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February 11, 2013


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To say that you are an idiot is to smear idiots.

Even your now very dead rebbe made Jimmy Gorarie resign from Aguch.

Now toddle off and bow down to him like a good little Chabadnik.

A Yid

The man was fined and paid the fine. Why are his money in any way forbidden to receive as donations?
Makes no sense.

purple cherries

Anyone going to the haredi-run parnASSah expo tomorrow?


The frum Jews talk about money even on Shabbat, which is assur. They leave their business to go to mumble pray for 10 minutes (if you're mumbling doesn't that mean you don't believe or have cavana?), then go back to their shady businesses. I have never seen a frum Jew actually process payments properly with the tax added. Frum Jews are cultural ashkenazis reviving shtetl life in goldene medina. Lechaim to them, but they are very far from righteous.


So called self righteous "frum" Jews are interested in one thing - money (egel hazahav). My experience in the legal arena is that secular jews are more scruplous. The "frum" will look for loopholes to scam you if the opportunity arises. Their yeshiva teaches them that shatnez is more important than "though shal not steal"

Gefilte Fish


Tsk, tsk. Don't you have some math homework to do? Maybe a diorama for American history?

If you keep on using bad language, your mommy will take away your computer privileges. Be a good boy, now, and run along.

Yurtur Binsonfire

Scotty boy, you fucking maggot, the day is nearing when they plant your dumb ass into the ground.


yeshiva in far rock also accepted ill gotten gains to name a wing


SR: That's the way things work in the USA. PBS had no problem taking underwriting dollars from Archer Daniels Midland for years after the company was convicted of price fixing in the 1990's. The company was fined $100 million, several of its senior executives went to prison and the company settled a class action law suit for $400 million. Read about it at Wikipedia.


someone will take this twerp down soon

Jacob Mendlovic

Among Haredim, there's a heter (loophole) to (indirectly) steal from a goy. If in a transaction or sale, a goy gives you more money than he should, the yid can say I'm relying on your computation, without notifying the goy that he made a mistake.

R. Wisler

When I was in yeshiva, I was friends with a fellow bochur who lived at an Ohel group home (this was in the late 1970's. It didn't seem to be run, staffed, or administered by "hareidim" back then. It was kosher and everything, but they had TV, rock music records etc. Has the staffing of Ohel changed in the last 30 years?


I hope that the Ohel Gala is a big success and they raise oodles of of funds.


he gave oodles of money to fartscroll to publish seforim.

thievery in the name of torah study.



They're also involved with the Artscroll books. I think they gave money for the printing of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, and the Midrash Rabbah.


ok felders sister is working in ohel?
he will make sure the gov money is in good hands


he has a really sexy daughter.

maybe the rabbis.....just sayin...

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