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February 12, 2013


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Congrats to those few who did find the courage to lead. Looking for courage to lead in Agudah is like looking for the bread aisle in a hardware store.



Better than you

Klein, Green and Stein are considered Hasidic rabbis.


there was another letter in a flatbush paper signed by rabbi schorr, rabbi reisman, and rabbi leiff slamming this scam.


R' Yaakov Hillel hails originally from Manchester, UK, currently based in jerusalem, and is widely accepted as a 'genuine' expert/Talmid Chacham in Kabbalah, and has authored various Sefarim on it. I believe he has also decried other practices, e.g. 'Lead shaping' (he calls it Darkei HaEmori...google it)

If he's against this practice I believe him. The others, well they're just the regular Charedi Gedolim of America, I'm not too sure what their 'Kabbalah' credentials are. Then again, it sounds so much like an opportunistic scam, who says you need Kabbalah experts to decry it?


Where is there 'courage' and leadership when it comes to Kupat Ha'ir?

From the Kupat Ha'ir website http://www.kupat.org/why-koupat-hair/

"Kupat Ha'ir's yeshuos (salvation) stories have gained a worldwide reputation for one simple reason: you don't have to believe other people's stories – everyone can try for himself! The connection between the contribution and the yeshuah is so swift and immediate, so clear - that it's simply impossible to err and think otherwise. People contribute to Kupat Ha'ir because they know it's the most mehudar form of tzedakah that exists and the Gedolei Hador support it with all their might. They contribute, raise their eyes heavenward in supplication, express their belief that Hashem is the Source of everything that occurs in this world – and they merit salvation. Contributions work because of the awesome power of the mitzvah of tzedakah, because of the augmented faith of contributors and because of the sanctification of Hashem's name the mater arouses all over the world. Contribute and merit a salvation – over and over and over again.

Kupat Ha'ir never "guarantees" yeshuos. We're not responsible for them; we don't "do" them. But contributors to Kupat Ha'ir know and sense that their contribution is desirable before Hashem and their appeals to Him are answered on the strength of Kupat Ha'ir, so they do it over and over again.

People have merited the apartment of their dreams, the perfect job, the sought-after shidduch. Natural barriers were eliminated in various ways; long, drawn-out procedures were shortened in a surprising manner. Lost items were reunited with their owners in the most fascinating ways imaginable. Students landed the best part in the play and boys who contributed won raffles for a coveted trip. People were rescued from sudden danger, from accidents, from death. They recovered from diseases with unnatural speed and lived through insurmountable difficulties. All these people tell their stories to anyone who will listen, and each time, the story lives again, as fresh and exciting as the first time. If you contribute, too, chances are good you will experience a yeshuah and join them. Be forewarned"

Kupat Ha'ir has also claimed that single girls will find husbands through the Gedolei Hador's power and that the Gedoilim will pray for your children to survive the summer months only if you donate to them.


Students landed the best part in the play and boys who contributed won raffles for a coveted trip.

Oh, this is just too much. These kids are all going to the same schools - so the parents of the kids who didn't get the part didn't contribute as much? What, Hashem has to go where the money is?

All these people tell their stories to anyone who will listen

I'm sure they will. Most of the time, you can't get people to shut up about this sort of thing. - but they aren't really trying to convince you; they're trying to convince themselves.

the Gedoilim will pray for your children to survive the summer months only if you donate to them

Why, what happens during the summer? They aren't learning Toyreh every day so they aren't protected?

Radical Feminist

I feel a bit embarrassed. I went to Amuckah with a friend of mine, who is not Jewish, and she met the love of her life 1 week after going. They had a great wedding and so did I.
It might be a scam, but the placebo effect sometimes works wonders :-)


be honest, most of the leading litvish members of the moetzes did sign.


I'm actually surprised that some "name" gedolim signed this proclamation. Maybe there is still hope for sanity in the Agudah.

Why am i not surprised

Shmarya - C'mon Shoddy Jounalism again.
4 out of 10 members of the Moetzes [the governing body of the Agudah] are on here [Rabbis Kotler, Feldman, Kamenetsky and Levine].

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