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February 19, 2013

Bobov 45 Cries Foul

Inside Bobov synagogue just before fight in 2005One of the two warring Bobov hasidic groups is upset over a beit din decision last week that was decided in the favor of its opponent, known until then as Bobov 48, and now known by beit din order simply as Bobov. The 45s think they got screwed, and they think the remaining part of the beit din hearings, scheduled to be held this week, might very well go against them, as well. So what are the 45s doing now that they lost the name Bobov to the (formerly) 48s? Crying, crying foul – and pulling their judge out of the Beit Din.

Inside Bobov synagogue just before fight in 2005

Originally published at 9:51 pm CST 2-18-2013

Bobov 45 News writes:

At the end of last week it became clear - to all that were following the B”D proceedings carefully - that we were gravely misled over the past 8 years. We were led to believe that the B”D had sympathy for us and understood that we were entitled to a serious portion of the Bobov assets.
It is no secret by know that we instructed Dayan Berger not to participate in the last three B”D proceedings that were previously scheduled for Thursday, yesterday and today. After being misled and having lost trust in the B”D, the obvious strategy for now is to refocus our energy in finding a better path to move forward.

Below is the letter that our Toyen Simcha Roth sent to the B”D. Let’s hope that if and when the B”D reconvenes we will have better and more appropriate news to report.

Here's a letter from the 45's beit din attorney (toyen) Rabbi Simcha Roth to the beit din:
Rabbi Simcha Roth Beit Din Letter Bobov 45 2-2013

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for the past 8 years bobov 48st toyen zalmen grauss was shleping and pushing time in din torah, now bobov 45st is giving 48 to taste some of their own medicine....

The Hebrew don't jive with the English intro.

I am not translating verbatim.

The hebrew states that last weeks ruling has raised some other legal issues ie share transfers and they need to consult a attorney who was not available. They requested a short period of time for these legal consultations and referenced the fact the beit din case has taken eight years not because of their delays and a short delay for them to consult on these legal issues should not be a problem.

The Hebrew letter to the beit din is veerrrrrryyyyyyyy different then the English letter.

These 45th are sore losers, they think they will be able to press bes din to give them more money by manipulating the street against bes din. The bees din psak is clear that according to wwhats stated in shulchan urich they dont have to recieve a nickle becuase they seperated them-self for the khila. Thats after the bes din had heard all their arguments. Now the portion of what belongs to to the Rabbi was also brought up and both side agreed that it is 20 percent of what the whole bobov is worth.Now, both sides agreed and signed after both side presented appraisers and bes din presented their independent appraiser and they came to an agreemsnt that the whole bobov in the shturu bririn is worth 45 million. So they lost the khila they won the yrushu part half of 20 percent 4 and half millian dollars. So they are upset i don't blame them that they are upset, but sont start intimidating everyone and say hint that you will go to court. They are simply sore losers. They were offered much more before they entered the din torah. They wanted a din torah because they figured a bes din will cave in to their pressure.toobad on them

Rumors goin around Bobov 45 hired Nat Lewin the lawyer of rabbi sholom rubashkin shlita he will appeal the bet din psak and go to court of law just like satmar did the past 15 years.


I would be interested to know where exactly you got this information.
According to my knowledge, Beth Din did not release a ruling yet. Not even did they write one up even.
All these rumors you're hearing, is just from a few bored teenagers from Bobov 48 on Twitter. Make a search for Bobov on Twitter and see the results for yourself.
I'm pretty amazed that you took the unconfirmed rumors from Twitter and make a news story out of it as if it's a confirmed fact.

And just as a by the way, the above letter in English, is also just from a few bored teenagers that decided to open a website and do more bad than good.

Yea, shmarya, usually you are better than this. Both the website you are quoting and this letter, are made up by some bored people. Heck, just look how long ago that website opened! Do you really think that's an official organ of the congregation?

And just as a by the way, the above letter in English, is also just from a few bored teenagers that decided to open a website and do more bad than good.

I don't understand. They all say the Internet is assur - yet they all seem to be on it.

Shmmaya, as i told you last week the ruling was not signed yet (as is still an internal beis din document) and is therefore not considered final, it might change or never come to life the way thing are going now.

Shmarya, you can do better than that. Anyone with a little bit of knowledge knows that the Twitter account claiming to be "Bobov" is the same as "Ezras Nashim".... Just a few people who are bored, that think they know how to run the world.

can you all stop talking about twitter accounts

it boils down to one question is the letter authentic? Did Dayan Berger come to beth din?

Bobev 45th is getting screwed in the ass big time, bobev 45 didn't pay off the Beth din as I am sure 48th did . It's all a bunch of bullshit it's all one big corruption, these rabbonim are all on the lam, they don't represent the Torah or das torah. All they represent is their own pockets to stuff it all up with cash, trust me I know it first hand

I am a staunch 45 supporter.
Shmarya what if I told you that Benzion of 48 showed signs of being a pedophile (ask around...)? Would you still be so enthusiastic?
I didn't think so.

So, bottom line, it's all about the gelt. Same old, same old. It's either control over the money, or control over the women, or both.

Jeff-How is that saying mayim genuvim yimtoku,thats how theese hassidim who arent suppose to be on the internet feel,anything forbidden is much more inticing to them this is their way of life,they are 2 faced hypocrites.

Better than you -The 48th is a pedophile go tell that to nuchemm,by the way i see you know youre own people well,there must thousands of pedophile among der haylige hassidim there unbelievable.

@moshe aron kestenbaum, dont talk on rabonim about stuffing there pockets with cash, you have a lot of skeletons in your closet as well i dont want to open the can of worms chill make money from the goverment....

they want tznius? violence? why call themselves jews? why not follow wahabism or shia doctrines? they will get plenty of both!

45s owes over 23 mill a couple of millions in the form of mortgages on private homes and credit cards...... they are sinking in debt.

I heard rumors several years ago...

Who would want such dirty money? Their father was a profligate slumlord. You cannot make 400 million dollars honestly, assuredly not if you are (putatively) a religious leader who has no time for such worldly pursuits.

I'll tell you, "my people" sure do represent the most perverted of gene pools, don't they?

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