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February 27, 2013


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One of the victims had falsely accused his grandparents of sexually abusing him!

fed up

I think I have had it with orthodoxy of any label or any affiliation. It's all the same.


Alter Kocker, the anti-Semites would have a field day......

Alter Kocker

This is what happens when a community allows a sexual predator to roam free with impunity. The law of mesira was not constructed to silence the victim, it was meant to keep the anti-semites from wreaking vengeance on the community. Now it is used to silence the victim and give the perpetrator a free ride.

That being said, the ultra-orthodox community in every city is playing with fire. There will be a sexually based murder of a child by a highly placed community member. This will be the end of the law of mesira, as there will be no way to contain what is coming. We must all remember, that once a perpetrator gets away with it, they are emboldened just like Elon was when confronted by Takana. He believes that no one in the community will rat him out and when they did, the community rallied around him and victimized the victim.

Once this happens, expect fireworks, and worse.


Thank you, Yosef.

Yosef ben Matitya

Elon is sure not haredi.
If any bodyneeds a proof the dati-leumis are hardly any better than haredis in this context, u have it here (and in the cases of Lanner, Zahavi etc...).


Jake, You write: "Professionals in the field have no reason to believe that sexual abuse is any more prevalent in the Charedei community than anywhere else."

"Anywhere else" is not the right comparison group. The prevalence of child sexual abuse in the haredi community needs to be compare to that of the non-haredi Jewish community. That is the right comparison. I would postulate that the study by a sociologist at a university would find that this is the case.

Aside from the prevalence issue, there is another issue - how the victims and their families are treated. They are told not to go to the police, leaving the accused the opportunity to continue to abuse other children. If the victims and families do go to the police, they are vilified, threatened and shunned. WHAT KIND OF CULTURE WOULD DO THIS???? An aberrant one!
They bring disgrace to themselves, and deserve all of the criticism they get. They are not practicing Jewish values. Shame on the haredo rabbis who support this aspect of their culture. Quite frankly, I don't know how they can sleep at night, knowing the accused can continue to abuse other children.


Yosef ben Matitya

must be a posthumous reward to his recently deceased 'saintly' father.

Yochanan Lavie

If sex abuse turns out to be more prevalent than in most other communities (NB: I wrote "turns out to be" not "is") the chareidim will scream antisemitism and bloody murder if the state or anyone else tries to intervene. Look what happened with the MBP issue- a known serious health risk. They are hysterically claiming it's halacha Moshe m'Sinai (it's not) and that brit milah is being outlawed (again, not).



Then you should have no problem with Rabbi Alon.
He is identified with religious Zionist. Yeshivah hakotel where he was rosh yeshivah os one of the Hesder Yeshivot.

As to what at this point is a rant. Professional in the field have no reason to believe that sexual abuse is any more prevalent in the Charedei community then anywhere else.

Truth Seeker

This article is written with so much bias and preconceived judgement I don't understand how it qualifies as news. In the wild case that the rabbi is in fact innocent, a scenario much less juicy and one readers generally find less newsworthy, how do you suppose this would play out? Don't you think that the alleged victim(s) would become increasingly nervous and pressured as they began to realize the veracity of their claims? The textbook spinoff fr any prosecution would be to say that it was from social pressure, fear, etc. Or maybe his claim was bogus. Either way it's conjecture not news. The news is that a case that was shady to begin with and became shadier as it went on has just topped itself off with yet a whole new level of shady.


Mafia with peyot. They're no better than that and they're protected by politicians for that very reason. Give 'em what they want and they deliver the votes.


I used to look up to haredi rabbis and have respect for them. No more. It's not only the terrible abuse some rabbis inflict on children, but the way haredi rabbis vilify, threaten and encourage the haredi community to shun victims if they report the abuse to the police. These rabbis do NOTHING to change whatever it is about the haredi culture that causes the abuse. Zero leadership by the rabbis on this issue in the haredi community!

I have written that a study needs to be undertaken to determine if child abuse is more prevalent in the haredi community than in the non-haredi Jewish community. If the study shows that this is the case, action must be taken to protect these children.

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