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January 02, 2013


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Reb Srummer

A small Orthodox Shul, Cong Kol Israel has been successful at getting Ari Kirshnbaum and band of thieves out.
Thankfully RCA was helpful as well as dedicated members who fought a hard battle to do the right thing.
Congregation Kol Israel is successfully back in the hands of frum board and the community shul lives on.
We wish our neighboring shul,Cong Bnai Jacob and any other congregation best of luck with battle against Chabad Rabbis out to steal congregations and building titles.

Ed hemit

Hey Rosie...FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!! !!!!!!!!

I'm from that Park Slope community where Shimon Hecht (who laughably calls himself a rabbi) has left a trail of destruction in his 25 year wake.The only way to combat this madness is to see the snake before it sees you and cut its head off. Here is my suggestion, help inspire one of those megawealthy Yids. Connect that person to the true tzaddikim (lots of learning and committment here) then Hashem will guide that person to use his money for get rid of that snake--and believe me, you will need tons of money to do this because these snakes have seemingly endless resources. Don't lose heart, even if this Bozo diminishes your standing in the community (Hecht called five of the frummest, most beautiful families in our community Korach in his Shabbat speech). It is worth the fight because it is true and honorable. Oh, and by the way, as soon as possible hire someone to investigate what Bozo is doing with all that money--that just might be the blade you need to sever its head.


I live in Ohio and am watching this happen before my very eyes. The Chabad "Rabbi" ( a word I hesitate to use) sends frum Jews away; took over the dying out Orthodox Shul; just renovated it for 3M- C-A-S-H and invites megaweathy non frum men (often with goyishe wives) to services where they come on Shabbos and Yom tov driving up in cars with the women wearing pants carrying pocketbooks. This guy vetoed an erev and brags about how this isnt a shomer shabbos community and that he wants to be the "frumest" guy in our city.
H" help us all from these Chabadnik gonifs


The issue at hand is a Temple that was up for grabs. Any group had the right to make an offer no matter how big or small.This does not look like stealing. Rather, good business sense. Sour grapes to Rabbi Appelman for lashing out at any offer


Check out B'nai Jacob of Park Slope, Brooklyn for a subtle, methodic, more patient takeover. Here's a How To for a potential workshop at the next Sheliach convention:
1. Get your foot in the door of a burgeoning modern orthodox community. Plan on hanging around for 25 years and having many babies.
2. Identify the most emotionally vulnerable and guilt-ridden of your congregants. Crucial to the smoothest of operations, you will need these neshamas to sustain the illusion that you and your family will be working hard to create. If any of these
lost souls has deep pockets, you've hit the mother lode.
3. Maintain complete control of the beautiful,valuable, member-paid-for shul by concentrating on every detail of its operation--remember, no task is too small for your kind of kingship. Everything from picking up the daily mail to finagling seats on the Board for you and your Rebbetzin should be considered.
4. Regarding your congregants--be sure to purge dissenting voices every 5-7 years (slander and libel work well for this).
5. Create a memory void. Woo remaining congregants with frequent invitations to your home and serve a lot of fat-laden dishes so they will forget the expulsed in a sluggish heartbeat.
6. Keep new members clueless about shul history--this is tricky but doable. Start your tale bearing early being careful not to tangle your web. Usually works well until the new members themselves become dissenters. When this happens you'll know it's time to...
7. Purge again. I've heard one congregant refer to the 5 to 7 year cycle as the Rabbi's Schmatta Year (i.e. get rid of the rags so I can rest awhile then start over).
8.Get your children involved. If you are cunning enough to manage 3 to 5 cycles, some of your many children will be adults who, along with their spouses, can be strategically placed around the neighborhood in their own shuls (which may or may not be sanctioned by Chabad). make sure they start having lots of babies.

No worries from this point forward. You'll have a thrice daily minyan with just your sons and sons-in-law, the shul building will be yours with the blessings of those vulnerable neshamas, and all those with evil thoughts of helping a modern orthodox community grow will have moved on. You won't need to solicit new members--a few with money will suffice to keep the building form crumbling.

Mazal Tov!
You do the Rebbe proud


What is going on here? A Korean Church should not have been allowed to purchase this Holy property. I think everyone has gone mad!


Jews fighting with Jews. In poor taste and unwanted!


I read this site every day and I comment once in a while.

I investigated this story and Shmarya did not investigate this properly.

Rabbi Lipszyc of the Chabad did NOT receive any monies or a Torah. A different shul which is not Chabad was named beneficiary by the judge.

It is unfortunate that everything is blamed on Chabad when it seems it was not teh case.


Frankel Shul on President and Utica.

Kool Abe

The Rebbe alreday *owns everything, that is why they call him Koneh Hakol in the shmoneh esrei.
So no one can "steal" anything for Him

Yochanan Lavie

What difference does it make if it becomes a church or a Chabad center? In both places, a dead Jew is worshiped as the messiah.

Chris D

If the goal of this "rabbi" was to make money, he succeeded. If the goal was to bring people closer to yiddishkayt, he failed miserably. I am not jealous of his "Oilam Habo."


Even Shmarya's personal mental instability, as seen firsthand by many who knew him from his time in Israel and the US before he became the failed one, was eventually swallowed up in the "be quiet for the sake of smearing Chabad" mantra.

Posted by: Shmarya is A Piece of Garbage | January 03, 2013 at 10:19 AM


You forgot to take your little blue pills again, Schmendrik.

Take two. Lots of water. You'll feel better soon.

Shmarya is A Piece of Garbage

Even Shmarya's personal mental instability, as seen firsthand by many who knew him from his time in Israel and the US before he became the failed one, was eventually swallowed up in the "be quiet for the sake of smearing Chabad" mantra.


@be logical
How dare you refer to Rabbi Appleman as a "goon" and a "bum". Then again, what else could be expected from someone who practices Nibul Peh (re: "he did all this s**t for $$$$$")?
Firstly, the good rabbi has taken many Jews - both young and old - under his wing and taught them Yiddishkeit at no charge. He did this in his spare time and subsequently had little time left for himself. (I remember how he would squeeze as much study into the day as possible, learning the Daf Yomi at HANC during lunch hour.) Also, Rabbi Appleman spent many thousands of dollars - his own money - to keep his synagogue afloat these many years. He is a true example of Mesirat Nefesh.
Secondly, the RCA has no jurisdiction over the sale of privately-owned property.
I can still see Sol's face beaming with pride as he replayed Shiurim and Yahrzeit lectures of his teacher Rabbi Soloveitchik, a"h.
Dear Rabbi Appleman: Don't let the Lubavitchers get you down. The Emes is with you. Kushta Ka'ei, Shikra La Ka'ei!

Garnel Ironheart

For people who don't believe in evolution, they sure believe in Darwin's survival of the fittest.

be logical

The RCA was beyond nice to the Appleman goon that they let him resign and didn't kick his ass out.
He sells a shul to a church and says the RCA did not side with him.
Why. he did all this shit for $$$$$
I can't believe that you, as bad as you are, would side with this Bum.

Yochanan Lavie

They have stolen one shul in my town and have tried to steal the other (mine).

Eli, what me messiah?

APC, I've seen the same. Their playbook is consistent. They set up shop walking distance from an orthodox shul, in whatever storefront they can get cheap, and fill it with posters of the rebbe (or wide screen TV displays these days) and offers of Shabbat dinners with cheap vodka. Their goal in this is not to spread Judaism but their cult of the rebbe.
It's so transparent I didn't think they even bothered any longer to adopt the ruse of spreading Judaism. To Chabad's credit they do continue this side as well, in truly far flung places of the planet, although even there you sometimes have to wonder whether they are extending Judaism or trying to supplant a local community.


I have known Rabbi Sol Appleman for over two decades. He is a fine, upstanding man and a Talmid Chacham. In fact, he finished Shas years ago (how many Lubav fakers have actually done that?).
As for selling the building to a Korean church: If my fellow Jews wanted to screw me over and pay me a tenth of the building's value, I'd do the same thing.
Here's my question: Where can Sol go now? He's not an Agudist. He certainly won't go to the Iggud HaRabbonim (an unofficial Lubav group). Avi Weiss is too much to the left, and the Agudas HaRabbonim is basically a paper organization. Maybe he should join the Young Israel rabbinical organization. Then again, anyone with brains knows to stear clear of Pesach Lerner.


As a long time Long Islander and as someone who has known of the Appleman synagogue since the 1970s i side with Applemans.

I don't know them personally but anyone growing up on Long Island in those days and was Orthodox would know there story.

Sol's father built the synagogue not with the help of balabatyim but on his own.

I remember that the synagogue although orthodox was primarily a synagogue that non orthodox Jews would join for lifestyle events.
I.e. Bar and bat mitzvahs. The appelmans would impart yiddishkeit to these kids and prepare them for bar and bat mitzvahs.they would pay dues for the years they were involved amd for classes. All the better if they chose the synagogues caterer. And it is true that people who connected with Judaism via theApplemans did become frum.

The Appelmans institution provided a very needed service on Long Island years ago. It is a shame that other orthodox Jews tried to screw them over for money.


The Rabbi was wrong in selling a shul to a church, Shame on him


this is EXACTLY the kind of thing i wrote about a couple of days ago here..


on another note, the BUSINESS of spreading messianism -chabads only real goal- is so transparently obvious. my 3 kids are in college at 2 different schools. both schools had thriving and active hillels and many options for varied jewish religious levels. despite this, chabad opened centers there. yet theres another university not too far from one of these schools that has many jewish students and no hillel. that school is less prestigious than my kids' school which is why chabad ignores it. if chabad was about spreading judaism, they would be at the schools with no hillels, but instead they choose to compete with the hillels at schools where they anticipate they can accrue future big donors. in the process, they are weakening hillel, which is just what they want.....Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | December 31, 2012 at 01:19 PM

but if your claimed purpose is to bring yiddishkeit where this is NONE, then competition is evidence of there having being no need for you to begin with. its really simple.

GOAL: spread judaism where there is none.

ACTION: go to locations where there are unserved jews.


GOAL: spread meshichism


they do the same thing in jewish communities. there are scores of shuls in the five towns and yet they came there. there are 4 or 5 shuls in west hempstead and they stuck their noses there. there are shuls of every denomination in merrick, but they came there. same for many areas in new jersey. why? to spread meshichism of course.

Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | December 31, 2012 at 03:03 PM

chabad is a disgusting and vile organization now that their mission is taking over judaism to spread meshichism by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


Don't think you can sell a shule to a church.

simple jew


Change the word chabad to aish hatorah and none of you would have a problem with this story.

The bottom line is that it sounds like this shul was dying for decades and struggling to stay alive.

Even rabbbi applebaum moved out .

Too bad korean church got it.



all over the world

This happens everywhere. In Australia it has happened in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and more recently in Perth.


to Rare VIEW this is nonesense - the non-lubav left Crown Heights in the 60s and eventually these shuls became chabad by default as nobody else left.

Posted by: motti | January 02, 2013 at 06:40 PM

That isn't completely true.

Some left and Chabad did get some buildings that way.

Others were taken over by Chabad allegedly through use of trickery and through strong arm tactics.

Unfortunately, just like the OU covered up for Rabbi Baruch Lanner because his Kiruv was good, a lot of hasidic rebbes and haredi rabbis chose to 'ignore' Chabad's shul and mikva thefts because Chabad's outreach work was so good.

A lot of Chabad transgressions in those years were passed by that way.

Even the Rebbe's times of personal mental instability, as seen firsthand by several Litvish and hasidic rabbis who knew him from his time in the US before he became rebbe, was eventually swallowed up in the "be quiet for the sake of the outreach" mantra.

In the end, the history you heard was the history told by Chabad.

And as any academic historian will tell you, Chabad histories cannot be relied on.


to Rare VIEW this is nonesense - the non-lubav left Crown Heights in the 60s and eventually these shuls became chabad by default as nobody else left.



1- beware when chabad approaches you .

2- beware when you see chabad as members of any kind of board that is not chabad .
they are spies . they are there to take over any slight chance happens to open .

every one has to see chabad as dangerous .


Read this by a Modern Orthodox rabbi named Ilan Feldman. For those of you who are observant, it articulates a beautiful vision of Judaism.



i believe rabbi appelman 100% .
chabad rabbis are evil and aggressive .
they settle and take over as easy as 1, 2, 3 conservative and small orthodox shuls EVERYWHERE .

chabad offers are very tempting .

no membership fees . IT'S FREE .
not only that, they serve sumptuous hot buffet , HUGE table of dessert included AND VODKA GALORE after the services .
all that FOR FREE . wow !

you wonder, what's going on ? who pays for that ? $ 5.000 to 10.000 worth of food every shabbat . PLUS , they organize motzei shabbat an entertaining party WITH PLENTY OF FOOD for free . ppl are attracted and join . they leave their shul , bc their shuls DO NOT DEAL DRUGS on a massive scale to afford throwing lavish FREE parties .

same scenario on college campuses .

chabad settles on college campuses to take over hillel . that's their goal .

chabad have no business being on college campuses . chabad is a sect , they cannot identify themselves with reg NON CHASSIDIC
students . chabad should serve STUDENTS OF THEIR OWN KIND , the CHASSIDIC LUBAVITCH STUDENTS and chabad should STAY AWAY from normal , honest SECULAR jewish students .

what kind of game is chabad playing preying on secular college students they have NOTHING TO DO WITH ?

why don't they serve their own kind ?

chabad do NOT BELONG to SECULAR college campuses . chabad have NO BUSINESS on secular college campuses .

someone should get them out , stating they are a sect , { just like hare krishna , or the moon christian sect that were banned from college campuses } , and the college students do not identify themselves to them , have nothing to do with them, bc college students are reg jewish students .

Rare View

This is nothing new... the Chabadnicks did the same in Crown Heights.....
Lubavitch never even built a mikvah in Crown Heights, they waited like sharks in the water for their prey, and then snatched the shuls and the mikvas for nothing...
the following are shuls in Crown Heights that I know of, that they snatched:
Choveie Torah on Eastern Parkway
Agudath Israel on Crown Street

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