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February 21, 2013

Chabad Head Rabbi Refuses To Answer Child Sex Abuse Question

Rabbi Pinchus Feldman 2"When asked by the AJN [Australian Jewish News] if anyone had ever come forward to him to report child sexual abuse at Yeshiva or by Yeshiva members, [Rabbi Pinchus Feldman] did not respond."

AJN Chabad Sydney Child Sexual Abuse 2-21-2013


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"I know nothing. I wasn't even there when it happened."

Lol. That's like the person that got pulled over for drunk driving. They explained the field sobriety test to her and she said "I couldn't even do that sober!"

Adidas, we all love you.

There is nothing more important in any community than protecting children from sexual child abuse. There have been so many anecdotal incidents of reported abuse on FM, other Jewish oriented websites and in the secular press, any rational and caring community would launch a study to determine whether the incidence of child sexual abuse is higher within the haredi community than within the non-haredi Jewish community.

Why has this study not been launched by the haredi rabbis? Is it because they already know the answer, and they are more interested in protecting their culture than in protecting children? Assuming such a study, if in fact performed, showed that more sexual child abuse occurred within the haredi community, the next rational step would be to determine why, and take proactive steps to make changes in the cultural practices to stop he abuse.

Why am I not optimistic that this will happen?

dh, hilarious.

and unfortunately so true...

Runner1983-Beyond a shadow of a doubdt that the rabbis know about whats going on in their neck of the woods,i live in bp and i was amazed when a hassidishe neighbor of mine spoke about molestation like its an open secret he told me that a cousin of his took out his penis next to his son i wont go into details but as i wrote over 50 years ago i myself first hand in the mikva was fondled by our very respected shohet and moel i was like paralyzed i could not beleive what was happening to me,the way i see it is that they are so repressed that they become mentally deranged they cant get out of their situation so they act it out in a depraved manner on someone who is weaker then they are,no question in my mind in the hassidshe lifestyle there are much more molestations then in a secular or nonhassidik world.

jancsibacsi, I am sorry for the abuse that you went through. Based on your post, one can only conclude that the haredi culture is aberrant. Any culture that will not protect its children from child sexual abuse deserves all of the criticism that is heaped upon it.

i feel very sorry for children born into this culture. They are purposely not given the education to exist outside the culture, and therefore many of them are stuck. Those haredi who will not protect the children within their community from this type of abuse are not at all practicing Jewish values, but something else. They have hijacked Judaism.

Runner1983-The chassidishe lifestyle works for those are are wealthy,and can afford a life of fantasy most cannot the only way they manage to have a good life in because of the entitlements most get sec.8 food stamps without it they would not be able to sustain 6 7 or more children ,it is not the way of a normal person to count on others for their sustainance,since they have so many children they dont care much about any of them a child in their eyes is a toy to be played with not to be respected,it is correct when you write that they hijacked judaism.

since they have so many children they dont care much about any of them a child in their eyes is a toy to be played with not to be respected

A society is judged on how it treats the poor, the weak, the very young and the old. This is a damning indictment of Haredi society though I suspect that this attitude is more a male than a female one. I find it hard to imagine Haredi mothers don't see their children as do any other mothers. They live more nearly in the real world than do the men, or at least some of the men. Cetainly more nearly so than the ones who sit in kollel all day and half the night.

I find that in all situations it is never in anyone's best interest to talk to the press.

Alex, happily your name isn't Deep Throat.

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