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February 21, 2013


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Dear Zurech
You Wish! The bugger is going down.

Dear Lubavitch are Christians
Ass Hole!


Released without charges after 48 hours of investigation by the British Scotland Yard.
Basically that means that it's a very very weak case.
Although the investigation is not closed yet.


the scandal in breslov was already posted on by nochum and shaulson

Lubavitchers Are Christians

By the way, Shmarya - are you aware of the huge scandal brewing in Breslov in the Berland cult....... (Hint: sexual molestation at the highest levels, police invloved)

You heard it here first. I guess I should give myself a hat tip, and then complain if Shmarya or Miriam Shaviv don't quote me.

Lubavitchers Are Christians

It is my understanding that 95% of haredim are happy with this arrest. I doubt we'll get that much of a frum spin.

It seems that most of the haredi rabbis in Golders Green were trying to bring this man down for many months, but was the more hasidic rabbis in stamford hill that were fighting back. This man ran a mafia, while presiding over a cult-like community. Most of his followers left the cult when haredi rabbis publicly denounced him. But there are a few diehards in the cult that continue to worship him.

If there is a god, he did a good job in outing this cult-like figure, so that he wouldn't becoome another Jesus, like the other one in Lubavitch managed to do.

Bas Melech

Praise to the police for having courage to arrest them.

Watch for the frum spin on this. Hamen arrested rabbis. They'll declare a fast and collect money for release instead of the poor.


dapper danny

A freiliche Purim for everybody. Down with the tyrant!

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