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January 09, 2013


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Atheodox Jew

A reminder of what normal benevolent coexistence is supposed to look like. Now if only we could figure out to do with all the militant nutcases...

Mike - too true.


Great story.. But I can't help wondering - if those were WOMEN, would the Haredim have saved them



Dov, do you know what a klutz kashe is?

No it isn't a hard klutz.


Great story.. But I can't help wondering - if those were WOMEN, would the Haredim have saved them or is that not modest?


These two Haredi soldiers have done more good for the welfare of humanity than ALL the yeshiva students twiddling their pais in yeshiva put together, and yet apparently saving lives (regardless of whether they are Jewish or not) is not as "heilig" as sitting in yeshiva, according to the "gedolim."

It may be "naive" of me to believe that drafting Haredim and exposing them to regular society would fix everything but I still believe it would fix quite a lot.

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