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January 31, 2013


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lol, see BigMouth @ 9:42




BigMouth, your intellect coupled with your name reminds me of the sign I saw at the drive-thru at MacDonalds: "Drive-thru customer parking."


When I said "i smell a rat" I absolutly did not attempt to imply that Malik is innocent. I dont know what he is.
But when the person ratting is pinter, with his history. it stinks. I am not even sure why myself. But this story is starting to sound like Lebowitz.
and btw, according to u (doi.g the right thing) we now give a pass if someone raped a minor 8 years ago?


They call him teacher; not Rabbi you fat crazy fuck!

Posted by: BigMouth | January 31, 2013 at 09:42 PM


If you look at my reporting that predates theirs, you'll see that I call him a rabbi then, too.

That's because he is one.


They call him teacher; not Rabbi you fat crazy fuck!


Moishy and Yoily, sittin' in a tree...


Based on this report, I am now fully convinced that Malik is guilty as well. Notice that he is using the same defense as Yona Weinberg, that the boys came on to him:

"Police have surveillance video from one Washington Avenue motel where Malik allegedly brought a boy for sex Jan. 18. Law enforcement sources say he rented the room for at least seven hours.
Police plan to extend their investigation to upstate Monticello, where some of the alleged sexual encounters were also reported to have taken place, law enforcement sources said.
Law enforcement sources say Malik admitted to detectives that he had encounters with the boys, but denied having sex with them or giving them alcohol and cigarettes. He also allegedly told detectives the victims made sexual advances toward him, but he refused."


I also smell a rat. Too much of a coincidence that it is the same yeshiva and that Pinter is somehow involved here. Pinter is as guilty as sin no matter how he tries to spin this latest tale. Malik and the yeshiva administration is guilty for keeping Pinter on board while knowing full well that he is a molester. Pinter also pled guilty to grand larceny for which he has not been sentenced yet. His ratting out of Malik could be his way of cooperating with the authorities to help reduce his sentence. BTW, the boy that Pinter tried to molest in 2007 was 13, not 17 (not that it makes a difference).


The right thing was done | January 31, 2013 at 07:33 PM

In less than two hours your story has already changed.

The right thing was done

Hey Mr Professor,

Why do u smell a rat?

3 bucherim came to the police and reported that they were molested by Yoel Malik, i wouldn't say that they all made it up and this is some kind of conspiracy made up by Pinter for revenge.

Yoily Malik is a sick pervert and a Molester! he forcefully raped more then one bucher in yeshiva, on the other hand Moshe Pinter never forced anyone, he was charged cuz the bucher was under 18.

In the summer it was reported that Moshe Pinter was working for Yehivas Ohr Hameir, and that "8 years ago", he had consensual ... with a 17 year old, but since Moishy was 21 years old, and the victim was 17 years old - Under 18, he was forced to go for therapy - This info can easily be verified on E-Courts Online.

He has since then went for professional help, and has changed drastically, i know him personally so i can vouch for that.

The only role Moishy had in Yeshiva was to bring food for the bucherim, he wasn't an authority figure to anyone there, he never touched a bucher, cuz if yes these bucherim would come forwards with their story.

What people need to understand is that by Malik there was force involved, and on top of that he was an authority figure that the parents entrusted with their children.

So my friend this story is all about what Malik did recently not what Pinter did 8 years ago !


All wrapped up in two weeks, huh? Amazing.

The Praying Manis has four thousand years of 'wisdom' (chuckle) and a few days ago he would have told them they were contaminated and get-a-life-already.

In two weeks the three victims have self reported to someone they saw on the street, they are seeing a licensed therapist all paid for by this pedophile in a deal brokered by the guy in the street, and oh, btw, the police were called.

Oh yoo-hoo? Laura Schlesinger? Yoo-hoo? I got a new Jewish sext, oops, I mean sect, for you to try. Very up-and-coming.


I smell a rat.
i have no clue if he molested. But please read up on the person that was, according the previous comment, the reporter.
He worked in the yesjivah and was told to leave due to the same issues.

The right thing was done

Before the Yeshiva Ohr Hameir closed down Moshe Pinter used to work there, as reported here in the summer.

2 weeks ago 3 bucherim approached him and told him that the Rosh Yeshiva Y.M. molested them.

He called the parents and informed them of the incidents, and recommended to send the kids for professional help, he also called the police to report the charges.

He then called the Rosh Yeshiva and told him that since he damaged these kids he should pay for their therapy, since the parents don't have the money to pay for a licensed therapist.

The boys were sent to licensed therapists for professional help to ensure they get the help in time and to minimize the damage that was done, the bills were paid by the Rosh Yeshiva Y.M.

The right thing was done, and there was no cover up.

Times are changing and the oilim is waking up, that we cant let molesters get away!



Look to your right on your screen at Failedmessiah.com in the Media. Shmarya is well known.


National TV?

The fuck you talking about? Channel 2 (NYC).


Kudos! They gave FM credit for the photo used on national TV!

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