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January 29, 2013


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It is forbidden! It is the word of God! Do not under any circumstances report a crime to the police! God and Torah have spoken! You could look it up!


It pains me to see him this rabbi padwa be so corrupted its like dont report a murder let the guy murder more children,it hurts me to see that theese rabbis are so indifferent couldnt care less for the childs welfare,unbeleivable i feel sorrow truly feel it to see this kind of calousness they the rabbis are just as guilty as the molester now i know it for sure.


Wow, up to know, I thought that this "Messira"-Story was a myth. That's the first time I hear it out of the mouth of a recognised rabbi. So it is really true! Boy, how do they pervert halacha!


BOYCOTT anything hekshered by Kedassia! He is the head.


Looks senile to me, I wouldn't take him too seriously


Hashem is the God of TRUTH. If a worthless scumbag in a stupid hat says otherwise, he is bowing to an alien god. Haredim are the enemies of truth, of common sense, and of the Jewish people.


there you have it. straight from the jackasses mouth. too bad he cant be arrested and jailed right next to the molester.


This is terrible! It shows that just like the Arabs (lehavdil) our extreme right, is two faced. They speak one language for local consumption and a totally different one for the 'street'.

Reminds you too of a different set of cover uppers: Catholic Bishops and priests ym"s. They destroyed thousands of their own little children. All because not to besmirch the name of their 'Holy Mother Church".. No wonder their pews are empty every Sunday... Can't fool all the people all the time as a smart man once said...

Rueven Aharon

The only real reason there haven't been too many Islamic pedophile sex scandals is that Islam primarily crops up in theocracies and semi-theocracies, where of course imam coverups can be gotten away with. (Oh yeah, and then there's a couple of names that people might be aware of. Muhammad. A'isha. The former was the Prophet and founder of Islam, the latter, one of his wives, whom he reportedly married when she was nine.)


Wow. G-d bless this person for helping expose these coverups.

Atheodox Jew

Despite the rabbi barely being intelligible, one thing came across loud and clear: He doesn't want to talk about (or deal with) the issue being raised, and he can't wait for the abused kid to leave so he can attend to "more important" matters.



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