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January 11, 2013


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Rabbi Burg was asked to leave as a result of his mishandling of the JSU public school club fiasco.

Moshe Levy

During the Lanner disaster, the OU's then-Senior Vice President, Rabbi Pinchus "Pinky" Stopler remarked that " . . Lanner had brought literally hundreds of Jewish girls closer to the Torah, and "only" 6 had filed charges against him."

"Uncle Pinky" retired several months later.


Why did berg leave the ou ?


Is there anything good left in Judaism and those that claim to follow it?

OTD with ADD but no STD

One reason I accept the KAJ hecksher without question was their willingness to walk away from the Rubashkin contract

Posted by: Larry Lennhoff | January 11, 2013 at 12:16 PM

You and your wife did not walk away from Leib Tropper even when you knew he was extorting and abusing converts.

May be it had something to do with the work your wife was doing for the EJF.


No idea where Katz is from. I do remember seeing meat tags from his shechita that were out of date by 6 months.

HArvey Blitz is considered to be very knowledgable in his position as head of the Kashru Commission. The Kashrus staffers like working with him.


Long wave

Did Kaytz come from Chicago originally.

spacedout BT

You have to give the Lubavitcher Rebbe a"h credit when he said a community (Satmar) where individuals have free rein to commit acts of violence cannot be trusted for its kashrus. This was in response to an incident when R. Korff was ambushed by "kanayim" on the way to give a Tanya shiur in Wmsburg 1975 and suffered one half of his beard cut off- Nazi style.. For a while there was an effective boycott of Meal Mart and Golden Flow products in Crown Heights.




OU's and RCA's actions are vile and disgraceful, just like those of the Satmars. Shame on them. All of this does is alienate most Jews from orthodoxy.


The Kashrus Division has little to do with the rest of the organization. Genack and Elefant report to no one.

The 'lay leaders' that are on the Kashrus commision are given reports, but can do little to change policy. They can yell and scream all they want, but as long as Genack calls the shots and Elefant has the cash register AND they fund the rest of the organization (You really thought that NCSY made money??) then Steve Katz has very little power.

Funny that Steve Katz (pronounced KAY'tz)should change his name to a Hebrew one. When he dabbled in veal a few years ago, he tried to take over the market with Sam Brach and declare everyone elses shechita to be treif.

Outcast Yid

I was suprised to read that Rabbi Burg left, but think he will do well in his new post. He is an extremely competent, accessible, and likeable person.

Burg has been a protege of Rabbi Weil's for a long time, both in Los Angeles and, before that, in Detroit. They go back almost 20 years.

Around L.A., rumors are flying that Weil has his eye on the yet-to-be-filled rabbinic position at Young Israel of North Beverly Hills. Just a mile or so north (which, in Beverly Hills, means wealthier) than his former congregation, Beth Jacob, it seems like an ideal post for a superstar in his late 40s.


Posted by: Larry Lennhoff | January 11, 2013 at 12:16 PM

KAJ presided over the Rubashkin scandal. It covered for Rubashkin and endorsed as kosher the worst examples of slaughterhouse animal cruelty in a century, horrific violations of Humane Slaughter Law.

KAJ pulled out years later, after its head supervisor there left and was replaced by someone a bit more honest.

But make no mistake about it. Rabbi Gelley helped Rubashkin cover up and Rabbi Gelley presided over the abuse.

And this doesn't even begin to touch on the abuse of workers the KAJ saw in that plant but never reported to government authorities or tried in any way to stop.

You're heaping praise on people who deserve none.

Larry Lennhoff

Imagine a scenario where the OU suddenly did not appear on many meat and wine products, for example, because those products Satmar-controlled and Satmar-linked co-kosher supervisors forced the OU out.

Now what would that do for OU Kosher's image in the Orthodox community?

Speaking purely for myself, such a result with improve the OU's image greatly. It would show they put kids before profits, a test they have failed in the past.

One reason I accept the KAJ hecksher without question was their willingness to walk away from the Rubashkin contract when the head mashgiach wouldn't let them look where they wanted to. That decision must have had financial consequences, but they did the right thing.

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