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January 31, 2013


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Oh look, the usual collection of sockpuppets and assorted black-hatted Muppets (heads made of cloth, operated by a hand up the arse) have popped up to deride, derail and distract.

Sorry yidiots, the gig is up. Your twisted derech has been exposed for the vile shanda that it is. All that matters, ultimately, is that the outside world know that the holy, devoted facade is a sham.

Information confirmed

M see does not come from a chasidish family, his late father was ponovesch educated. And as a child he attended Talmud Torah Chaim meirim.
And he has no affiliation with chabad or religion whatsoever.


Can we watched here from the uk. (not sure about other countries)



You Tube blocked he video on copyight grounds. Any one know where it can be watched now?


M See is known to frequent lubavich who I was alluding, most likely put him up to it. He is not a thug as the tickle blog tries to make out but quite a nice well mannered rather small lad. He certainly shows no scars of his earlier treatment. That is why REP who most likely knew him from before, unlike Westheim, told him to forget it, realising he only wanted revenge. The SH community helped his family financially for years and even now his BIL works for REP. Is this the way you repay them. I must also state that REP's yiddish is no better than his english.


This is really scary. The "rabbi" sounds like a Mafia don, well, at least the way they are portrayed in the movies.


Shmarya - there was only one bad man - the odious, cold Padwa. Westheim, by contrast when asked if he thought the plaintiff should go to the police, was supportive, thoughtful, and honest. He came to the conclusion that if that's what the plaintiff wanted to do, he should do it.

These are always difficult situations to manage. To suggest Rabbis abrogate their duty to safeguard the public to a police / Crown Prosecution Service led investigation, as the program suggested, is silly. Even if the CPS don't proceed with a case (as the evidence in these cases can often boil down to he said / she said) there is a need to protect the public from possible harm. That's why community leaders need to investigate and act on allegations.

We have no idea what information Westheim had heard about Mr "Orange Alert" - whether it was just generalised gossip or specific allegations.

And how is Channel 4 so sure the school involved didn't report the issue - to a council other than Salford City Council? Yesodei Hatorah and Manchester Mesivta are under Bury Metropolitain Borough Council and Eitz Chaim is in the Manchester City Council area.

They missed the low hanging fruit, but pulled in Weberman from 2,000 miles away. The overhyped, ignorant coverage generally did a disservice to those seriously attempting to deal with the problem of covering up paedophilia.

Let's not kid ourselves - it probably is more prevalent in the Charedi community than elsewhere.

Final word to Padwa: Resign.

This Group

very sadly so
the community of so called "abused"
are now the new sonei Yisroel of this generation.
are just out to destroy the Jews of the world


@Stamfod Hill Lubavicther true he is not a Lubavitz. He not from Satmar either. His family are not Satmar. I realise that to you everyone not Lubavitz is Satmar but, Do your homework.

Stamfod Hill Lubavicther

Thank you to the commentator who is so sure that Moshe See is Lubavitch. FOr your information he grew up Satmar and has nothing to do with Lubavitch besides maybe now beign welcomed by them. And it happened in a Satmar Cheder.


Though the letter was shown upside down, during the closing credits this had been corrected. No excuse but clearly the last scene, with Jackie Long in a different outfit, was added at the last minute. The trailers for this documentary predated that letter.

However it was sloppy; for even if you cannot read Hebrew, the fax and phone numbers were also upside down! It was just carelessness rather than some malign intent.


Correct YTHM. One gets so immune to the horror of the whole saga that a suggestion of paying off the perpertrator without a criminal sacntion passed me by - as it did the reporter.

I still feel it was very muted and this I suspect is down to the UK's draconian libel laws.


Busy day in Monsey news:





Receiving compensation after sexual abuse is prostitution.
The second rabbi is making a business out of it by being the "broker", more like a pimp if you ask me.

Tottenham Gossiper

the programme was a let down. I expected a scandal, something more juicy than the Halpern story (which is also turning out to be a damp squib)
Wasnt worth staying up last night.
Only thing it shows is that Padwa dosent give a shit.

Andrew Levy

Astonishing how Gestetner is a (self-declared) PR spokesperson for the Chassidic community, when he can barely get a coherent sentence out.

The man is a joke.


I thought the program was somewhat feeble. Possibly because of our (UK) very tough laws on libel.

There were a lot of actors' voices. Surely if these people who were abused or outraged should have the courage to come forward and be counted. There are loads of modern orthodox communities who would welcome them and help them get over their restricted and inadequate Haredi education.

Also I know of no-one who calls the Haredi, or as it is often spelled Charedi, so as to rhyme with "comedy" or "parody". The stress is on the "e". So I do not know who was advising the investigator.

She should have included more of the allegations and the outrageous consequences that informers face or more cases.

To spend 10 minutes of a 35 minute program on the Weberman trial in New York was a diversion. This had little to do with British Haredi though I accept it does show that there are brave souls who can stand up to the insidious pressure of the Haredi mob and secure a conviction - though I am sure that Weberman may well appeal and could be proven innocent.

One small but important difference between the UK and US is that in London and Manchester there are many Haredi schools which receive State funds for their secular education and the parents only paying for the Kodesh. So child abuse at such a school is certainly a matter for the secular authorities. This point was entirely overlooked.

So this Anglo-Jew felt let down by a program which was given a large amount of advanced publicity but failed to deliver. It did show however how appallingly Rabbi Padwa, head of a large London Haredi sect, spoke English but that was not the point of the investigation! Believe me if your US readers failed to understand what he was saying it was nothing to do with having a British accent.

Still if it chips away at the old attitude of not informing the Police and Social Services of suspected child abuse it will have been of some use.


Posted by: abibuler | January 31, 2013 at 02:23 AM

1. My parents were not divorced and their relationship was not acrimonious.

2. I didn't upload it and I have no idea whether Channel 4 cares about it being uploaded or not – although I do know haredi trolls like you care, because the truth it tells makes your community look like a bunch of primitive freaks.

3. The men whose bad behavior – which includes covering up pedophilia and keeping victims from calling police – was exposed are senior haredi rabbinic leaders, not as you state, "one man and a select few more."

4. Lastly, as you know, I have rule that forbids sockpuppeting. You have repeatedly broken that rule. And you, you are banned for that and for your blatant lies.


Exposed? Really? One man and a select few more and you call it a major exposure?

Bit like, wife abuse rampant in Minnesota Jewish community because of Shmarya's parents acrimonious divorce and his own single status.

By the way isn't this video technically an illegal upload? Preacher of ethics where's your morals?


38:34 she's holding the paper upside down! Lol


It was a fishing exercise which caught one reptile and one perfectly healthy fish who advised the plaintiff that al pi halochoh the could go to the police, and treated the two the same. When the presenter held a piece of paper with Hebrew on it upside down she summed up her ignorance nicely.


Having watched the channel 4 program available here on failed moshiach. I happen to know the boy involved. He is a member of lubavich. His BIL works for kedassia. I believe the other so called anonymous rabbi is also a member of lubavich. His parents have lived off the SH community. Lubavich have their own rabbis (dead and alive) and there is no reason to drag REP or Westheim into their failed schools. He is not the only drop out, there are many more from there boys and girls

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