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February 22, 2013


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Yoel Mechanic

I made a small comment on a small post.

spacedout BT

Do you know what's obscene? Having to see people like Weberman, Rabinowich and their ilk on the public media.


This makes an already reprehensible holiday even more so.


@ Yoel Mechanic

We have bigger concerns in the community to deal with and you chose bad language.

Yoel Mechanic

I like this. And they are funny. I always have mixed feeling about the language and feel I cannot share this with children because I would not want them to use this kind of language. I wish there was another way, but some thought really ought to be given about the constant, reflexive use of such vulgarity. Sure, these are comedians, so we can spot them the theatrics, but I am not in favor of this language being the social norm. For another community, i would say tolerance and let it be, but within my purview I say avoid. Sad that I cannot share the otherwise fine video.






LOL thanks for the Purim shpiel!

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