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January 02, 2013


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I can’t work you out, on one hand you are very angry and bitter at the framers/Chassidim and the other hand you support and even more you help
Them in their abuse and wrong doing,,
Please explain that, and if you want to know what I mean and the proof I have well you have my ip address e-mail me and ill show you


Miriam and Gutmen - you're depraved cult drones. I pity you as much as I despise you.


I find it telling that in the alleged disavowals from the father of Weberman's victim, not once does he say he believes he's innocent. That silence speaks volumes.


Posted by: miriam | January 02, 2013 at 02:02 PM

Miriam, do you really think we believe that you know what the first boyfriend thought or wanted to do as in he "wanted to testify"? Dont you think if he wanted to testify that Weberman would have brought him in as a defense witness. After all the defense had the cousin/principal who claimed there is no such thing as a vaad hatznius why couldnt they bring this dude?

Posted by: njsmile! |

spacedout BT

SML- boycotting B&H only hurts the non-Satmar Jews that work there.

charles gutmer

As the story goes, The judge turns to the prostitute in court, who has accused a man raped her, "when did u realize you were being raped? she replied "when the cheque bounced".
No more words needed.


Satmer generally write there stuff up in Yiddish. Not Hebrew.

Forty Eighter

He states clearly that he is writing this letter in order to counter those who have orchestrated a concerted effort to put himout of business. It is well known that until now he operated a highly successful business by publishing the famous Jewish Business Directory. Supporters of Weberman have recently started a rival publication called The Jewish Phonebook which they are heavily subsidizing,and promoting in the community.

This is a feeble attemp at saving his business.

He would be much better off in joining his daughter's lawsuit against UTA. That will be more lucrative than his business could ever have been.


Miriam, anyone who has to pepper their comments with "trust me" or "believe me" leads us to do the opposite.

"she was 13/14 before she woke and said Weberman abused her ..."

Where does one even begin with that statement? You have clearly (unknowingly) written the problems in this community.


Posted by: ira | January 02, 2013 at 12:32 PM

We don't even know if the announcement is authentic. And if it is, what type of pressure is being placed on him to do this. Seems like he did the right thing and helped get Weberman arrested. Why are you attacking him without knowing the facts. Hasn't the family been through enough.


Youre whole hassidishe society is diseased, you are a true moron, this whole thing got out because she told her true therapist not a fake one like weberman thats what started all this nothing else.


seymoure she was 13/14, before she woke up and said weberman abused her. trust me, I know the boy she slept with. when she found out what her fathr and weberman did she started the whole thing on weberman. the ex-boyfriend wanted to testify in court that he never heard her say anything abuse the abuse from weberman till after she found out they taped her but the DA would not allow him to take the stand.


she was not 13 I think she was 16 or 17 years old

the question is is this really him or not?


He videotaped his 13 year old daughter having sex?

Why isn't he up on charges for producing child pornography?

Posted by: A. Nuran | January 02, 2013 at 01:29 PM

Exactly. I was just about to say that and then saw your post. Not only child pornography but if he knew it was happening then he is guilty of knowledge about the crime of pedophilia (and probably other crimes) and doing nothing about it.

A. Nuran

He videotaped his 13 year old daughter having sex?

Why isn't he up on charges for producing child pornography?


miriam --You are one person who are you to decide what shmarya should choose for us to read here its his site and you dont speak for me stop being distatorial besides its not about weberman now its about the girls father and how he fears the cult called stamer dont twist things around dont lie or try deceive us by saying its about weberman


Moshe Katsav your behind times, Dershowitz declined do work on his appeal, million dollars or not. They are going to go for appeal Dershowitz or not.

Moshe Katsav

The reason this story should be front and center is this: As long as they are raising $1M for a Dershowitz appeal Shmarya cannot move on.


personally I don't see why shmarya keeps this story front and center news. Weberman is already on Rikers, story's closed. Lets move on will ya, Shmarya.


Alter Kocker--The reason theese satmerer animals behave the way they do is because they are all webermans and they all are just as guilty as weberman its that simple its a no brainer.


This whole scenario is an indictment of Satmar society. A while back I posted on this blog the content of a letter I sent to B&H explaining why I've stopped doing business with them - because of behavior like this by the Satmars. I'll post any response I receive though I expect I'll receive none. Shall see.


Moishe --And you contribute to shamryas gossip you are the lowest of the low get the hellout of this site.


thanks Moshe Katsav, my point is he was saying all along when his daughter was young that she was rebelious and hanging out with boys. He should have nevervideotaped the daugher, he and weberman wanted to get the (adult) boyfriend locked up so they taped her. sick. Understandbly the girl went crazy when she found out she was betrayed. I would be too.

Moshe Katsav

Miriam -
Excellent point! The father is absolutely nuts for videotaping his daughter - he is once again acting against his daughters interest.


why did the father agree to have his daughter videotaped having sex when she was 13 yrs old? who does that to their daughter?

Alter Kocker

Poor man. Not only has his daughter been raped and is he suffering from Satmar, but now Shmarya is bullying him with this Gossip Girl like blog.


Posted by: Moishe | January 02, 2013 at 12:15 PM

What part of this don't you get? Shmarya is reporting on the man's likely futile attempts to get a tunnel-visioned cult off his back and try to resume a modicum of normalcy (for him) to his household. He certainly didn't ask Weberman to abuse his child, however, even as this disgusting individual serves his sentence for rape, his minions work to make the victim and her family's existence a living hell, for both revenge and as a warning to others.

In a perfect world the Satmarers would apologise for the indignities heaped on this family, but in Satmar-land Weberman did nothing wrong, after all she was troubled and a curveh and was asking this overweight 50-something to have sexual intercourse with her at the ripe old age of 15. Gee, her dad should have given Weberman an extra tip for doing this for them.

The black hats that believe in Weberman's innocence should be funding his appeals if any and not be spending their time terrorizing the victim and her father.


these people are fucking sick who doesn't defend his own daughter who was sexually molested, if not raped, when she was a minor?

this is not only anti-jewish, or anti-human: it is anti-biological -- all mammals protect their young to the bitter end


Poor man. Not only has his daughter been raped and is he suffering from Satmar, but now Shmarya is bullying him with this Gossip Girl like blog.



If this and/or the previous public pronouncement attributed to this man are really true and not forgeries, I can only say that I wish him nothing but the worst

I second the motion. I can't imagine how hard his life has become, but to write that is a slight against his own daughter that can neither be forgiven in this world nor the next. If he's behind it I hope he dies without teshuva.

Garnel Ironheart

I had a Satmar shnorrer visit yesterday and try to convince me that Weberman was innocent and the girl was making it all up because she's "troubled".
And who knows how much Satmar is troubling the father to turn on his daughter like this?


I feel bad for him everyone knows that he supported his daughter and they are giving him a hard time.

As long as he doesn't come out and proclaim weberman's innocents they wont forgive him. and since he in not ready to through his daughter under the bus, he will have to move away from williamsburg and find a new business


The only person who is responsible for webermans inprisonement is weberman himself,theese satmerer thugs want to take revenge or the father most probably fears them since they love to intimidate and terrorize those whom they consider to be the reason for their misfortune,they the satmerers are terrorists pure and simple.


Technically speaking, he isn't. Perhaps if he'd been responsible the abuse leading to the conviction never would have taken place to begin with.

What a putz.

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