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February 27, 2013


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Parents please reconsider for the sake Of your child. And that of all children who deserve a physically and emotionally healthy life

Stop Child Abuse

Someone indicated that Child Protective Services did not want to get involved in this case because report is against the school rather than the legal guardians of the child. The solution is to report the parents of the child for allowing the school to assault their child. Under Family Court Act § 1012(f)(i)(B), a child is legally considered neglected where his “(i) physical, mental or emotional condition has been impaired or is in imminent danger of becoming impaired as a result of the failure of his parent … to exercise a minimum degree of care … (B) in providing the child with proper supervision or guardianship, by unreasonably inflicting or allowing to be inflicted harm, or a substantial risk thereof, including the infliction of excessive corporal punishment.”

It might sound harsh to seek to have a petition filed against the parents, but that is unfortunately the only way to ensure that that parents do not allow their children to be abused by yeshivas.


It cost me $22.00. Pay up.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

DH, you are awesome.

Kosher Ham


I really would like to see the NYS AG Eric Schneiderman decide to go ahead, press charges against Meilech Spitzer, and get the parents to testify as hostile witnesses.

Why this? Because it puts the parents between a rock & a hard place.

If they do indeed testify against Meilich Spitzer, you can be guaranteed that their son will not be allowed to go back to that school. If the parents don't testify, it sets them up to possibly have this child taken away from them by Child Services for endangering the child by allowing this abuse to go unchallenged.


dh, GREAT WORK!!!!!!
You may have just saved his life. :)


I am informed and believe that if the child has not yet been visited by an individual who can provide services to protect the child, he will be within 48 hours.

Never give up.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

How sad that entire communities are locked into a cult mindset as well as the backward attitudes towards child beating that existed hundreds of years ago.

And sadder still that in the State of New York, there is NOBODY with the authority and courage to intercede.




Because they are children themselves. None have been allowed to grow.


I will never understand why people fear ostracization from a horrible community more than they fear harm to their child. It seems a small price to pay to protect your child.


"Cretins' night out, is it?" That's funny. Like Fashion Night Out.

Anyhooooo, Shmarya, I too hope you can get one of your interns to update your acknowledgments. You haven't got anything current there or anything international, such as come4news.com in France, or anything that indicates FM's growing reach across the board as with BishopAccountability.org. I wish you'd self promote a bissel.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

The political power of the frumma cannot be overstated. Local police and prosecutors seem helpless, because a phone call from someone higher up ends all their efforts.

And the frumma love to scream antisemitism about everything, and nobody in any government position, such as Child Protection Services, wants to deal with that; it's almost impossible to extract yourself from such an accusation, and even if you are clearly not guilty of anything antisemitic, you could be fired or asked to resign just to make the accusation go away.
Who in government wants to deal with any unpleasantness like reporters sticking microphones in your face asking you if your Child Services agency personnel are anti-Semites?

I suspect that the 'powers that be' have decided that fighting the frumma power structure isn't worth the trouble, as long as the frumma only victimize other frumma.


So social services won't look into a call made by a local prosecutor? With pictures and news coverage to boot?

If my kids showed up at school looking beat up, I guarantee that there would be social service or cops at my door the same day. Of course my kids went to a real school.


Posted by: Noah Gansburg | February 28, 2013 at 04:58 AM


There are literally hundreds more mentions and several major stories broken, and anyone who wants to can easily verify this.

But you lie because you are a dishonest, pathetic little boy who must cheat and steal and lie to support the pathetic dead rebbe worship cult you're a part of..

Get on your knees, little troll, and bow to your dead rebbe. It's all you've really got and all you ever will have.

As for your sockpuppeting and your lies, take them elsewhere.

Noah Gansburg

Nah - you haven't updated it in years because the number of media mentions over the years has dropped considerably as has your credibility. You started out with journalistic intent and descended into a frenzied anti-Haredi lunatic foaming at the mouth. Those media outlets at best now use you to whatever extent but certainly no longer rely on you, especially where you lift stories from other places and then scream blue murder when other places lift from you.

Either way, your desperate concern about people reading my comment and possibly being influenced by it just proves how desperate you are. If you had any real kudos others would rely on your standing influence and you wouldn't have to worry about lil ol me.

Even if you do publish this remark I look forward to the hysterical backlash. Truth hurts I know. Bite it.


For a two bit muppet with a two bit website what makes you the expert? Meanwhile Gestetner gets more coverage than you and that riles you big time - every time.

Posted by: Noah Gansburg | February 28, 2013 at 03:29 AM

Cretins' night out, is it?

Do try to process, you repugnant little man – if you look at the far right sidebar of this page, you'll see a highly abridged list of media mentions for me and for this blog.

I haven't had time to really update it in years, but there are many, many more that could be added to that list.

I write this not to influence you, because it seems clear to me that you lack both the desire and the ability to grasp truth.

I wrote this comment to influence other who will read what you wrote and who will then read this comment and the far right sidebar.

And for some of them, perhaps many of them, that process will show them that cult members like yourself can be staring straight at a clear blue sky with the sun shining brightly overhead and still insist it is midnight and raining because your cult leaders told you it is.

Noah Gansburg

For a two bit muppet with a two bit website what makes you the expert? Meanwhile Gestetner gets more coverage than you and that riles you big time - every time.

under duress

DH - Kol Hakavod. Don't give up.


The pictures of the child's face are brutal. How could a man beat a child that way? How could the parents not press charges? Can CPS take the child away?

Sadly, this does not surprise me...Zugibe did his best to ignore a man being lit on fire. Too bad the bloc is not supporting the child who was beaten and choose to protect the child beater instead! Poor kid.


I believe so since he really isn't interested in helping East Ramapo with their board problems. Just writes letters.


Is AG Schneiderman in any religious pockets?

Kosher Ham


That's where pressure should be applied - to NYSE AG Eric Schneiderman. This Satmar lackey needs to have the screws of justice tightened on him for explaining why he won't even have the parents testify as hostile witnesses.

Thank you on behalf of this child for all the work you've done! It's the right thing to do.


Rocky, I'm not done yet.

Shmarya, what do we know about New York State AG Eric Schneiderman?


dh: When I called the New York State Department of Education last summer to find how someone like Chaim Levin from Crown Heights could receive such a lousy education (grade 3 equivalent), I was told that the Department does not regulate schools connected to a religious institution. So in effect, I got the same runaround that you did. Eventually, the goyim and especially Republican goyim will get tired of picking up the welfare tab for these social basket cases and then something MAY happen. But it may not happen in your lifetime or mine.

In the name of freedom of religion, we now tolerate child abuse and functional illiteracy. The butcher's bill will eventually come due.


Andy, put a mirror under your snoot. Nothing? I didn't think so.


I thought Jewish people believed, "an eye for an eye". If you do harm to someone you deserve the same. It doesn't seem to be true among the most "religious" of us all.


Yossi couldn't pass the high school equivalency test. He couldn't spell ethics, pronounce it, use it properly in a proper sentence (because he cannot compose a proper English sentence) or cobble together a persona that could comprehend ethical standards, let alone behave in conformance. He's just some idiot that can't do anything but what he thinks he is doing. His community deserves him.


Ethics....is not your strong point Shmarya..


Posted by: D | February 27, 2013 at 06:41 PM

A working PR person can be a FORMER journalist, but he can't be a working journalist, unless perhaps the topics and people he reports on are radically different from the topics and people he spins for. And, at any rate, the conflict of interest would have to made clear to the public.

But you cannot ethically be a journalist and a PR person covering approximately the same topics and people.

It's journalism ethics 101.


He might qualify at some point, if not now for membership in the American Society of Journalists and Authors, freelance. He meets almost all of the qualifications, if not now soon. Why do you go out of your way to be critical of someone in this community who is trying to make something of his self with something he finds fulfilling, and enjoyable, whether you agree or not..One does not have to have a degree to be Journalist either...The word and definition of Journalist has been revamped in several corridors, and is evolving in this day and age. Whether you care for him or not is another matter altogether, which is the main reason you make sure to criticize.


Thank you, DH, for all your efforts.

Harold F

This boy will never get the justice he deserves. His parents failed him big time. Instead of having this scumbag prosecuted, his parents mindlessly obey the cult leaders and don't want to be branded as informers. They know the consequences of that and are terrified of it.

My only hope for the boy is that when he's old enough he leaves the cult and lives a normal life.

Bas Nekech

Satmar is definitely a cult. Some characteristics of cults

Blind obedience to the leader

Permitting sexual and physical abuse by leaders

Fear of anybody outside the group because of their lack of understanding of the cult's ways.


WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

What a filthy disgusting world the frumma have created for themselves. And this child is only the tip of the iceberg of what must really be going on in those horrific schools.

As if the financial fraud isn't enough, you have children being tortured and sexually molested.

Moshe Aron Kestenbaum, Williamsburg

What a shame, pity this small child , I pity this family too, there is no justice here, the family was probably threatened and therefor they are shutting up . Spritzer is a shagats achzor menuval and child molester , yes this is also child molestation , look how this child looks his whole face is deformed, spitzer has to resign immediately and never again be in chinuch education and UTA should be punished for not doing anything upto now, he has a history I was told .


they're SO afraid of
"what will people say"
or just as big
"we have to think about the shidduchim"
it's sad so sad...the parents won't stand up and advocate for their
child. omg


If someone did that to my child, he should probably hope the police got to him before I did.


Oh, good, Andy. We love commenters with no opinion.


MIkal W. GrassAfraid --of your teachers, afraid of HaShem, and knowing that your parents will not protect you: What an awful way for a child to live.
Thats exactly how i felt as a child scared to death,read what i wrote before.


Send this guy to çamp'Otisville to get slapped around. Let him get a taste of slapping. That would cure this bastard.


"gestatner says that this does not happen regularly... "

Yeah, and sexual abuse never happens. It is the same tired spin. Plus he doesn't get the point it should never happen- not "this does not happen regularly..." Again, he is clueless to laws and social norms yet he is a "PR" spokesperson for the community to the greater community. Luke


gestatner says that this does not happen regularly...

blatant lie

listen to the song 'ich hob gechapt by v'ani'

or the song 'and then he patshed me'

we all chapt: some more some less.


WSC - I wasn't anonymous.

MIkal W. Grass

Pity this poor child - his parents won't defend him because they are afraid of being ostracized in a community that believes in its own version of voodoo and witchcraft. Worse yet, when he gets older he will think that his parents are cowards because they refused to protect him.

Afraid of your teachers, afraid of HaShem, and knowing that your parents will not protect you: What an awful way for a child to live.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

DH, thank you for your efforts.

I can understand, though, that if no family member is interested in making a report, then they question your motives for calling.

I'm sure they get anonymous calls from people who are probably just looking to make trouble for a neighbor or a teacher they don't like.

I can't imagine they would understand the insanity of the frum community and why a call from you was needed.

So the only answer they can give you is to call the police. They don't realize the frumma protekzia makes calling the police a waste of time.

And it is indeed sad that the child remains the victim of his wicked community, and no one will help at any level.


As an update to my 1:18 post, here is the sad ending. The New York State number above will not take any report because they only take reports about People Legally Responsible, defined as parents, foster parents, guardians and ppl in the home regularly.

They referred me to the New York State Student Support Services at 518.486.6090. They also do not take reports but referred me to OSPRA (Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability) at 518.473.2998 but they don't take reports either unless there is a license to investigate, plus they do fingerprinting etc. The guy that answers the phone is a moron and told me to call 911. I persisted and spoke to an investigator, Bart Zabin, who tried to educate me. I hope the call was recorded. I felt he was condescending, suspicious of me, my standing to even make a complaint, my information and oddly conversely, my lack of information and totally absent any concern about the child, as was everyone else I spoke with.

There is nothing that can be done. There is no way to get this child help. There is no way to get any child protective services to the beaten child. He told me to call the police or the DA. Haha.

So there you have it. This child will never be protected, nor will any other yeshiva student. These are unlicensed institutions and they know exactly what their perversions and vicious treatment of children needs to grow and prosper.

From my experience today, there is not a single individual getting paid with government funds in the State of New York that cares or feels a responsibility to protect this child or any other bruised and battered student or minor that has the misfortune to be Jewish and attending a private Jewish school where unlicensed monsters pass themselves off as principals, counselors, teachers, etc and the parents enjoy their place in the community while their children return home raped, beaten and destroyed.... one generation at a time.

They should all be permanently furlpoughed, along with the rest of the people in New York cashing their paychecks while serving up the newest fresh faced young child for sex and abuse.


This is no aurprise to me,i wrote before here that as a child of 10 on tom kippur day our shohet and moel was the bal tefilla in from of everyone he stepped out came towards me with my father nest to me picked me up and threw me down with all his might they had to carry me out since i could not stand up from the terrible backache no one but no one not even my father dared do anything to him he just went back like nothing happened to his bal tefilla place this shohet as i wrote here molested me in the mikva he was much older could be easily my grandfather theese hassidim own the world this is their mentality no one can stand up against them.


So we are back to - who took the pictures and uploaded them?

Posted by: Nancy | February 27, 2013 at 01:51 PM

The child's mother allegedly took the pictures and sent them to friends and family.

One of those people she sent them to apparently circulated the pictures more widely.

One of the those new people who got the pictures apparently called police.


So we are back to - who took the pictures and uploaded them?

Joel Berger

Don't be surprised. News12 is barely journalism. In Westchester, they love the Republican party and will not cover any corruption except Democratic and blacks only appear as victims or perpetrators.

WoolSilkCotton, I am a work of art as well as a sports and rock superstar

The frumma have the leadership they deserve.


"News 12 identified PR hack Yossi Gestetner as a journalist – but he isn't one. He runs a PR company and small haredi PAC. "

Don't be too upset Shmarya. You know as well as I, you can be anyone you want in haredi-land, all with an equivalent of a third grade education- no high education ever required! Be it a therapist, an educator, an illiterate "journalist" or a "PR" consultant with very limited command of the English language. They truly live in the land of opportunity. Soon they will have doctors and surgeons practicing out of the chicken processing plant performing all sorts of medical miracles, as well as the occasional lobotomy.

Such promise for the community and its young. Well that is if the young can survive being abused, ignored, undereducated and intimidated by the elders. G-d save them.



How sad, the boy will grow up knowing that Tatti and Mummy did not care enough and worried more about what others would say. There is another generation of dropouts on the way and I for one don't blame him!


If you suspect a child has been harmed or is at risk in New York State, please dial 1-800-342-3720, to report what you have seen or heard

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