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January 20, 2013


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Yochanan Lavie

Israel also does nothing when the Wack Off desecrates Jewish antiquities on the Temple Mount. Time to grow a pair of beitzim.

Garnel Ironheart

Of course Israel does nothing. Think about it.
The less Chareidim vote, the less seats they get, the less likely they will be important for coalition arrangements.
Besides that there's basic psychology. Ignoring a spoiled child's temper tantrum is way better than trying to settle him down.

Fleishike Kishke

The Satmar Turd of Williamsburd.

A. Nuran

I'd be happy to see none of them vote, none of their Parties in the Knessest and no MKs demanding special privileges and money for them.

Account Deleted

Come on, let his plan work, let these fools not go to vote, there will be less votes for the Caredi controlled party's as well.

On a separate note, I laugh at the ignorant hypcrisy of the Charedi fanatics who usually frown upon the Christians for following Jesus (the first zombi who came back from the dead)but blindly follow whatever these ignorant Rebbe's ask them to do, and then when they die, they go to their graves to pray.


The story about $100 for not voting appears at every election in Israel.
Of course it's total bullship.
It's never been promised and never been paid.


Israel did not arrest him.

He has to date, threatened to break the law. The test comes if he does in fact start handing out $100 bills. If he does (as I understand the law in Israel) THEN he should be arrested. Until then, I hope the black hats listen to him and stay home in droves.


being as he's damaging the turnout for the haredi parties, everyone stands to gain from letting him froth - it just means that his agents will have less power in the not-too-long run.


My last trip to Jerusalem the Orthodox lost control of the mayor office because they suppressed their own vote because they could not settle on a single candidate.

What a freaking shame if they lose their influence in the Knesset for much the same reason.....

R. Wisler

I will quote your brilliant observation in the context that it deserves...

"Let us marvel the size (how about using the word "at" you illiterate???) of the Nazi Party rally at Nuremberg and the Soviet Rallies under Stalin and contrast with the failed one done by the rabbis to demand that the U.S. rescue the Jews of Europe."

Let me teach you a little lesson that even a feeble mind such as yours can remember...

"Large" does not mean righteous.


Efraim-The exact opposite is true of waht you wrote,you are comparing apples with pears you dont know what youre saying,the hassidim have powers since they dupe the government on sec.8 and food stamps but those that think for themselfs are the ones who have their heads on and not the ones who follow bilndly a leader who has to bring them money to survive that is not a life,it is worshipping avoide zure false god.


danny -By this time you should know that the satmerers hate for the zionists is doyhe pushes aside all reasoning logic,hate is h
what is driving their opposition to vote with
theese stamerers hate is so strong that nothing can budge their determination,but at the end hate will backfire and consume them as it is already doing stay tuned.


Could one of the Satmar trolls humor me with this shaila:

Where is voting forbidden by Torah? Please give citations.


He is giving away $100 bills for which he never worked a day in his life


a rabbi comes to isreal to promote hate against yidden he must unite yiden to bring achdus what a small brain with so much chasidim

Russian PhD

To deport and to oppress poor and harmless refugees,

But to welcome as an honorable guest someone
Who does not recognize in even existence of you country

This is a paradox called

Israel 2013


ever heard of free speech?


"Israel does nothing"

Really, you think the Israeli government is going to arrest a religious leader who's urging people to not vote for chareidi parties? It's not like Likud or any other secular parties will lose a single vote because of this.

put a square into a hole

To Efraim

If not for
1) nothing better to do
2) waiting to get $100
there is nothing with it.
even if you hand over your id card and licience you can still vote with your passport. Most israelies know their id # by heart.
BEWARE your info will be scaned to NY and medicaid food stamps ans section 8 will creap up under your name

Mr. Nowhere

Why is he such a big deal to them?


oy vey iz mir the anthropods are loose and their leader is egging them on to rebel .

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