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February 03, 2013


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n the mid-1800s, Jamaican Jews were given the right to vote and they quickly began to acquire local political power. By 1849 eight of the 47 members of the Assembly were Jewish and, that year, the legislative body decided not to meet on Yom Kippur.

So i will say 1831

reb moshe, the byroner rebbe

1831 ftw!


Re my earlier response, I should have said that Marley's father had Sephardic Jewish ancestry because his paternal grandmother was a Sephardic Jew.


But when did Jamaican Jews gain equal rights?

"equal rights"??? equal? what kind of heresy do you speak??

Jamaican Jews have GREATER rights!! from the time they became the chosen jamrock bredren.


In 1831, the British government declared equal rights for Jews who lived in any British colony, which Jamaica was. And Marley's father was Jewish because his paternal grandmother was.



u r so disgusting and so jealous , u can't take it anymore . too bad , eat ur heart out and out , and repeatetively out , on and on , until…[REDACTED BY SITEOWNER, who also notes that Dov was referring to the deranged infantile Yutur Binsonfire and not me.]


Bob's Syrian Jewish roots possibly explains why he converted to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church before his death, a church in communion with the Syriac Orthodox.


Dov, that's not fair. How do you know his mother was a whore and even if she was, is it for us to judge her. Although, she is likely a mentally ill bitch, to give birth to a sick disturbed vile piece of human filth like Yurtur.


Scotty boy, you vermin, take the sharpest knife you have, hold the point up to your eye, and quickly thrust. If still alive, repeat on other eye.


You first. Then your whore of a mother.

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to : Jammin' by Bob Marley:

Oy vey; nu, Vos macht!
We're Jewish
I wanna daven wid you.
We're Jewish, Jewish,
And I hope you like Jamaican Jews.

There are rules, Kol Nidre vows, we can do it anyhow
I and I will see you in shul,
'Cause everyday we pay the price
We do the Pesach sacrifice
Jewish kosher jam, so nu?

We're Jewish -
To think Judaism was a thing of the past;
We're Jewish,
And I hope this ham will be my last.

No bullshit can stop us now, we neither schnorr nor to men bow;
Neither can be bought nor sold.
We must deflect the Right; Yahweh's children must unite:
Jerusalem's worth more than gold.

We're Jewish (Jewish, Jewish, Jewish)
And we daven in the name of the L-rd;
We're Jewish (Jewish, Jewish, Jewish),
We're Jewish' damn straight, so there.

Yeh! Holy Har Tzion;
Holy Har Tzion:
Jah sitteth in Har Tzion
And rules all creation.

Yeah, we're - we're Jewish (wotcha-wa),
Wotcha-wa-wa-wa, we're Jewish(wotcha-wa),
See, I wanna daven Yids, nu
We're Jewish (Jewish, Jewish, Jewish)
Not damned: I hope you like Jamaican Jews.

Jewish is my pride and truth 'bout my daddy's side
Because he was an S.Y.
True yichus is within but the ganja I can't resist,
So daven and get high.

We're Jewish (Jewish, Jewish, Jewish), yeah-eah-eah!
I wanna daven, Yids, nu.

We're Jewish', 8x

Hope you like Jamaican Jews.
We're Jewish (Jewish, Jewish, Jewish),
We're Jewish (Jewish, Jewish, Jewish)).
I wanna (I wanna daven Yids, nu) - I wanna -
I wanna jam Yids, nu, now.
Jewish, Jewish (hope you like Jamaican Jews).
Eh-yeh! [Asher Eh-yeh] I hope you like Jewish, I hope you like Jamaican,
'Cause (I wanna daven Yids, nu). I wanna ... Yids, nu.
I like - I hope you - I hope you like Jamaican Jews,
I wanna daven;
I wanna daven.


New shatel halachos out of Kfar Chabad



Joe t

Jews in Jamaica gained equal rights in the year 1831(my dad told me he is of sehardic portuegese ancestry and his family came before ww2).

Bob marley would have felt at home in deal because he is of syrian ancestry on his fathers side as the surname marley icomes from syrian/british roots.

king Sol

Maybe if koch knows the answer FM will arrange Kadish for his Neshomo

Yochanan Lavie

Posted by: Yurtur Binsonfire | February 03, 2013 at 06:45 AM

I guess he didn't know the answer.


December 19, 1831, the date Jews in Jamaica gained equal rights.
Bob Marley's dad was British and of Syrian Jewish ancestry

Sarah Cohen

In 1831, Jews in Jamaica gained equal rights. And Bob Marley was a syrian Jew so he would have. Fit right into Deal, NJ.

Yurtur Binsonfire

Scotty boy, you vermin, take the sharpest knife you have, hold the point up to your eye, and quickly thrust. If still alive, repeat on other eye.

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