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January 21, 2013


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Yurtur Binsonfire

Scotty boy,
Drop dead, you fucking maggot

FM Fan

Wolpe is a legend in his own mind.

He was famously and publicly told off by the Rebbe years and years ago and lost a lot of his luster.

To say he is one of the most popular Chabad rabbi is just shoddy journalism.


Chabad ordained rabbi, talmid hacham and genius.

That being said, I'm still not voting Habait Hayehudi. But there is some weight to be given to his endorsement. If he wasn't Chabad, a meshichist, and a guy who deviated from what the Rebbe told him (by quoting the very words the Rebbe used to set him straight on an issue of PR) he'd easily be counted among the gedolei ha-dor. I know this is hard for people to understand, but he is a man of intense capacity and a great wealth of knowledge.


This is someone who was warned by the rebbe more than once that continuing in his messianic campaigns would be "War against me personally and generally [or Bikhlal ubifrat]" And he knowingly continued...

Yosef ben Matitya

imagine, a potz from the depth of chabad trash bin.


There is a long article on Naftali Bennett in the current issue of the "New Yorker Magazine". In it, he supports termination of US aid to Israel ($3 billion or more in defense aid), so that Israel would not be subject to US pressures. That is one thing I agree with him on. There are too many people hurting in this country. The money should stay at home. If God gave the land of Israel to Abraham, then let God look after it.

Bennett is not merely some crackpot politician on the fringe of Israeli politics. He is a multi-millionaire computer software developer who is quite popular with the settlers and many religious, as well as with some business people. His religious nationalist party will probably come in third in tomorrow's elections. His goals include annexing a large part of the West Bank (Area C) and turning the rest of the West Bank (Areas A and B) into two Palestinian areas with limited self-government and connected by a special road. These policies will make Israel even more isolated from the rest of the world than it is now. He also wants Egypt to annex Gaza.

His other goals include getting the Haredi to serve in the military and getting them off welfare. Good luck!

As Israel moves to the hard right and has more in common with Glenn Beck than with Bill Clinton, it will continue to lose support in the US.

contra  apion

the rebbe instructed is grannatically incorrect. looking at his "high chair" with spiritual insite of a 5 year old, already brainwashed chabad child you would know the rebbe tells his followers what to do[present tense].Like yoshua he is alive hurrahand hozanna.

contra  apion

grannatically is an even hiher form of grammat as n comes after m , i think? gosh it must be the heat making my head spin and write such trash.


Posted by: Rocky | January 21, 2013 at 09:32 AM

Bennett does NOT want to make haredi serve in the military and has been very open about that, using it to pander to the 20% or so of haredim who vote for non-haredi parties.


SR said: "Bennett does NOT want to make haredi serve in the military."

My mistake. I confused Bennett's party with another nationalist party that DOES support drafting Haredi, "Yisrael Beiteinu". There are 34 political parties running for knesset seats in Israel's election tomorrow.

Russian PhD

It is well known that King-Moshiach Menachem M Schneerson and Führer Meir D Kanane hated each another.

It is well understood why. Charismatic Schneerson could not be satisfacted by the role of puppet “King of Israel”, like Victor Emmanuel III under the Duce Mussolini, and devoted Main Kampf follower Kahane, same as Uncle Adolf, could not tolerate even figurehead Kaiser above him.

But how, to the hell, Chabad Mashihists and Kahanists become now so good friends?

Alter Kocker

Scotty boy,
Drop dead, you fucking maggot

Posted by: Yurtur Binsonfire | January 21, 2013 at 06:18 AM

Thank you for your insightful and deeply analytical response. All of us that frequent this site are overwhelmed by your incredible intellect and command of the English langugage. (sarcasm off)

Up yours too!

Moshe in Israel

Simply put, I'll be voting for HaBayit HaYehudi.

A Yid

I'm surprised Shmarya is not complaining that Rabbi Wolpo's letter concludes with blessings to those who will listen to his instructions and vote for Bait Yehudi

Office of the Chief Rabbi

I give credit to anyone who writes "the late Rebbe ZT"L."

There too little of the McCoy honesty of "He's dead, Jim."

Yosef ben Matitya

hilariously funny the bar minan (y'sh) writes his name in yiddish using the letter ayin for segol.
the result in hebrew is read as 'dov ba'ar' or 'an ignoramus bear'.

steven k

wolpe a genius?.nice joke
the guy is a nutcase

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