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January 10, 2013


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dd nobody is asking you to go marry anyone. You do realize that you yourself are not welcomed in many neighbourhoods you may believe you belong? There is a heirachy, and you are not at the top of the list. . . don't assume to know every African's experience, their person nor their cultural makeup. Don't believe that they are without Morals, Ethics or G-D given values. Don't undermine or deny them of their children or families. Don't deny them of their Humanity! Don't misrepresent who they are for your political or social gains. Don't pretend that European Jews are not else-where doing the same as these Africans. Namely, persuing a better place to facilitate family and an improved future. Don't believe that you know what this really mean as it pertain to the future of Judaism. And finally, don't lie to yourself! And please, don't lie to me!


hmmm . . . a couple of thoughts on this piece:as i have mentioned previouly, i was born in Jamiaica and my former wife is from Tel Aviv. When we met her father ( an Israeli national) was here in Canada illegally. He was apprehended by the immigration authorities while he was "working" and sent to a detention centre before he was to be deported. It was my responsibility to take my in laws, his wife and four children, to see him in holding. i did so without a second thought. Needless to say, everyone was saddened and distraught by his incarceration.

He (Oren) was extremely stressed and these unseeming events took its toll on everyone involved. But one incident marred this time more than any for me. It was an encounter i had while talking with Oren as we waited inside the meeting area. He looked at me and said "you should be here!" suggesting i should have been the one detained in his place. Astonished, i replied "what?" He looked at me and nodded "nothing!". It was never mentioned again until now. i let it pass.

But that very dimension, that field or frequency of thought. Those patterns of belief now seems pervasive through out the Diaspora. More drama than reality. Heaped upon by decades and decades of misinformation, indulgent trauma and bull crap. It may very well be a Karmatic investments. Expressed and invited by a people as a whole who just do not know better.

i suppose now it is the duty of those who are believed to be truly authentic to both Africa and Judaeh to make a stand. It is time for those of Ethiopian decent to move in such a way as to create havoc and choas in the machinations of the Israeli immigration office. They must walk alongside and with each african migrant/refugee. Conceal their magens David, and hand out keepas as honary tokens of good faith. The moral and ethical tone must be set by those whose lives are truly purposeful. Go make a difference!


it is one thing to work with them , but living in the same neighborhood , same street or same building is a different story .

Yochanan Lavie

Double Douchebag: I deal with Africans from Africa every day, and they are usually more polite and civilized than many frummies I've encountered.

I'm finished, go and have the last word.


@yochanan lavie,
you are ' just right yourself ', whether you are ashkenazi or sefardi . [ most ashkenazi r not 100% white, either .]

i'm gonna let u live with african refugees , in the same building , same street or same neighborhood .

let me know how you feel .


whatever it takes, they got to rid the country of those infiltrators or they wont have a country anymore.

last time i checked they called themselves the "Jewish' state. DUH

Posted by: זבה גדולה | January 10, 2013 at 08:32 AM

Look at the US, some slaves were brought in years ago and now blacks make up a sizeable amount of the population. Similiar problems exist here with the Spanish and Europe is starting to have a major Muslim problem because of their open door policy.

Learn from history!

Yochanan Lavie

So "dd" Ashkenazim are too pale and Africans are too dark. I guess Sephardim are "just right." You are the lovechild of Goldilocks and Hitler.


Seymour, Boris: Do you know the story of Stella Goldschlag? Read about her here:


or at Wikipedia.

Stella is the first person I thought of when I started to read this posting. Stella survived the last two years of the war by turning in other Jews to the Gestapo. She committed suicide in 1994.

Are the Africans now hiding in Tel Aviv the way Jews were in Berlin after July 1, 1943, when all remaining Jews in Germany became subject to immediate arrest and deportation?


These illegal aliens should be deported, but using german tactics is not the smartest way of doing it.


israel should not accept them , if they do not want them . it's easier that way .
israel should not let them INto the country . period .


There are plenty of witch doctors back in Africa. They should have stayed there.

זבה גדולה

whatever it takes, they got to rid the country of those infiltrators or they wont have a country anymore.

last time i checked they called themselves the "Jewish' state. DUH


to try to get as many African refugees to leave ‘voluntarily’ as possible to keep Israel ‘pure’ and Jewish.

haven't i heard that before in a different context


These refugees would be much better off if they come to America, here they can get free health care, food stamps, welfare and be able to fit in society. New York City would be ideal as to their high quality Medicaid program and benefits in general as well as their diverse population.

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