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January 10, 2013


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Abu Jihad Schneerson

dd.for your information only the beth din(and even them only to a certain point,after which the matter is in G-d's hands) can investigate the ger's sincerity and motivation,not lay people like you and me.Who are we to say someone is not sincere and has not the proper reasons to convert?

Friar Yid

dd- if it was me, i will keep the whore 'on the side' and not marry her

If your comment is any indication of your personality, I don't think you need to worry about anyone marrying you, whore or not, halachic or not.

I guess that's one way to avoid this problem.


i love to see how some ppl get angryand how they react . my comment was not to make ppl angry . i was just expressing my opinion.

80% of sefardi think like me . no shame to say what i think . free speech is allowed .
nothing wrong with that .

y , u ppl getting so angry for ? bc i'm telling the truth ?

this video is very realistic .

@Abu jiad schneerson,
the halakhic giur does not have the same meaning for the russian girl as it is for you .
it is obvious . it happens all the time ,
well known . y would a stunning whore would want to marry a short, skinny darkish sefardi for ? think about it .

not out of love for sure . r u kidding me? i understand there are tall handsome stunning guys in israel , but they r not worth anything .
they won't take her out for diner or spend expensive clothings on her.......or treat her like a queen .

is that y , u guys are getting angry for , bc you can't .

Abu Jihad Schneerson

dd,you are a disgusting,racist,bigoted,filthy asshole!You even sink so low as to call a halakhic giur a 'piece of paper' as if you were somehow better than any Russian ''whore'' only because you were born from a pure sefardi mother and with no other merits whatsoever.I really hope you are a troll from some neonazi or islamist group posing as a Jew;you rotten cunt!


it's only a piece of paper .

Posted by: dd | January 10, 2013 at 09:30 AM

And you are only a piece of crap!

Harold F

"Shas says the ad did not have even the slightest hint of bigotry in it"

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck.....


Posted by: dd | January 10, 2013 at 09:30 AM:"... sefardi do not need to marry a russian whore , converted or not , it does not make a difference ...."

Did you really just write that or is it a figment of my diseased imagination? You just became the poster boy for much of what's wrong in the Jewish world today. What an obnoxious piece of prose- crude and primitive and presumably reflective of the writer's personal qualities.


very good pic, excellent video.
with this ad , shas will win .

it depicts very well the white skin , blond russian whore who is after the sefardi money .

the whore should grab a white skin ashkenazi russian jew like her . no, she won't ,bc the russian jew does not have money . it's easier to prey on a sefardi who gives in to sex. [ ashkenazi are not hot , they won't satisfy a blond goya whore].

in any case , every sefardi should be aware and should keep in mind that if he is grabbed by a russian whore , he should get prepared before signing any committment papers , religious and secular papers , [ secular papers even more ]

# 1 - separation of wealth [the whore has no access to ANYTHING the sefardi owns . a separate sheet detailed ] . PLUS

# 2 - a very detailed prenuptial agreement . in a separate set of sheets of papers .

he should surprised the whore at the last minute , before signing anything , just the way , the whore did not say anything , and surprised him at the last minute before signing.

the sefardi lawyer should be physically present at the wedding , just for a few seconds , to retrieve the papers , or send a paralegal if he does not want to come .

if it was me, i will keep the whore 'on the side' and not marry her . if the bitch surprises me at the last minute, i'll walk away from the ceremony without saying anything . there are beautiful girls out there . sefardi do not need to marry a russian whore , converted or not , it does not make a difference .

it's only a piece of paper .


Too bad they are pulling this commercial. However, I think this lovely actress will now become a major star!

Friar Yid

Intermarriage and fictitious conversions can lead to assimilation and the loss of the state's Jewish identity.

Funny statement coming from a group pushing such polarizing messages. You know what else can lead to assimilation? Alienation and disgust at the behavior of so-called religious Jews. Thanks for all the help, Shas.


They are going to fall in love with halachic Jews,

If the standard for conversion remains that you must be haredi to convert - your statement is true only as long as Rufies remain available.

Yochanan Lavie

Raising the bar so high that one has to become chareidi to convert also can lead to intermarriage. Israel has a responsibility to people of Jewish descent who are not halachically Jewish but are nevertheless perceived of and persecuted as such. They are going to fall in love with halachic Jews, as human nature dictates. It would do more to protect the integrity of the Jewish nation to absorb them, rather than alienate them, even if this means a temporary leniency about conversion. Shlomo Goren, for all his faults, understood this. If you demand "all or nothing" most people will choose nothing and walk away.

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