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February 21, 2013


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laughing stock

Maybe there's a reason why you won't mention this rebbes name. And that could be BECAUSE ITS NOT TRUE!


Why Miami? Wouldn't he be safer in Brooklyn?


can someone tell me which rebbe is visiting miami now


not sure if it happend but it is not shocking. to much time creates all kinds of issues


the shooting (of a front door) was reported to be related to fighting amongst factions of shuvu bunim breslovers (breast-lovers).



Why do you not put the name and the sect so people will know who the scum is, using religion as a means of getting rich and laid?

Lubavitchers Are Christians

Interesting that I first told you about this story at 10:26 in the Chaim Halpern thread. 27 minutes before you posted this story at 10:53.

Yet you didn't give me a hat tip.

So how are you different than Miriam Shaviv?

(And if your excuse is that you had other sources, even though I was the one that first posted it on your blog and you very coincidentally posted it 27 minutes later, why shouldn't we assume that Miriam Shaviv also has other sources besides for you for Chaim Halpern? I'm confused.)

Lubavitchers Are Christians

I already posted on the other thread, 27 minutes before Shmarya did, enough info to figure it out:

By the way, Shmarya - are you aware of the huge scandal brewing in Breslov in the Berland cult....... (Hint: sexual molestation at the highest levels, police invloved)

You heard it here first. I guess I should give myself a hat tip, and then complain if Shmarya or Miriam Shaviv don't quote me.

Posted by: Lubavitchers Are Christians | February 21, 2013 at 10:26 AM

That is what I posted on the Chaim Halpern thread 27 minutes before Shmarya posted this story.


You do know that Shmarya is a law unto himself, right?

This fellow is one of those extremely unpleasant know-it-all ass holes with righteous indignation that never applies to them.The kind that screams at little kids for the most minor infractions.The kind of fellow that everybody dislikes but are scared of his tattle taling to the authorities.Kind of the neighbor from hell.


This ass hole's command of Hebrew is not existent.It does not say anywhere in the Hebrew link that it involves a minor.It says "tzeira" in Hebrew, which means "young" not neccesarily "minor".In fact the context of the article implies a person in their twenties


And yet every time you post here it is money in his pocket.


It is frustrating, but Shmarya is following the rules of not saying lashon hara in this case, which prohibit him from naming the individual perpetrator.

The flip side of applying lashon hara rules in real life is that now we have to suspect ALL HASSIDIC REBBES of being sexual perverts.

This may bother the hassidic rebbes, but application of the same did not bother them when appied to converts en masse or to Ethiopian Jews as a whole.




I thought Breslovers didn't have a rebbe? Don't they still follow Nachman?


Look at least Breslov is better than many in Chabad.
Breslov knows their rebbe is dead.


There is an extradition treaty between the US and Israel. If the rabbi has committed an extraditable offense, Israel should ask for his return so he can stand trial. The article does not make clear whether the rabbi violated only biblical law (having sex with a consenting adult who was not his wife) or whether he is supposed to have committed an offense within the meaning of the treaty (e.g. rape or sexual relations with a minor). Stay tuned.

Lamed Vovnik

Naked except for a tallis? Was he cold or what?


And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each tallit folded certain

Thrilled me — filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before


shmarya....post the name of the rebbe...a video will also be nice.


as long as her elbows and knees were covered (and her hair if she was married) i dont see what the problem is. tznius is whats important. how you act, not so much.


post the damn douchebag's name already


"So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating

“ ’Tis some visiter entreating entrance at my chamber door —

Some late visiter entreating entrance at my chamber door; —

This it is, and nothing more.”

hot stuff

alle rebbes zenen di zelba.


dh, that was brilliant!


Thank you, Atheier, evermore.


Another news source says it was Breslov R' Eliezer Berland.


If it's who I think it is, I just read a piece about him in some CHaredi magazine. He was one of the stars of the Litvish Yeshiva world who learnt with the Chazon Ish beChavruta (which should say something about his standing) before somehow ending up in a Breslev sect, one of several involved in bitter infighting.

How hard is it for a hotheaded opponent to concoct a malicious rumor? I certainly wouldn't be surprised if it was a load of crap. But then again, all it takes is it to be reported on FM for 'being frum sucks; to shrill : 'post the damn douchebag's name already'.

My turn now: Bring frum sucks was seen molesting a female turkey while holding up a sign saying 'I hate frummers, they suck'. He has since been spotted in Miami.

Posted by: being-frum-sucks

Bas Melech

These rebbes and many other frummies like the one in this post and Halpern show how much they really are unhappy with the stated and preached Toirah way of life. In public they criticize FM, FMs posters, and similar blogs. Yet, they agree in private that those who became OTD chose a better lifestyle, one with less restrictions.


fuck these assholes are getting more sex than I can dream of, I am in the wrong business, i need to get some new clothes, some streimels,yeah i have a plan


the big rabbi's name has been posted on the news yesterday in israel.
he's wanted by the police for (allegedly) sending his talmidim to beet up a guy named Itai-nachman-shalom, who was a former student of his who busted this "untzanua" story and made it public.
the confrontation developed in to shooting and beating, as you can read on the news.


oy, we need redemption so bad....

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