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February 05, 2013


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Posted by: J E hoover | February 06, 2013 at 02:09 PM

If that's true, it will have terrible consequences. It will just feed further into the disbelief and denial among charedim that these type of things actually do happen.

J E hoover

JPost.comBreaking News
Kindergarten supervisor: I made up Modi'in Illit rape By JPOST.COM STAFFLAST UPDATED: 02/06/2013 21:24The kindergarten supervisor in Modi’in Illit, who filed a complaint with the police on the alleged rape of a 5-year-old girl by a haredi man, told Channel 2 on Wednesday that she made up the story.

"I blew it out of proportion and made up a story that, in essence, specifically in that place, did not happen," she told Channel 2 while sitting in the dark with her voice distorted to maintain her anonymity.

She went on to say that she did not feel the city treated cases of rape properly and that filing this complaint was her way of "crying out for the children" who can't. "I didn't think it would reach this level [of attention]. I wanted to shock the system," she added.

When asked why she did not tell the truth to police investigators, she explained that she was "very confused. I didn't know what to say. I feared for my life."

The supervisor told Channel 2 that she is a rape victim as well, and that when she was attacked at 16-years-old, she did not receive the proper treatment.


The reason why Shimon and Levi killed out the city of shechem was because they didn't put Dina's rapist to justice so they were chayav misa. I don't see why the hareidim should be different.


Living near Modiin I davenport frequently in Kiryat Sefer.

It is closed circuit of Israelis and immigrants and there is quit some differents between Kiryat Sefer and Brachfels!

The problem starts with the Mank and lack of education starting at home, and being followed in cheder, Sem. Bet Yaakov etc.

Yes I know of cases of sexual abuse there, and in other charged I communities: I have helped people to get the abusers go to prison! I have had teachers loose their job due to abusing issues, and will continue to do so even if there are people in Moddiin Ilith who say "this is not possible... Not by us...."

The Rabbanim there have been made and are well aware of this unbearable issue, but alto they seem to allow the parents of the abused to go to the police they are afraid of their neighbours, as said primitive and lack of education.

I will continue and this is a promise to fight for these poor children and we are busy setting up a special organisation with Rabbanim, and special teams to proceed to help these children and give them all possible help as well legal as medical to receive justification.

Many many youngsters have left that community to the absurd dealings, and have lost their faith!!

Alter Kocker

Once again the bugaboo raises its ugly head: After all, once raped she is damaged goods and will never get a shidduch.

In the meantime, without therapy and closure this child will likely suffer from a range of traumas for the rest of her life. (I have a close relative who was similarly brutalized in her teens and has NEVER recovered, been able to have a normal relationship with ANYONE or been able to care for herself since then). The family fears repercussions and expulsion if they go to the police, and usual ultra-orthodox handling of the matter involves very little for the victim: it is usually a cash settlement with the parents. Those who have read my posts knows that we took matters into our own hands and exacted vengeance that the rabbis and beth dins would not or could not. My suggestion is that male relatives, in the absence of police involvement need to leave the perpetrator with a life-long reminder of his malfeasance.


Is this really true? Would a child victim of a rapist be punished for the rest of her life?
This is prove that their lifestyle is pure evil if somebody can inflict pain on another person after that person went through hell cannot be religious or good he or she can only bee absolutely evil


Is this really true? Would a child victim of a rapist be punished for the rest of her life?

Posted by: jerryny | February 05, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Sadly I think she would. The frumma are so unbalanced that they would see the child as having "enticed and lured" the rapist to attack her and she would be forever labelled a "slut and whore". They will say she was not dressed modestly enough etc., blah, blah, blah...


It is sickening and very sad that the girl would be tarnished in any way.


Nobody wants to protect such criminals, but parents know that in the haredi public the one who will be tarnished by this is the girl. She will not be able to get married and this will ruin her entire future.

Is this really true? Would a child victim of a rapist be punished for the rest of her life?


Posted by: don't claim to know it all | February 05, 2013 at 09:09 AM

In the eyes of the Israeli police, where there's smoke there's fire - case closed - and moreover, if the rape never happened how can all these people deny it? Indictum perfectum ... Israeli style.

don't claim to know it all

neither the girl or her alleged rapist has been located
But police could not find any evidence that a five-year-old girl had actually been treated at that hospital, and at least one of the hospital workers who were questioned by police denied having treated the child.
Judging by the information supplied by Ynet news, it would appear that the police are looking for a perpertrator AND victim of a crime that might NEVER have happened!
It is one thing for a "wall of silence" to be built around individuals in a closed community, but if even the hospital staff deny having treated the victim who was allegedly brought to them for care, then perhaps this whole incident is just the figment of someone's over fertile imagination.


DL-If you dont like the media crawling over you go to north korea there you wont have this problem,you fool.


Continued disgust. I guess we will have to put Yossi G. on this one. He will completely "vet" out the situation with facts, not ideology. Luke


but haredim have refused to cooperate with the police investigation and neither the girl or her alleged rapist has been located

Are you surprized? Does the Israeli police have systems to protect the anonymity of people who give reports? We're talking about people who could lose their ability to support their children and keep them under a roof. I know a guy who immigrated from Ethiopia in the 80s, to a shit absorbtions center that they wouldn't place Americans in, and his 14 year old sister witnessed an auto theft or burglery, the cops sat her down and without calling an attorney or her parents made her sign a promise to testify in court, then her name was provided to the defense and they killed her.

This is Israel.


Does Israel have the same problem that we have here in the states in that they can't make a move without the media crawling all over them?

A. Nuran

Every one of them deserves jail and worse for this.

Bob Guthrie

"Haredim have refused to cooperate with the police investigation and neither the girl or her alleged rapist has been located."

Giving the Roman Catholic Clergy a run for their money more and more. The main difference being that with the Catholic flock, more often than not, if you were to tell an Irish, Italian, Spanish, French or Latino woman and their family that Father Sucko was molesting their progeny, you would see bloody fireworks.

Here, a wall of uncooperative, mindless, cowed sheeple, and if they get caught, your own community wide legal internal support group and party catering (free balloons for the future kiddie victims!).

But, oh!, it has made the news, printed and electronic, and that's bad news all around for the enablers in Modiin Illit. Anti-Pedophile vengeance hath no logistics fury like the long arm of the Internet. >=)


Horrible,just horrible.
They probably have close to 50,000 charedeim living there by now.
I use to go there frequently when I was saying Kaddish to grab a mincha minyan in their minyan factory close to ten years

9 years ago they didn't even have a regular police presence there. Never would see police there.

It is a community built specifically for charedeim of different types.

They literally live in their own bubble 10s of thousands of charedeim.
I don't believe that younger children even know what policeman are.

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