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February 18, 2013


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And, of course, the article I wrote for Moment Magazine on this:


But please note that there is an editing mistake in the article that I made:

"But many have left the city for the Haredi neighborhoods of West Bank cities like Beitar Illit and Beit Shemesh, or for the all-Haredi Emmanuel."

Obviously, Beit Shemesh is not a West Bank city. The sentence should have read:

"But many have left the city for the Haredi neighborhoods of West Bank cities like Beitar Illit and for the all-Haredi Emmanuel and the Haredi neighborhoods of Beit Shemesh."

Mistakes like these happen during editing when large chunks of text are cut or moved or broken up and moved in order to meet space limitations.

In this case, I did these particular edits – not Moment. Even so, I'm supposed to catch mistakes. But I didn't catch this one.


Approximately a third of haredim now live in the West bank. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/structuredsettlement-quotes-com-surpasses-massive-151746388.html


"Netanyahu is widely regarded in Israeli political circles as a shrewd, craven self-serving man who has no loyalty to anyone but himself."

Why i took you so long to realize that?


I have an interesting take on this, but my comment wasn't posted. I don't have time to rewrite it.

Posted by: Lubavitchers Are Christians | February 18, 2013 at 12:36 PM

Typepad is notoriously buggy. I advise you to always highlight what you have written, copy it (Ctrl C), post it then hit "post another comment" to see if your comment took hold. If not simply put cursor in the comment box and paste it (crtl V) and try again.

A. Nuran

Truly God is great. He is using chilonim to force the haredim to do good

Lubavitchers Are Christians

I have an interesting take on this, but my comment wasn't posted. I don't have time to rewrite it.


No surprise here

UTJ does not believe in the right of state of Israel to exist until moshiah comes. UTJ does not believe in democracy (read their program), but promotes the darkest forms of theocracy.

Because of this they don't care and have historically been behaving like prostitutes. They go with whomever serves their narrow purposes - cash to support their parasitic lifestyle and power for their rabbis.


Be more conservative or we'll behave like liberals..........


Shulamis Brick

Well, at least when they stab you in the back you can rest assured it is with a fleishig knife.


Haredim Threaten To Support Settlement Freeze, Peace Negotiations With Palestinians

Its about time someone moves forward with the peace process - funny that it should come from the haredim!

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