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February 21, 2013


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You're going to see continued and expanded violence used by this criminal element in the Chareidshi community. It is inevitable, as
more and more people speak out against the injustice, and anti_Torah, of their ways.

James lakes

WOW! Here come the fireworks. :)


Wow Bressman is really stupid. A disgrace! It stuns me that there are people who address him as "rabbi".

simple jew


It would be funny if Rabbi Bressman gets heter and sues Shmarya for everything he is worth.

Even some of shmryas "supporters" would be happy if Bresman wins.

Shmarya comes off (to me) as conceited egotistical etc


Posted by: simple jew | February 21, 2013 at 06:10 PM

Simple man, he has to be right to win, and his own words prove that he is not.


"This is an oral defamation and if you do not take down your article within 5 days I will check my halachaik and legal rights and decide what I will do."

1) it is not oral
2) it is not defamatory
3) it is not an article
4) Dovid will be checking his computer on Shabbat
5) his rights were never violated (unlike the 8 day old infants he, uh, sucks)
6) if he consults an experienced attorney, he will do nothing


and medical benefits of metzitzah bapeh.

maybe we should give the rabbi the benefit of the doubt. perhaps there are medical/scientific studies that only he is aware of which show the benefits of introducing human saliva to open wounds. when they are published the entire medical establishment will be turned on its head. henceforth all surgeries will be concluded with human saliva coating the as yet unclosed wounds. alcohol and antibacterial ointments will be banished.
for someone who has a very large area needing coverage, or multiple incisions, saliva donors will be needed. donation centers will spring up everywhere. and like mohels, no testing is required of donors.
i think he's on to something. why would you call him stupid or ignorant?


It was appealed and, earlier today the appeal was also rejected, and the law remains in force

how could judges demand consent for such a medically beneficial part of circumcision?

I did not misrepresent the Chasam Sofer, you did

uh oh...he might have the chasam sofer might sue you too.


We are in a gigantic lunatic asylem where the lunatics run the place,the lunatics are the rabbis.

Abu Jihad Schneerson

Metzitzah Ba'peh since Moshe Rabbenu's times?????
Is this schmuck Bressman joking,right?
Everybody knows circumcision in Moses' days was way different from what it became after the 2nd century,when rabbis made it more massive and introduced periah.


I'd love to see Bressman defend MBP on a show like Bill Maher...lolz!! But seriously, do Haredim have to focus so much on this? Why THIS?? Of all aspects of Judaism to trumpet!

(The Other) Eli

Abu Jihad, you can't use historical facts to argue against haredi logic. They'll stick to a midrash, a rogue opinion or obscure ruling and present it as the status quo. They'll ignore the fact that priah is a rabbinic injunction and that the tanaim, amoraim, gaonim, rishonim and acharonim all spoke of metzitzah b'peh as a health practice.
As far as I know, wasn't the first rabbi to call it Mosaic law one of the Chatam Sofer's students who tried to construe his teacher's ruling?

Oh well, I guess I can't expect more from Chabad; the group which would publish on their website that candle lighting on Shabbat was done as far back as Abraham and Sarah.

(The Other) Eli

*Misconstrue, not construe.

Chicago Sam

Rabbi Bressman (I almost wrote Breastman!) is really into sucking, because that is what Chabad rabbis like him do best.

Shamarya should represent himself, I believe he would personally make mincemeat out anyone stupid enough to represent Breasman. I hope he tells him, "Bring it on!"


Seriously, could he go to a Beit Din? I don't know anything about that. It would be a scream riot. How do those things work? Could Shmarya have representation there? Perhaps by a blond hooker...

That would be so cool. We could take up a collection to have the final proclamation of death, or whatever they issue, framed in gold. Then, go see, everyone will want one!


I wish R Bressman sues Shmarya. I'm pretty sure he would lose, but anything that forces Shmarya to suffer a loss, in this case legal fees and possibly some lost sleep, is a blessing.

flora freida

Is there any connection between MBP and pedophiles?


I wish R Bressman sues Shmarya. I'm pretty sure he would lose, but anything that forces Shmarya to suffer a loss, in this case legal fees and possibly some lost sleep, is a blessing.

Posted by: DBSesq | February 21, 2013 at 08:25 PM

I just forwarded your comment to my attorney, Danny Boy, so a complaint can be made to the NY State Bar Association's ethics committee.

A reprimand on your public record is long overdue, and your comment is a violation of your profession's ethics.


Oh for God's sake, DB, do you want your daughter to see that? Say something constructive, like explain to me about the Beit Din.


Shmarya @ 8:32

In New York State, authority over the conduct of attorneys rests with the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court and the discipline and grievance committees (the "committees") appointed by that court.


A law suit and its reporting here would probably spike ratings and accordingly help financially.

The reporting on the grievance will be interesting as well. IMHO, I can't see a formal reprimand being issued for that comment, but lawyers hate being grieved regardless of the results.


What, he would sue in secular courts? This so-called Rabbi should be put in cherem. But what else would one expect from an apikorus meshichist?


Would it be possible to post his email address along with his emails? He had to have known you would publish the emails. Of all the stupidity he spouts, I am most interested in contacting him directly about the MEDICAL benefits to MBP. Wonder why he didnt elaborate on that one. Maybe he's saving that for Lancet?


Rabbi Bressman sure ain't no herpetologist.


when a rabbi gets offended he can sue in secular court when a child gets molested one is not permitted to go to the secular authorities. Something is wrong with that.


Seymour, 1. Many if not most Rabbi's agree or are now agreeing that you go directly to the authorities in abuse cases. 2. He says he will check his halachic and legal rights. He would first go to a Rav for an opinion before going to a secular court.


"Would it be possible to post his email address along with his emails? He had to have known you would publish the emails."

Posted by: smile! | February 21, 2013 at 11:24 PM

When you send someone an email, you actually expect them to post an email sent to them personally in a public forum? I doubt he would have thought that. And do you think it would actually be ethical for Shmarya do share his email address? If your so concerned why don't you write him a letter at the shul? I think (based on a Google search) this is the address 2364 South Robertson Boulevard. BTW, the view on Google shows a tiny synagogue. I doubt the rabbi gets paid much or that others are lining up for the position.
Los Angeles, CA 90034.

Kosher Ham

@Barry: Rabbi Bressman sure ain't no herpetologist.

Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a herpetologist someone that studies reptiles & amphibians?

Don't you mean a herpes virologist instead of a herpetologist?

Garnel Ironheart

This is the new tactic being used. The Daas Torah blog got the same threat over a different issue and had to pull some posts.
Technically yes, the truth is a defense in libel. However, it'll cost you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to prove it and that's probably how he's hoping to intimidate you.


Before when someone would Google the rabbi's name " Rabbi Dovid Bressman " not much came up.
NOW! All sort of stuff comes up like he is a 'certified' Mohel [and this blog har har har]
I wonder if he sucks little baby's penises?
I wonder if he knows about how herpes gets transmitted like it did to baby's out East?


Isn't it risky to get into an argument with someone who carries a sharp knife?


Garnel " However, it'll cost you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to prove it and that's probably how he's hoping to intimidate you."

Intimidate Shmarya? You have got to be kidding.

If this is the basis of a lawsuit and it didn't get tossed, the resultant suit for malicious prosecution would be a slam dunk and the new name of the Beverlywood shul would be Starbucks.


Wow, can you imagine the amount of documents they wouldn't want exposed and people they wouldn't want deposed.

Shmarya, you should email him back and tell him that in light of his threats of litigation, he and the rest of the "organization" are on notice that destruction of any potentially relevant documents, clients lists, records (including financial) and communications will give rise to an action for spoliation of evidence.

What a sunny beautiful day it is.


California has a law against S.L.A.P.P.
Strategic lawsuit Against Public Participation

That is a lawsuit to [e.g.] shut bloggers up
which is illegal in California

This rabbi does not know the 'heads that Shmarya has on his wall' Oh well, one more 'head on the wall'

Can you imagine deposing this rabbi? and asking all sorts of tough questions Ho ho ho


Kosher Ham, you are both wrong and right



" Ho ho ho" Hey, no need for name calling.


""Ho ho ho""
is like a hearty laugh I did NOT mean the ghetto 'ho'


I know, Isa. I'm sorry, I was joking.


that the Hatam Sofer actually stopped the practice because of the danger it posed to babies, are two things this rabbi isn't honest enough to tell his congregants – or isn't smart enough and educated enough to even know.

Most likely the latter. Lubavitchers don't pay much attention to rabbis who aren't Chabad. Why should they? If it ain't from the Rebbe, it ain't Yiddishkeit.

They also memorize a few passages of Talmud, and badda bing, they're rabbis - and they frei yidden who populate their shuls aren't well-versed enough to know these clowns don't know what they're talking about.


I know him personally, and frankly not surprised. His email is rabbibressman@gmail.com

Eli, what me messiah?

Shmarya, you better not spend a penny defending a claim against this schmuck. I would hope that there are enough supporting lawyers out here that we could help with a defense and/or find an excellent lawyer to take this on pro bono.

dh, I'm still laughing at your posts. giving the benefit of the doubt, however, the rabbi's use of "oral defamation" may have meant saying something bad about his oral penis sucking.


Thank you, Eli. I crack myself up. One learns to amuse oneself when one spends lunch with Captcha.

Someone else that appears to have alone time, a LOT of it, is Rabbi Bressman. I 'search engined' him and laid an eye on his blog. He asks himself questions and then he answers himself...as though he is talking to someone else. It was like an I Love Lucy where the idiot lawyer stands in the well and asks a question, then runs up and gets on the stand and answers himself. Any more hijinx from him and I'm dubbing him Rabbi Basil Bressman.

Eli, what me messiah?

you can't make these things up....I'll go take a look.

Having thought some of your posts above, I've started to wonder whether Shmarya is trying to bait the loopiest of these rabbis into suing him over MBP so he can get discovery on what they know or should know about its harmfulness. If so, pretty crafty and bold. (Shmarya, if I'm giving up your secret strategy, please delete this...) Still, you have to figure that if Bressman or any of his ilk talks to a lawyer, they'll explain how a suit will open them up to a full-blown inquiry on the truth, and they want the truth to come out about as much as cockroaches want bright lights turned on while they are scurrying around in the dark.


If Shmarya were taken to court for any blog related issue, I would donate for his legal expenses.

(I missed out on donating for Rubbishcan, so I have to make up for it. Ha!)


"whether Shmarya is trying to bait "

Nah, he's too ethical.


Well said, Shmarya. Please continue fighting for these defenseless children.

"Covenant" begins with "co," meaning "two," an agreement, a contract between two people.

By what perversion of logic can a third person enter into a contract on behalf of an unwilling participant who proceeds to demonstrate total feelings of betrayal by the two people he trusted most... by living a life pretending to honor parents while always secretly hating them... as demonstrated by the hateful, angry way they live their lives. Keep it up, Shmarya, you are the best!

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