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January 11, 2013


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ביטע טאפ נישט מיין שוואנצעלה


Yeah what is that i.d.??



Posted by: ari tietelbaumh | January 13, 2013 at 10:51 AM

He was not "strip searched."

Matzav is not only days late to the story, it got it wrong.

Office of the Chief Rabbi

The TSA guy said של נעליך מעל רגליך


Isn't Miami Beach known for bare breasts and go-go boyz?


i had a feeling the TSA were 'aroni's, now its confirmed.

good line - must share it

Sorry that you posted you own pictures.

You are "ah Grobyan" in the full sense and in any way you translate that.


"Rir nisht un mayne gilgul sheleg"
What to whom will he say that the goyim dont speak yiddish why need to know it,well my yiddish would translate it to , rir nisht un myne baytzim :))


In the bottom picture, who is the dude with the ID card and what kind of ID is it?


"Rir nisht un mayne gilgul sheleg"

Aye. Sounds great

"How do you say "Don't touch my junk" in Yiddish?'

K'vud k'dishes admor shlit'a has no junk down there. He uses it only for holy purposes. Most other have plenty of junkdown there.

put a square into a hole

TO Jabba.

Nice pics
When did the satmar "rebbe" look like that??????

To Yochanan

I think you can "Don't chapsem" as a loose trancilation.. Mabey Weberman a satmar chusid can correct me if i'm wrong.


when i read the title , my first thought was they found two pounds of ecstacy on him .

the authorities are tightly focused on chassidim at airport , MORE THAN ANY NORMAL TRAVELER , bc they have a strong potential of smuggling drugs [ for money, of course ].

security at airport should not feel embarrassed to search him , especially around his ' private parts' . they should use examination gloves to avoid getting an infection .

apikorus al ha'esh

What about the hasidic injunction not to look at goyim?

ari tietelbaum

Zalmi tietelbaum will be flying delta airlines this motzie shabis january 12th on the nonstop jfk-tlv. This based on info from jdn.co.il

Baruch Shelo Asani Haredi

Wait, hold on. Did you just say the KJ Satamar Rebbe goes to CHABAD in Palm Springs?! Please elaborate, Shmarya, for this alone is noteworthy.


The satmerer rebbi goes from one vacation to another his whole life is a vacation next is going upstate for summer does he ever earn his living or just lives of others work,what a racket he has going for him.


I guess being a Satmar rebbe pays well and mostly in cash.


In the early 1990's, Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna had his passport photo replaced by a team mate with a photo of male genitalia of equivalent size. Senna's fame meant he rarely had his passport checked, but on a later trip to Argentina this prank resulted in officials holding the Brazilian for 24 hours.

It seems that Mossad agents in Miami wishing to stop Teitelbaum visiting Israel to illegally distribute funds to bribe yeshivas not to allow their talmidim to vote, played the same trick.

However, Baruch Hashem, this Zionist conspiracy failed when US border guards concluded that Teitelbaums resemblance was sufficiently close to the photo in his passport, to allow him through.

yoel lebovicz

Haha awesome!

Yochanan Lavie

How do you say "Don't touch my junk" in Yiddish?

Adam Neira

Such security checks are warranted, no matter what one's station is in life.

P.S. I wonder what the reception will be like if he visits the State of Israel just before the election ?

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