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January 08, 2013


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It's not true that all other Jewish citizens serve in the IDF. Religious women have an automatic exemption on the grounds of modesty, but many non-religious women lie to claim the exemption, think of a famous model. Furthermore, thousands of left-wing youth, in the style of North Tel Aviv, use pretexts to get out of serving. In short, of all able-bodied Jews of conscription age who don't serve the charedim are a minority. And there are thousands of chareidim who do serve, and many more who want to but can't enlist. In short the picture is more more nuanced than this black and white presentation. And in any case the army does not need every conscriptable person. Think about it, the population is growing, but the land area remains the same. The best thing would be a professional army, with economic benefits to those who serve. Everyone else should be left in peace. Because as long as the Arabs are not drafted there will never be an equal sharing of the burden. Much more important than this issue is equal law enforcement and tax collection.

Steven W

@ Sidney

And Bill Kristol should lead the pack.


Rocky - Plenty of secular Israelis are leaving the country, but Orthodox Jews (not all of them Hareidi) keep making Aliya. So do Russian non-Jews and non-Jews from other countries. The rate of those making Aliya is not enough to make up for those leaving. But the country is not going to empty en-masse very quickly. Most people are attached to where they live as long as they can scrape by financially and are not being killed every day.

Leaving and starting anew elsewhere is very difficult and mostly the young do the moving. But the young secular Israelis are serving in the army (by law) and by the time they are done with their mandatory army service, they need a vacation to recouperate. But more importantly, after investing in the country with their mandatory army service and being indoctrinated with the values of SERVING their country, they're not moving away so quickly.

Secular Israelis also have to serve on reserve duty every year (after their regular army service) and they get major penalties if they skip their reserve duty even if they are in school abroad or living abroad. Israel is in effect forcing many of them to stay because people don't want to give up their citizenship, or be penalized thousands of dollars or arrested when they revist Israel to visit family later on down the line. Not many people want to leave and NEVER return to visit. Until it gets THAT bad, most seculars are staying because leaving is difficult.

Because not enough secular Israelis will leave, there WILL be a civil war. It may take LESS than 50 years for the civil war to happen, but it will certainly happen BY the 50th year from now.

I should have been a little more specific in my prophecy, however, I'm getting a lot of static in prophecy reception these days due to polution and a large concentration of greenhouse gasses interfering with prophecy receptions from outer space. It's been getting worse every since the year 121-BC. That's why there have been a shortage of prophets since then - it's just real hard to keep the business model going when you have such poor reception and can't make up-to-the-minute and real-time prophecies.

So, I stick by my prophecy, but will clarify that the civil war in Israel will occur BY 50 years from now. (Please update those history books to reflect this clarification).

By 50 years there will be 2 additional generations of Hareidim birthing babies at a frenzied pace, while not working, serving, or contributing to the country in any tangible way. It may happen sooner, but my prophecy conveniently includes that! :)

David - I don't think it will happen in 5 years because in "real" civil war, there are deaths, and Israelis aren't going to literally kill each other THAT fast unless they are REALLY desperate. Especially while they have a common enemy they are almost always fighting. It may take more for Israel to break into civil war than it would for other countries to. But it will happen BY 50 years from now.

Clarification of this prophecy has been brought to you by "Abracadabra." Please inform the history books.


For every shekel that has to be spent making the army Haredi-friendly that is one shekel that should be removed from stipends to Haredi Yeshivas. Maybe then they will realize that they can follow halakhah and not nonsense.


I think this will happen in about 50 years or so.

Posted by: Abracadabra | January 08, 2013 at 07:21 PM

You must be an optimist. At the current rate of the charedi parasitism and political take over, it could happen in 5 years.

Jewish Israelis will increasingly ask why should they work to support these parasites and do their fighting.


Abracadabra: Many skilled secular Jews may just leave Israel in the coming years. So there may not be a civil war. Just a collapse of the economy and a takeover by the Arabs or a nuclear war. Israel's proportional representation system (patterned after Weimar Germany) for choosing Knesset members will act like a poison pill for the country's future. There are too many political parties and the religious have too much influence given their willingness to trade political support for benefits.

Given the young age at which Haredi marry, it may not even take 50 years for doomsday to arrive.


There is going to be a civil war, it's just a question of WHEN. Will it be in the next 20 years, while things get steadily worse? Or will it be in 30-50 years, when things become unbearable for non-Hareidi Israelis?

Israel will self-destruct from within.

If Netanyahu will still be alive when the civil war happens, he will shrug and say "Sorry, I didn't think this would happen" just like he did after giving the Palestinians weapons and military training. He said the Palestinians would never use their weapons or military training on Israelis. He was wrong. He shrugged it off and still gets voted in as Prime Minister. How? Because his cronies in government keep voting him in, and because Israel has no Constitution, and no seperation between it's Legislature, Executive and Judiciary branches of government. It also has no real laws about how many times or for how many years a Prime Minister can be voted in or out of office. Israeli politics are a joke.

Politicians only care about the politics of the moment. It is up to the PEOPLE who vote for those politicians to DEMAND change that will save the country TOMORROW. Until the Israeli public demands change, demands a government with independent Judiciary, Executive and Legistative branches, demands a real, living, breathing Constitution, and demands a seperation of church and state, nothing will change. The system of government they have leads to corruption, and runs on corruption. The Israeli public needs to vote FOR thier representatives DIRECTLY (and NOT for for a party!) and get laws in place that will represent the will of the people, not the will of the corrupt career politician of the day.

The Israeli public needs to storm the Knesset and demand seperation of church and state. The Hareidi claim that ONLY their learning and religiosity in the State of Israel legitimizes the State being a "valid" Jewish State is hogwash. The State of Israel is legitimate because it exists, period.

There will be a civil war long before any Arab country destroys Israel. And the civil war will cause miriads of secular Israelis to leave Israel and never return. And then Israel will turn into Hareidiland, and then Hareidim will cry that there is no one trained in the army to defend it, and no one working to support it. They will go to Kotel and daven that Hashem send them the 3rd Beis Hamikdash from the sky in a ring of fire. Their "Gedolim" will say they should learn more Torah and that will protect them. And that is how Israel will self-destruct from within. I think this will happen in about 50 years or so.

This prophecy has been brought to you by "Abracadabra." Let the history books know.

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to the Ramones (Blitzkrieg Bop):

Oy vey, let's flee (4x)

They're queuing in a straight line
They're going to an airplane
The Yids won't pay a big fine
The Blackhat Bop

They're piling in the plane seats
They're making a big retreat
Their airline food has glatt meat
The Blackhat Bop

Oy vey, they flee, door, don't hit 'em in the back, nu.
What they want, no army
They're all pissed off, that's fine with me

They're queuing in a straight line
They're going to an airplane
The Yids won't pay a big fine
The Blackhat Bop

They're piling in the plane seats
They're making a big retreat
Their airline food has glatt meat
The Blackhat Bop

Oy vey, they flee, door, don't hit 'em in the back, nu.
What they want, no army
They're all pissed off, that's fine with me

They're forming in straight line
They're going through a tight wind
The kids are losing their minds
The Blitzkrieg Bop

They're queuing in a straight line
They're going to an airplane
The Yids won't pay a big fine
The Blackhat Bop



Let the hardeim foot the bill then

Netanyahu. is caving in sadly.


If the Israeli government doesn't bite the bullet and do the difficult thing now this problem will be infinitely more difficult to address in the future.


Bibi for bankruptcy.


They either join the same military as everyone else or they should be made to do some other type of work which is harder, more unpleasant and of much longer duration than military service would be.

Alternatively, relieve them from their obligation of service but also remove their welfare and other payments, and if necessary, remove their children into State care and make sure they are educated.


Suck it up and deal! The world is full of both women and non-Haredim. Get used to it and get over yourselves!


Sarek, they'll just throw rocks at the women like they do now

Garnel Ironheart

Again, simple solution:
Here's the army. You come and serve, you get to work afterwards or you can qualify for welfare while you sit and learn.
If that's not good enough for you, go ahead and learn but don't expect a single agorah from us.


This is the best reason to never give a penny of support to Israel. As long as Netanyahu supports the parasites and law breakers, the country will keep marching toward failure.


If the haredim have their own units and their own bases, will they fight in their own separate wars? What if there is to be a battle on Shabbat or a holiday? What if the attacking forces include women? OK, that's unlikely from an Arab army, but I wonder if an enemy did send a wave of women, if a haredi unit would flee rather than look upon them?


Netanyahu Government Tells High Court It Doesn’t Want To Draft Haredim Because It Costs The IDF Too Much Money Due To Haredi Gender Segregation

Forget the cost! We need Haredim in the military! Their presence will assure victory and that is all that matters.

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