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January 21, 2013


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Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

Parasites. Nothing but parasites. THIS is why thousands of Israelis died during 1) The War of Independence, 2) The Suez War, 3) The Six-Day War, and 4) the Yom Kippur War? I am glad so many of Israels' Founding Father's (and Mother's) are gone....so they don't have to witness something like this.


The more insane someone acts the more others think he is dangerous,similarly with theese satmerers,as the saying goes do as he says he is crazy,the satmerers way to get what they want is too act crazy,even their large payes is a sign of deliberate calculated insanity,the payes is a phallic symbol how crazy can you get hanging down like you know what.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

So what if Shmarya's arrival would fail a single one of us to the airport? The point is: this is not a Cult of Personality. We're not Rebbe-worshipers.


In the other hand, you also must include the harm that has been done by secular education vs. traditional and conservative education and values.

Posted by: Sam | January 21, 2013 at 01:40 PM

The harm done by the Charedim not educating their children is extreme. It is simply not right that those with secular educations must work to pay for the Charedim that refuse to work and educate themselves and children. Where in the Torah is this permitted?


Barry, I agree, scientific discovery is a tremendous gift to mankind, but how many people become scientists? Maybe 001% of world population – that’s why I said “for most people”.

In the other hand, you also must include the harm that has been done by secular education vs. traditional and conservative education and values.

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

It's not a long speech, but few people seem to be paying attention. The people in front of the dais keep moving around. The group on the dais stage right seem to be having a meeting. This looks like something people were required to attend, but aren't interested in.

At 09:40, when the speaker is finished, the crowd responds with something like "Heil ???". What was that about?


Sam, your 'education' is only good for the Chevra Kadisha. Life expectancy in der heim was about 30. In the old yisuv infant mortality was 80 per cent.


David: The definition of the word "education" is subjective. In our opinion, for most people, religious education and study is much satisfying and beneficial (even in the materialistic world) as secular study's of science and high-math.


He is as ugly outside as inside

Yosef ben Matitya

i went briefly thru the first video, and came out with an eery feeling. one guy was barking a speech in german in yerushalayim, israel's capital. i was surprised, the uniforms were different from those of the wehrmacht. the voice was not.

FM Fan

I know this is big news here and on VIN.

I haven't seen a respectable - not Charedi paper - even care about this visit.

Gornisht mit gornisht.

Satmar hippos

The Satmars are against the Medina.Right?
Now they go there with thousands of people and they bring millions of dollars besides the money they spend for room & board. All that money supports the economy of the medina.

The Medina would much rather take their money then have them vote.

Maybe if they allowed some economic courses in their Mosdos
they would understand this concept and they would all leave Israel
What would K"K Reb Yoilish say about this?

Gefilte Fish


So the Satmar rebbe has a big send-off from his American groupies, with another welcome party from his Israeli cultists. BFD. These people look forward to such events because, except for simchas, they don't get out much.

The truth is that there are many cults in this world, including Satmar, and I suspect you're one of them (so get off the treife internet, or no shidduch for you or your kids!)


It always amuses one to read the frumchiks' disparagement of Shmarya over his weight. This, coming from a subculture in which the very mention of physical activity makes one suspect. "Go for a walk? Chos v'sholem I should waste my time with such goyishe nonsense!"

How much cholent did you guzzle the other day, boys?



I dont think Shmarya flys because he would exceed the weight limit on the plane.......


They way they revere him, isn't it Avodah Zorah? They treat him like he was Jesus.

And when they make babies for their Rebbe, is the wife thinking of her husband or their Rebbe? (I have heard that some Lubavitcher women have been told to think of their Rebbe during the marital act - talk about extreme transubstantiation...).


Herein lies the power of the Hasidim. While the seculars are like an army of privates - leaderless, the Hasidim have powers in numbers and organization. A larger beast with its head cut off is no match for a smaller one with all its limbs attached.

Posted by: Efraim | January 21, 2013 at 04:44 AM

Efraim, where in the Torah does it say it is acceptable to (a) not educate your children; (b) refuse to fight to defend Israel; (c) refuse to work and (d) sponge off your fellow Zionist citizens who do work and fight to support anti-Jewish pagan scum like you?

Do you really think wearing a stupid fur hat and long black coat (in Summer, even!) makes you Jewish? All it does is make you look like a stupid Cossack wannabee who doesn't know history.


The Rolling Stones had far greater number during their performances:
“I could see the water just running down between the seats,” says drummer Charlie Watts “It was just a flood of urine, pouring down. All the girls in the audience were wetting themselves.”
In Rio, one and a half million turned out for the Stones 'sympathy for the Weberman' tour while Zalman only got maybe two percent of that number for the same performance.

As for the Beatles, no wonder Avigdor Miller wanted Lennon dead.

Moshe Zuchmere

if you wanted to give him a lift you'd need a fork truck - or a stretch limo hat can really stretch if you know what I mean.

You'd think the tub of lard would get some exercize when sitting in mom's basement all week.


I don't know how many people would be g airport but I would gladly give Shmarya a lift to wherever he needs to go.


Der Villiamsboiger Satmer Rebbe


Panem et circenses

- Martial

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