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January 23, 2013


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.....' um, that was intended'.....bc yaakov weiss is sick in the head and should b locked up under careful medical supervision .

Yochanan Lavie

I guess he is in the family business, going after chickens.


Why doesn't the government prosecute for witness intimidation, even in the case of a rabbinical tribunal ? Also, now that he admitted to lying, how can a religious tribunal stand by their actions? This is disgusting and shows how amoral, vile and corrupt some in organized religion have become.

This case so closely models the two cases recently handled by the Rockland District Attorney. Settling these cases with a slap on the wrist only strengthens the case to intimidate witnesses. Sad. Luke

Yosef ben Matitya

of course, their deen theuyroh is that of sdom.

contra  apion

excommunicated from what ? a bunch of hipocritcal arseholes ?reliious tribunal, religious in whose eyes. IN THE LAND OF the blind the one-eye is king.

Jacob Mendlovic

It's highly ironic that the convictions of Haredi pedophiles occur during the period of Shovavim, the 6 Shabatot when Haredim are supposed to be extra careful with Shemirat HaBrit, a euphemism for guarding the male sexual organ.
In various shuls here in Toronto, there are Hebrew booklets emphasizing the necessity of doing Teshuva during Shovavim, especially for violating the commandment "not to fall for any illicit sexual desire."


Thanks for putting the shovavim issue into the mix.

There is also another term that is used. Tikkun HaBrit.. Rectification for sins done using the penis.

Eli, what me messiah?

"that was intended."

Another sociopath.


They had a settlement offer of close to $100,000, but rightly insisted on going forward. Now they've settled for $6,000. strange.


"But Weiss is married to Sholom Rubashkin's daughter and comes from a large Chabad family, "

I thought that Weiss himself became Chabad,and that he is not from a Chabad family
Anyone know?


Yes. I know several of the his brothers and have met his parents, as well.

It's a large Chabad family, just as I wrote.

And the great thing here is that you thought something again and it was completely wrong.

steven k

"And the great thing here is that you thought something again and it was completely wrong."

that makes me human right?
Anything wrong with that?


"Weiss complained about the civil lawsuit to a rabbinical tribunal in Rockland County, which threatened to excommunicate the parents of the victims for taking the matter outside a religious setting."

What is wrong with these people on the Bet Din? They are protecting the accused and their little enclosed dark world, with no concern for the victim. This happens time and time and time again, whether it be the prohibition against going to the police, the intimidation of witnesses, shunning by their community or the threat of excommunication from this horrible cult. They are not practicing Judaism, but some twisted culture of their own. They are an embarrassment.

Unfortunately, people who use their own common sense and critical judgment have a very hard time leaving this cult.

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