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January 20, 2013


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Eli, what me messiah?

sadisticsteve, I went and re-read the Grumet case (1994 Kiryas Joe) and you are spot on. if only Schwartz had a decent lawyer he could turn to for advice....

Yoel Mechanic

>The policy is of denying funding even for secular classes at parochial schools is a subtle for of genocide

The issue of state funding for education should be settled with reason. Ramping up the rhetoric to such extreme appeals to emotion and illogic could be counterproductive.

Account Deleted

This not going to be any different than the 1994 Kiras Yoel case. The difference here is that there is the issue of public funds aparently being intentionally diverted to religious controlled yeshivas by a religious controlled school board in disguise as a secular school board.

Only the U.S. Supreme court will decide this whenever it makes it there. In the mean time, all your opinions,especially from the usual poorly educated Charedi fanatics that post here, are as good as toilet paper.

How about this, go and have a ham and cheese sandwich while at it.

Rare View

So they want to sue.... what's wrong with that? So that's now a Chillul Hashem? How crazy are you guys?
In NYC the unions and the teachers and the schools constantly sue the state.... why is this news?
We live in the USA... we can sue...
Good for you Dan Schwartz...kol ha'kovod!

A Yid

The policy is of denying funding even for secular classes at parochial schools is a subtle for of genocide as it's effect is for people to give up their culture and religion. What this school board is doing by whatever means is a defensive action necessary until citizens of New York state and the politicians they elect will change the law to allow vouchers or tax credits for those who send their kids to parochial schools or alternatively do away with the whole public school system as it is not a core function of government to provide education.
The continuation of this system is unamerican and violates the spirit of the constitution if not the wording.


Former Adversary, if you are not lying:
A) You both had idiots for lawyers, and
B) Your lawyers both had idiots for clients


Devorah is not wrong. Former Adversary, just attend a meeting or review some videos and you will see. The former board president told the Journal News the board seeks guidance from the rebbes and Mr. Wieder (former board member) was notorious for awaiting text messages before responding. It is a complete embarrassment and their reckless handling of the finances by incompetent people, a travesty. They have done more to increase antisemitism by their actions than one could have ever imagined. Sad. Luke

Former Adversary

DEvorah, you are so completely wrong. Rabbonim tried to get involved in my case because my ex went off the derech and took the kids with her. Many rabbis tried to call Schwartz. He refused to speak to any of them. He doesn't take orders from rabbonim or anyone eles. At then end though he did admit that my kids should be modern yeshiva day school in order to keep some some kind of relationship with me. He convonced my ex-wife to do that.


"He's not a shark. He's extremely honest and tried to be fair."

All the videos on UTube prove differently. He is out to exploit NY taxpayers and is continuing on a daily basis. When he is finally in the criminal court system, you'll wake up....(He needs to stop taking orders from the Ruv and come clean.)

Former Adversary

Schwartz represented my former wife in our divorce. He's not a shark. He's extremely honest and tried to be fair. My lawyer didn't take him seriously enough and at the trial Schwartz swept the floor with his pants. Schwartz will try to make a settlement that is fair. But if the other side won't cooperate he knows how to win by being honest. If he's telling the state he plans to sue, you can be sure he has a good reason and smells a victory.

simple jew


Is this 3rd 4th or 5th time shmarya using same video?



A public trustee appointed by the State Department of Education needs to replace the current school board to protect the interests of the public school students. Jewish politicians in Albany should not abuse their positions to give the Haredi a free pass. One day, the shoe may be on the other foot.

I doubt if any demographic group in the US has benefited more from public education in the past century than the Jews. With the growing influence of the haredi, this probably won't be the case in the next century.


So, the same board and supt. that have been complaining about frivolous lawsuits is now threatening to file a lawsuit themselves! The district's usual lawyer that charges $250 per hour is not good enough...they hired Esquire David Butler at $650 per hour. Just last week, the fired another 5 teachers and cut ALL non varsity sports. This is solid proof that they don't give a crap about the public school students whose education they are charged to oversee!

They complain about being bullied by the state....really? So Schwartz and his posey are now the victims? LOL! There is 70 million dollars in cash, but Klein had refused to pay for the secular disabled students education at BOCES until the state threatened them. So...they paid 2.37 million dollars, about half of what is owed since last July. Meantime, KJ is about a month behind...so education for the religious disabled students is being paid for. BOCES was threatening to lay off staff and return the most disabled kids to the district. They are do low that they are holding our most disabled students hostage to they political games.

This posey, led by Schwartz is the most reprehensible group I have ever seen. The district now says that there is another million dollars in deficit. They don't even have a handle on the exact deficit. But, they want to sue the state so that they can continue to pay for placements to KJ and RISE. Amazing! Sad!

Heard Him Sing Once

Danny Boy would probably be better off threatening to sing kedusha in Shelly Silver's shul if the state doesn't back off.

Much scarier than any lawsuit the Hindenburg of Rockland County could ever file.

Eli, what me messiah?

Noah, the public system pays for special needs children. So the kids' needs do matter.
But if you want your kids to have a religious education instead of a public one, that's your choice and you pay for it. You don't break the law by stealing from public schools and violating the constitution.
It's not rocket science.
The East Ramapo school board is from the Village of Chelm.

Eli, what me messiah?

I fail to see why the state should care where the special need kids get their instruction.
Posted by: Noah | January 20, 2013 at 02:46 AM

first amendment establishment clause. This illegally funnels public subsidies to a religious school. The state pays for the kids to get a yeshiva education.

Eli, what me messiah?

Proving once again that there's no limit to how far this board can stoop...

steven k

may not be a good place so feel free to erase after you check it out.

rotter.net has a report that 9 arabs were arrested for attacking two orthodox jews on the day of snow, seen on a video that you posted here
here is the link in hebrew: http://rotter.net/forum/scoops1/22019.shtml

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