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January 29, 2013


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The Charedim cannot continue to keep their primitive attitudes to themselves as this story (and others) show. The truth is out and they need to be held accountable. All they are doing is driving Jews away from Yiddishkeit, creating antisemitism among non-Jews and cauisng a huge Chillul Hashem.


That is the halacha, period. If you don't like it, too bad.


You are pathetic.

"Instead these men tell Dispatches they started taken the law into their own hands by attacking alleged perpetrators."

Right on.

Alter Kocker


The programme also hears from members of a group of young Chardi men who are disillusioned with the failure of rabbis to deal with complaints of abuse. They don’t feel they can go to the police, but at the same time they clearly don’t believe the rabbis are capable of dealing with this situation properly. Instead these men tell Dispatches they started taken the law into their own hands by attacking alleged perpetrators.

As I have said, this was done on behalf of a family member that had been raped. The Perp's legs were broken and his finger was removed as both a souvenir and a warning. Orthodox rabbis that subscribe to the tenet of mesira are the most useless pieces of fecal matter on the planet. Instead of protecting children, they protect contributions from the perpetrators family. I was questioned by a Rabbi in response to the above and I assured him that if he continued to bother me or mine, he would meet with the same fate as the perp. I also said that my friends might just remove two fingers and send them to his wife.

Eli, what me messiah?

unbelievable. Padwa is a sick, perverted psycho. disgusting.

Moshe, next time they pass out brains, take your head out of your ass and get some.


They're like a tribe of pedophiliac Shylocks - in appearance and in outlook and behavior. Outing them repeatedly is the only way to effect change. That and booting Hynes out of office in Brooklyn and bringing in someone with cojones and integrity.

Rueven Aharon

HaShem (Heaven Forbid)

lol, translators... HaShem essentially means "God", so they should've pretty much rendered it as "The Name" or "G-d".


Moshe-What in the world are you doing on the internet you faker,you were frobidden from the internet why are cheating imbacile that you are.

Rueven Aharon

CM: “Even if you think it may be happening to other people?”

RP. “No. not police.”

CM: “Not the police. And um, How, how _ I mean, how can you reassure yourself that this man is not doing it to others?”

RP: “Look, the police also cannot assure. The police is not the solution.”

What would it take for frumma to trust the police? The Nazi era ended, like, 60-70 years ago... ancient history... I'm sure any original Nazis are either too old to be cops or six feet under by now...

Legal adviser

Question? Is it legal in the UK to interview film tape etc. without the other partie knowing as such?

Any company in the UK who you call advices you that the conversation might be taped for educational purposes,!

I am not legally aware of the UK laws, but this whole set up stinks and is a big chilul Hashem.

This is a set up of the lowest degree! And shame to the channel 4!!!

For shure a Beth din can and must undertake action which in many cases is not done: more than once I was involved in cases with sexual abuse on fortunately inside families as well with strangers and had to force batei denim to undertake immediate action and in most of the cases the abusers where legally convicted, some times they where declared mentally not responsible for their actions and they ended up in a mental clinic, to fore come imprissonment!

Rueven Aharon

That is the halacha, period. If you don't like it, too bad.

It is also halacha that people should not cause a Chillul Hashem. And deliberately failing to protect children by failing to tell about molesters constitutes a Chillul Hashem.

Legal adviser

Perfectly right!

The Halacha speaks for it self: no discussion about it!

Toanei Rabbanim are available to solve disputes within the Beth Din?

Interestingly I am not aware that any one consulted with Rabbinical Lawyers in the UK issue.

I can assure you that Rav Padva nor the victims consulted with as mentioned above!


Are you uploading the special to the website shmarya? If not do you know of an alternative way to view it?


If it becomes available online and can be embedded, I will.

Legal adviser

Smarya, are you aware of any Toanei Rabbanim being involved in the UK?


That is the halacha, period. If you don't like it, too bad.

Posted by: Moshe | January 29, 2013 at 04:05 PM

Then what the fuck is it good for? Fuck your archaic Halacha and your primitive-minded hateful sodomy.

Robert J. Barron, Attorney-at-Law

Scum. He is nothing but scum. I swore an oath in the two states I am licensed- Oklahoma and Utah- to always uphold the law. But if someone abused my nieces or nephews, and I knew who it was- no police, no phone calls, no nothing. I'd simply snap his neck with my bare hands. Yah, I'll do prison time, but nobody does that to my loved ones without paying the ultimate price.


It is not the Halacha. Open up a Shulchan Aruch before telling us your version of Halacha.


God bless you, Robert J Barron. I agree. The police, the courts, the social workers are almost as useless as the rabbis. There is only one cure for this plague of abuse: for parents, family and friends to make it absolutely clear, that if you molest our children YOU WILL DIE.


That is the halacha, period. If you don't like it, too bad.

Posted by: Moshe | January 29, 2013 at 04:05 PM

So Rabbi Brodie is in violation of halakha? Good to know. Ladies and gentlemen, how privileged we are to merit having such an esteemed Torah scholar in our midst. And such a shining example of rachmones!


boycott UOHC and kedassia


Moshe, you write: "That is the halacha, period. If you don't like it, too bad."

You and you kind are not practicing Judaism. You have degenerated into a cult that has stolen Judiasm, which you are using as a screen to mask your aberrant culture.

I can't think of a name yet

I cannot believe that people here are only openly calling for breaking the law. You are no different than Haredim.


I cannot believe that people here are only openly calling for breaking the law. You are no different than Haredim.

Posted by: I can't think of a name yet | January 29, 2013 at 08:31 PM

Not true...if you read Robert's post he admits that he would be breaking the law and would do the time. See he is acknowledging laws and the punishment for breaking said law (and I happen to agree with him). If it were the charedim they would break the law and cry anti-semitism when someone dare try to punish them for it.


"Legal adviser", yah right, how can you call yourself that when you don't know secular law or Halakha.

It is perfectly legal to tape in person another person in the UK and in most other jurisdictions. It may not necessarily be admissible in court, but it is 100% legal for reporting or any other purpose. Recording a phone conversation is more complicated because of a wide array of wiretapping laws, but depending on where you are and where the other party is the law can get complicated.


Moshe, that is absolutely not the halacha. And even if you believe it is the halacha, then it is worth a little self sacrifice to break it to protect victims of abuse. I'm sure you break plenty of hilachos with lesser justification.


Is there anyway to avoid the "Recaptcha".


Oh please, that's too easy. Anyone?


Try calling the helpline number on the UOHC poster - it just rings and rings!

Atheodox Jew

Very illuminating - thanks for posting.

Once again, it brings home the fact that it often takes people being exposed and made accountable to get them to do the right thing. (And even then it's no guaranty!)


Is there anyway to avoid the "Recaptcha".

Posted by: ca | January 29, 2013 at 09:35 PM

No! It's halakhah! If you don't like it, too bad!


The frumma are usually terrified of non-kosher animals, even domesticated animals like dogs. So why are they not absolutely terrified by the huge non-kosher, non-domesticated (dead) animal sitting on this guy's head?

Pigs may fly

the tomei is not on his head, it's in his head

Mike Kats

What I don’t understand, how the frum community (which I happily belong too) just ignores the serious EVAROS (sins) involved with molestation.

This sins is much bigger than the sin of Mesirah.


Mike, because children don't matter. we see that with metzizah b'peh. Another tradition that only those in that sort of community uphold. You are asking them to view the pure evil that is in their midst. Not something that is caused by G-d's will. It is caused by man and if that is the case, then their community isn't so pure and perfect after all. They become no different to anyone else.


Out of curiosity, does mesira apply to crimes like murder? How would/does the heredi community resolve cases of murder without police involvement since there is no sanhedrin? Not that I believe murder happens all too often in the frum community. At least I hope that it doesn't. But since everything negative is either denied or covered up you have to wonder what other crimes (other than molestation and financial) occur in the ultra-othodox community that we never hear about.


RP: “Men Tur Nisht [People must not tell tales]”. The correct translation in Yiddish One is not "allowed"


Jeff, there must be a heter!


Btw, I wasn't seeking a surreptitious way to circumvent the "recaptcha". I just didn't understand why it kept coming up, when it never did before, and thought Shmarya or someone here who understands it better might explain if it's glitch etc.


It isn't a glitch; Shmarya had to initiate it to keep the spambots at bay.

(Although, Shmarya, there are similar services that are easier to read than Captcha is.)

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