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January 21, 2013


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As a former Sayeret Matkal commando I reckon he can handle an attack by a few lousy haredim.


there should be a simple solution in Israel. if one doesn't serve in the army one cannot vote. it will solve all issues overnight...all of a sudden serving will be encouraged by all of the clowns.
it actually pains me for a rabbi to call other yidden goyim it is so sick and ridiculous. these are rabbi's? or bigots?


mothers are crying at night!”

just like what almost every mother does when their child is drafted

are they so brainwashed that they think other mothers do not care if their child get blown up in a war


What exactly Haredim attacking Bennet has to do with freedom of speech for Palestinians or Arabs?
Is it more likely that Kafantaris and jerryny believe that Bennet is Palestinian Arab or that they are complete idiots?

Yochanan Lavie

Oh great! Now, in addition to chareidi trolls, we have "anti-Zionist" trolls. (They have every right to post here, and I have every right to give my opinion of them, too.)


Lets see a bunch of Arabs are arrested for throwing snowballs at Haredi men but Haredis riot at the Kotel and there is no mention of any arrests. Why am I not surprised. Imagine if you would that these were Arabs attacking Bennett, there would have been mass arrests and probably shooting of the protesters.


The Haredim must be colluding to get Bennet elected!


>> attacked by Haredim at western wall

time for some more draft notices to go out!


Israel continues to trample on freedom of speech for the Palestinians -- particularly when it disagrees with them.
Yet this is when freedom of speech needs protection. Palestinians need no protection when Israel agrees with them as Israel has no need to shut them up then. Why would it?
Freedom of speech only comes into play when the government disagrees with us. At all other times it stays dormant.

Lubavitchers Are Christians

Haredim screamed "take off your kippa, you are not Jewish," "garbage," and slurs Israeli news websites refused to print at Bennett, apparently because his party wants haredim who are not studying in yeshiva to serve in the military or do national service .

I wasn't there, but I've read enough over the past few weeks, and I keep myself quite informed, to know that haredim's issue with Benett has nothing to do with army service. It is only about allowing non-halakhic marriage in Israel.

In fact, many haredim were voting for Benett's party, until the last week when one of the candidates on his party list publically called for allowing non-halakhic marriages in Israel. Benett has been mum on the issue ever since.

Shmarya, why do you write "apparently because of army service" - do you have any inside info that is not publically available? Unless you do, the articles I've read appear to contradict you.

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