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February 08, 2013


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What a tragedy! A child lost is a world lost. Who knows how many children and grandchildren would have been born from this poor soul. Pray for the uncountable unborn children.


What a tragedy! A child lost is a world lost. Who knows how many children and grandchildren would have been born from this poor soul. Pray for the uncountable unborn children.

flora freida

It's not a cult,they are not religious, they are mishugneh cop. magen davi should take the parents to kfar shaul.

Bas Melech

Not going to the hospital on Shabbos??? What halachos did they learn??

This certainly isn't Judaism.

Garnel Ironheart

What a pritzus-dik photo. I can see the woman's shoe and some of her sock! She must be from the liberal branch of the cult.


Off topic, but asking advice. I just got a robo call from Fortune Wigs 877 944 7480 telling me I need to buy a new wig for Pesach. I called them back and told them I am on the NYS "Do not call" list and they gave me a difficult time and told me I MUST buy a new wig for Pesach from them!
(I don't even wear a wig!)They told me I should go to either Monsey, Lakewood or Brooklyn for their blow out sale.

Where can I complain?


Devorah--Call the FCC.

Better Than You

This is one post that I actually agree with. These people are simply nuts and should be treated as such.


It looks to me that theese insane fanatics are their own worst enemy their procreation will cease with this kind of behaviourthats the good part of it.



It's all about money for their inner circle. Imagine how many women in the community heed their message as an edict from the Rebbe. I agree, call the FCC. Good Shabbos. Luke.


the official site....



These people are like stone-age tribespeople with no understanding of the world around them. It's a form of mass insanity - I absolutely cannot imagine what it's like to be one of these women.


theyre not any more crazy than other chassidic cults/sects, at least with respect to tznius. quite reasonable, in fact. if covering 99% of a womans body makes you very holy and is what hashem wants, then covering 100% is surely better and holier. but it sure is funny watching the 99% crowd deem them crazy and fanatic.

the dead child is a huge tragedy. however the same people that insist on the protection of their religious right to MBP despite the clear danger to the babys health, should be defending this groups right to refuse vaccinations and do whatever else they like to their kids.
but they dont because theyre hypocrites.


APC - Spot on. The hypocrisy is astounding. I mean, surely the burqa women are the ultimate tzadikesses.

David Austreng

I think many of those who create these comments, with such wide-sweeping judgements, should be very cautious to call a sincere belief in G-d, a cult. What right do you have? Do you somehow know G-d's ways more than these?

I think people who don't know hashem ive in a massive cult of greed, money, self pleasure and selfishness, not to mention massive ego's without merit. Perhaps you are simply frustrated that others could be that devoted to G-d.

Perhaps you should explain the ever increasing social degenerate dynamics before trying to judge/accuse others who sincerely seek G-d's ways. Perhaps you are the ones who are mishugneh. No? Think about it long and hard. I'm sure you'll see my good point. Certainly anything that harms a child needs quick and direct attention, but using words like cult and mishugneh? Be careful, you people who are so quick to judge things of which you have little understanding... Remember, your life will be over in no time and then perhaps you will not think these people so mishugneh... Have a good life.



David, these people are violating laws that are fundamental to Judaism. By calling their group a cult, we are giving them the benefit of the doubt that their actions are being unduly influenced.


I don't care who you are, or what you are, or what religion you profess to follow ... the death of a child is wrong, wrong, wrong. Whatever you can do to prevent it, you should. There is nothing that can trump this diktat. And certainly not rubbish about wearing concealing clothes, meekly accepting mens' improper sexual inclinations, women being subservient etc. All adults should look after all children.

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