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February 05, 2013


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Bob Guthrie

From Mel Brooks' "Blazing Shtreimlech."

“Legal documentation?. Legal documentation?!, We don't need no מסריח legal documentation!."

A. Nuran

Why should some goy know my real name?


England has fairly strict immigration controls at it's borders.

So does Canada for that matter.

The USA says come on over......


England has fairly strict immigration controls at it's borders.

So does Canada for that matter.

The USA says come on over......

Posted by: Jake | February 05, 2013 at 02:50 AM

We should learn from them, come to think about, Israel should learn too.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: A. Nuran
"Why should some goy know my real name?."

A... "Goy" will need to know your name for you to apply for a job, open a bank account, buy with a Credit Card, rent a card, buy a plane ticket, apply for a visa, stay a night at a hotel, purchase a firearm,...

...Or, in this case, the Francais "Goy" checks your visa, password and ID at Coquelles before you enter the Chunnel.

These are some of instances that you will tell a "Goy" your real name.

Tottenham Gossiper

anti semitism.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: Jake
"England has fairly strict immigration controls at it's borders."
"So does Canada for that matter."
"The USA says come on over......"

No, no, and not quite.

I think you were inferring that anybody can come in the USA as an illegal immigrant. Is that is the case, Canada and the UK are as porous as the US. Well, anywhere but Israel, all Arabian states, and China.

If you were talking about immigration controls at their borders, try Saudi Arabia as the most feverishly fanatical (even if you are in the US Military), China at the Hong Kong border, then the US, then down to Israel, Russia, France, the UK, the EU, then almost to the bottom, Canada (yes, I'm well travelled, danke).

Of these, the ones with the less "sense of humor" (as in total pricks, thankuverymuch), try China, then the US, then Russia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

Worst checkpoints?: LAX then Heathrow. Bests?: The Chunnel if an EU resident, or traveling with Eurostar with visa and passport (non-stop, and meals included). ^.^

Bob Guthrie

"A 16-year-old hasidic boy traveling from Antwerp, Belgium to the UK on a haredi shuttle bus was arrested by border guards as he was about to enter the English Channel Tunnel after the guards realized the boy was using identification documents that belong to another person."

...And the British and the Francais are already sick and tired of all the hundreds of illegal trying to use the chunnel to waltz in the UK every bloody day, so file this under the "bonehead" category.

"We are religious man, they will never check us!." Wrong, boyos. Since 11-M and 7/7, with no EU IDs, or traveling via Eurostar, you will be all checked at the "garage" near Calais.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: Tottenham Gossiper
"anti semitism."

Ah, the "retard squad" is checking in for the night shift.

Tottenham Gossiper

Mr Bob, let me tell you one thing, in fact two but before I do, listen to this one word. Sarcasm.
Now, the Oilom needs to do two things urgently.
1. Have a pidyon shvuyim fundraiser. The collectors get good commission.
2. Get an 'inzere' border patrol person. When you go through UK immigration you see all types of people behind the desks, white, black, hindu, shmindu, turban and all that but not one heimishe yied works for UKBA. Why? you know full well why and if we fixed this problem then we wouldnt nebech have heilige bochurim needing honest passports. There are more turbans working in heathrow than in there are in southall but not once single cupple even cholila a kipa seruga. There are even woman with hijab who I have had to give my passport to but not one veibel with a teichel.
Since Ive gone on a bit Mr Bob I will let you know one more thing that YOU need to get. Sense of humor. Anyone that can take as serious or genuine an allegation that this is anything to do with anti semitism should really be checking out for the night.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: Tottenham Gossiper
"Mr Bob, let me tell you one thing, in fact two but before I do, listen to this one word. Sarcasm."

To the office of: Tottenham Gossiper
Subject: Net interaction and its consequences

Dear Tottenham;

For your message not to be taken as it seemed, it's a very common practice to add to such posts an written addition such "/sarcasm" or, "insert sarcasm tag here". Other wise, guv'nor, you risk to have your point to be taken at first written face value.

And that, unfortunately, lad, is not the readers' fault. No matter how many afterwords are added after.

First impressions are, sometimes, a bitch.

Tottenham Gossiper

Mr Bob,
I think the word 'Gossiper' in my user name would indicate that my comments cannot be taken seriously. But I will give it to you that 'Tottenham' may well be a link to retard squad.

So seriously now, we're even.

You and I can go back to work.

Yochanan Lavie

Bob: I know A. Nuran, and he, too, was being sarcastic.

Bob Guthrie

@Tottenham Gossiper

Aye then, I agree on the decision.

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to: Cheers,TV Theme Song:

Making your way through the Chunnel, oy vey, takes all beitzim you've got.
Taking a break from your Talmud studies, sure would be a laugh.
Wouldn't you like to get away?
Sometimes you want to go
Where no Gentile knows your name,
and they're always mad you scammed.

You wanna be across the sea,
Goyim are all the same
You wanna be where nobody knows
Your name.
You wanna go where people know,
people are all the same,
You wanna go where everybody knows
your name.

(repeat last verse)

Yochanan Lavie

Correction: When pasting the lyrics, I forgot to delete the repeat, so the originals came up. My bad.


"The USA says come on over......"

Not at a border crossing from Mexico to the USA or at any other USA border crossing for the matter

A. Nuran

I was being sarcastic, Bob.

R. Wisler

I fell on the floor laughing at your posts. We haven't seen enough humor (humour?) on this site since "Chaim" quit posting here a couple of years ago (he would make these posts imitating the non-sensical mind of the typical yeshiva bochur). Thanks again and please stick around!

Scottie Boy

And this is news, why?


Does anyone know whether or not the boy was carrying contraband? Drugs, weapons? Was he smuggling merchandise in to bypass VAT? What was his purpose for entering the UK? Obviously he was up to no good.


YL, cute.

General question: do women take off their wigs for the passport photo?

Bas Melech


No, women are not required to remove their wigs. However, I've heard of women who normally wear a tichel (scarf or hat) being required to remove it. Therefore, they'll wear a wig for a passport picture.

Wigs mostly change hair color, and many women dye their hair regularly.


All jews from Belgium should be checked very carefully, it seems to me that they breed corruption there. It comes as second nature. I know a 'gentleman' (note the sarcasm) who sent his passport to England to get married and only arrived 3 weeks later for his chuppa with an i.d card.The percentage for divorce in european Jewry is highest (of which I am aware) with one partner from antwerp, they seem unable to tell the truth if it hit them where it hurts.

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, Sarek.


Just for all a simple information!

Any one who wants to enter the UK also from the European community needs a legal ID and you will be refused entrance to the UK without proper ID!

The daily drivers (shuttle) travelling between the UK and the EEC know the exact rules, they have been advised in the passed to collect from every passengers their passport before leaving either Antwerp or London but as I know from many people who travel frequently the drivers are negligent in requesting the appropriate identifications prior departure!

Due to the drivers the trips between the countries take some times hours of spending at the borders due to them not doing the above, as well many passengers have to leave the shuttle at passport control, and are not allowed in the UK and are as such stuck in France etc. etc.


A European citizen can not travel to the USA with out a US VISA! Is that ANTISEMITIC?

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