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January 01, 2013


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FM Fan

Right and the people who are setting up a trust fund are connected to the people who "stole" the building in the 1880s?

Shmarya, the land you are living in was stolen from the Indians.

Give it back.

"Today's Touro leaders – who appear to have a weak grasp of history and halakha – stole the rimonim and tried to sell them."

Look in the mirror.


Thank you Shmarya. I've been trying to gather together what this was about. It seemed to be something like this, but I couldn't get the exact gist of it. You laid it out very nicely.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

I'll wait for Jonathan Sarna's take on this.


I would be interested in reading the complaint and answer in this case.


""""Shmarya, the land you are living in was stolen from the Indians."""

Not so fast!
The Indians gave up their land in a signed treaty

Interestingly into the modern era, an Indian tribe looked into the actual treaty and found they could fish without restriction in HUGE lake in Northern Minnesota, Mill Lacs
Courts have upheld their right

FM Fan

Not so fast!
The Indians gave up their land in a signed treaty

Yeah, white man speak English.

Indian no speak English.

White man give trunks of fake jewelry.

Indian no understand concept of selling land.

Tough crap Indians.


At the time, the MFA was about to open a new Art of the Americas wing, which included a Newport room. The bells have been on display there since 2010, and the museum in 2011 offered to purchase the bells permanently, Bazarsky said.

I go there all the time; I haven't noticed them, but I see from the photo at the Herald's website that they're in one of the Colonial rooms, and I don't pay much attention to that period (the wing is laid out chronologically, and my interest doesn't really pick up until the mid-to-late 19th century). I plan to go next weekend; I'll certainly look for them.

I realize it isn't the point, but I'm a little surprised the MFA is willing to pay $7.4 million. The acquisition of Judaica has not historically been a priority for them.

I'm assuming Sheldon Adelson or someone similar must has given them the money.


"""White man give trunks of fake jewelry."""

Indians who got fake jewelry got lucky

It was more like 'shadow of bayonet'


Shmarya, where did you get the information about the circa 1881 lease?


Thanks for explaining the confusing situation regarding the congregation vs. the building. Indeed, they use Artscroll Nusach Sefard at Touro Synagogue rather than the historically proper siddur "According to the Custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews" by the legendary David de Sola Pool. How deeply sad and disturbing for that historic venue.


the 7 million dollar value is not "real". it's a combination of a retail replacement value (which there is none), and insurance (which is usually double what items bring at auction and/or retail). at sotheby's, the estimate would likely be 1-2 million, and i doubt it would go higher than 2. because myer myers judaica is so rare however, the 7 figure is a jacked up insurance appraisal value in case of theft or fire.

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