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February 05, 2013

80% Of Jewish Israelis Want Haredim Out Of Government

Israeli Flag"[The haredi political parties] United Torah Judaism and Shas have made the wide public hate them after many years of aggression and extortion."


Ynet reports:

…[A] new survey reveals that 80% of Israeli Jews are in favor of a civil government [i.e., no haredi political parties in the governing coalition] with an agenda focusing on freedom of religion and an equal share of the burden.

The survey, commissioned by the Hiddush association for religious freedom and equality, was conducted by the Smith Institute among 500 respondents – a representative sample of the adult Jewish population in Israel. The maximum sampling error was 4.5%.

Sixty-eight percent of Habayit Hayehudi voters were also in favor of such a government (26% said they were very supportive and 42% said they were pretty supportive of the idea).

In addition, even 39% of Shas voters voiced their support for a civil government.

In parties affiliated with the centrist-leftist camp, the support level was close to 100%. All Labor, Hatnua and Meretz voters and 99% of Yesh Atid voters said they were in favor of such a government.
According to Hiddush CEO Rabbi Uri Regev, the fact that an overwhelming majority among Likud Beiteinu voters supports a government that will advance freedom of religion and an equal share of the burden shows that "the era in which haredi parties were perceived as natural coalition partners is over.”…

In previous Knessets, the chairman of the Finance Committee was mostly a representative of the United Torah Judaism faction. The survey's last question tried to find out whether the Jewish public is in favor or against continuing this tradition.

About two-thirds of the Jewish public (67%) were against giving the job to a UTJ lawmaker, and one-third were in favor. Eighty-eight percent of seculars were against the idea, while 97% of haredim were in favor.…

"United Torah Judaism and Shas have made the wide public hate them after many years of aggression and extortion," Rabbi Regev added.…


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They've always been opposed to the very idea of a Jewish state, but at the same time have felt entitled to tell it how to run its business - not to mention, of course, their sense of entitlement concerning the social service network.

They should be marginalized, and they should be told, "You did this to yourselves."

"...They should be marginalized, and they should be told, "You did this to yourselves..."

Got that right. They should get no more by way of privileges and benefits than would any other group of Israeli citizens.

good the silent majority is sick and tired of being ripped off

This can only be good for Israel and, ultimately, for the long-term prospects of both Jews and charedim

80% Of Rockland County NY Want Haredim Out Of Government.

Hmmm... so if 80% of Americans don't want Blacks in govt, they should be barred as well? Welcome to the United States of the 19th century.

What a dumb blog post!

Nobody is saying that they should be banned idiot. This is not the charedi world where you ban everything. It is an opinion poll. And what you are speaking of is a dislike for a group of people based solely on their skin colour. What this is talking about is a dislike for a group of people based on their vile actions and hatred towards anyone outside their cult for the last many years and its negative impact on the Israeli government and society in general. So right back at you....what a dumb blog post.

Many Dati Leumi (MO) are even more sick of the chareidim, because they come in contact with them more often, and they don't accept MO as truly Orthodox. MO serve in the army, get a secular education, work, pay taxes, and still find plenty of time for Torah and Mitzvot. For that, they get no credit from the right flank.

Scottie Boy -

like most of the charedi apologists who post here, you feel the need to confirm that youre dumber than a box of rocks with each comment. well done!

Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | February 05, 2013 at 02:02 PM

not dumb just conditioned by his leaders if you do not like something ban it

: seymour-

but also too stupid to realize how flawed his analogy is.

Scottie Boy:
You forget that the UTJ and Shas has completely alienated secular Israel and they are the majority. So, if I were you, and live in Israel, I'd get ready to either put on a uniform or roll up my sleeves and get a job, because-THE PARTY IS OVER. Haredim, will now get off their behinds and add to the state rather than subtract.

I'm pessimistic about the prospects because Haredizm is a viral ideology and, like muslim fundamentalizm, can not be healed by jobs and army service.
The ideology itself must be confronted and tamed to prevent self distruction of the Jewish people.

Scottie Boy- love the "Blacks in government" analogy. Do you feel that wearing a big black hat entitles you to special protected minority status? American politics should be about breaking, rather than rewarding, the welfare cycle....regardless of color. That is not racism/antisemitism it is just good business. If a group wants to promote an unsustainable lifestyle the majority rejects it. That is United States of any century

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