "discriminated against" in the workplace and that is why they are not being hired for jobs.

Israel will be a poor, backwards country in 50 years, and/or be immersed in a civil war.

Haredim and standardized testing: what a dreadful combination.

Oxymoron, with emphasis on the moron.

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