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January 29, 2013


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Ottisvilles greatest hits volume 1.


I'm pretty sure having MBD sing for Rubashkin was part of his punishment...


Dear Russian phd


иди к черту


dear russian phd like shimi said if you have nothing smart to say then SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

different dave

I guess to have no comment on the wife beating issue go drink some more

Russian PhD

Alcoholism prevalence in Russia and Eastern Europe is thanks to moralises behaviour of some Jews that I think were pretty similar by today’s Frumma. Sale of alcohol beverages and maintaining of consumption centres were one of primary Jewish businesses in Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Same as money laundering, fraud, and abuse of welfare is primary business of today’s Frumma.
Western European governments never gave monopoly on alcohol (pretty dangerous substance) to somebody that do not see themselves as a part of society and have zero respect to others-as a result they have much less serious history of alcohol abuse.
After being systematically poisoned by alcohol by these moralises Jews, Russian Nation still produced great scholars and thinkers, and did NOT develop, unlike Western Europe, mass Anti-Semitism.
At least one of Frumma cults, Chabad, has heavy alcohol consumption as one of the cult fundamental rituals and ways of life.
So, look at yourself before you blame somebody else.


it must be the circus at ottisville chabad/ lubavitch yeshiva . the staff must be fed up with chabad craziness .
i don't think they enjoy their entertainment . it's not their cup of tea .

what nerve to set up a simha in a jail .

was vodka served ?

different dave

rooskiebastardPHD all Russians are vodka drinking wife beating degenerates there I said it ,suck on that you communist bag of shit go overdose on your vodka and do us all a favor

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

++...Frumma Education is based on learning, Halakah, Torah, Mishna and Gmara...++

Then why are most frumma so utterly ignorant of basic Torah principles, particularly regarding basic manners and civility? And most seem pretty ignorant even about religious ritual, despite their alleged full-time Torah study. The Ten Commandments don't even seem to apply to the frumma.

And how does spending all day memorizing useless trivia about animal sacrifices from 2500 years ago help you earn a living and to support a family? I can see learning these ancient tidbits for a period of time while you are still youthful and single, but at some point there needs to be some useful education.

The natural result is a frumma ghetto full of liars, cheaters, perverts, and thieves.

Russian PhD 6:23, your statement is a perfect summary of the frumma education system.

Russian PhD

Apple Juice,
I am Jewish, former Frumma, and even had an opportunity to learn. And I have to say that Halakah is immoral. In Halakah, human beings HAVE DIFFERENT LEGAL STATUS AND DIFFERENTLY PROTECTED (IF AT ALL) BY LAW. And I am not even speaking about the differences between Jews and non-Jews. Do you know that according to the Halakah rape of poor (Jewish!) girl from low social class by rich and important man is punishable less than the ice versa? Just one good example. May be this is a reason that some Frumma cannot understand how can you send to prison rich and important Rabbi for abusing meaningless “Frechah”


It is time for President Obama to pardon this good man.

Russian PhD

@Apple Juice: Wrong, Frumma Education is based on learning, Halakah, Torah, Mishna and Gmara.
How can you exactly support family with seven children IN AVERAGE (a result of family planning prohibition) with knowledge limited mostly or only to, Halakah, Torah, Mishna and Gmara?
Does Frumma educators says that general (not halacticall) rules and norms are created by people and for people-to make better human society? No, they say that these norms and rules are meaningless from ethical pointy of view and created by abusive goish “pritz” to torture fellow Jews that you must follow only not to be caught for not following.

Apple Juice

@Russian PhD
'Frumma education is based on draconic limitation of general knowledge and transferable skills'

Wrong, Frumma Education is based on learning, Halakah, Torah, Mishna and Gmara.

@Russian PhD
Russians have: 'zero respect to everybody who outside of the Ghetto and no admirations at all to non-halacticall legal and moral norms. This Upbringing 'education naturally creates thieves and frauders'

Russian PhD

Apple Juice,

Frumma education is based on draconic limitation of general knowledge and transferable skills, zero respect to everybody who outside of the Ghetto, and no admirations at all to non-halacticall legal and moral norms. This education naturally creates thieves and frauders.

Russian PhD


Not that I dissociated myself from Brighton Beach-I just never lived there and even if I will ever live there-I am not local community oriented type. I am resident of the Universe and it does not really matter where my bed is currently located. However, I have nothing against BB and its residents, absolute majority of them have nothing to do with “Russian Mob” or “Mafia”.

Apple Juice

@Russian PhD

'For me every Frumma i thief and tax frauder until he proves the opposite.'ot

I was in Brighton Beach once in my life about 7 years ago. I did there some shoping-does it connect me to Russian Mafia?

Response to Russian PhD:
I've met tons of FRUMMA, and most of them are NOT thief and tax frauder and work hard for a living, what does it have to do with every Frumma?.

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

The head of NAMBLA is none other than both the Satmar Rebbes.

Their positions on pedophilia are identical to NAMBLA's.

I am sure that NAMBLA will be honoring their leadership at the next annual convention.

Questions for you frumma trolls:

How many in the black hat+beard world have said anything against the hasidic penis sucking ritual, also known as metzizah b'peh?
The answer is zero.

How many in the black hat+beard world receive government handouts that they signed up for by lying and cheating on the applications?
The answer is the vast majority.

How many in the black hat+beard world speak out against committing fraud, stealing, lying, and cheating?
The answer is zero.

Apple juice, please explain the relevance of your 5:44 posting. So you googled some info about the Russian mob. Kindly explain what this has to do with anything here. Our friend Russian PhD has already stated that he has nothing to do with the Brighton Beach crowd, and that he dissociates himself with anything of the sort.

Russian PhD

Apple Juice,

I was in Brighton Beach once in my life about 7 years ago. I did there some shoping-does it connect me to Russian Mafia?

Apple Juice

@Russian PhD
'Over the last 15 years, the Russian mob, based in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, has grown into an intimidating force - a lucrative international enterprise stretching from Moscow to Israel to Thailand to the United States, blending old-fashioned brutality with high-tech skills.'


And here:

"In North America alone there are now thirty Russian crime syndicates operating in at least seventeen U.S. cities, most notably New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver. The Russians have already pulled off the largest jewelry heist and insurance Medicare frauds in American history, with a net haul exceeding $1 billion. They have invaded North America's financial markets, orchestrating complex stock scams, allegedly laundering billions of dollars through the Bank of New York, and coolly infiltrating the business and real estate worlds.
"The Russians didn't come here to enjoy the American dream," New York state tax agent Roger Berger says glumly. "They came here to steal it." -From the Introduction From an award-winning investigative journalist comes an astonishing exposi of Russian organized crime, its growing power in the United States, and its terrifying implications for the rest of the world.

In the past decade, from Brighton Beach to Moscow, Toronto to Hong Kong, the Russian mob has become the world's fastest-growing criminal superpower. Trafficking in prostitutes, heroin, and missiles, the mafiya poses an enormous threat to global stability and safety. The black-market corruption of the Brezhnev era proved the perfect breeding ground for organized crime. Beginning in the 1970s, Soviet ?migr?s--including a large number of felons and murderers the USSR was happy to get rid of--began arriving in the United States and quickly established themselves as a major criminal force in New York, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. But it was the breakup of the Soviet Union that made the

Russian mob what it is today. In a weakened, impoverished Russia, it quickly became the dominant power. And it has now spread to every corner of the United States, infiltrating its banks and brokerage firms--and American law enforcement is just waking up to this enormous problem. No journalist in the world knows more about the Russian mob in America than Robert Friedman. At great risk to himself, he has made connections with a number of top criminals who have gone on record about their activities for the first time. The result of his discoveries is a revelation: the Red Mafiya is everywhere. The implications--for law enforcement, the economy, foreign policy, for the American people themselves--are staggering."


Russian PhD

I don’t care about your threatening. Fuck you and your beloved Ben-David-by the way did you soak to him? For me every Frumma i thief and tax frauder until he proves the opposite.

Russian PhD

To Hershy:
“Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong”-please take care about your own long and hooked nose
“Focus on your own community first”-not everybody are degenerates like you having all life focused in their own community and shtiblach and seeing others only as a subject to defraud them and to live on their account. I have nothing to do with Brighton Beach. My community is mankind.

Russian PhD

I guess for you every academic accreditation from Russia is invaluable. Well, difficult to argue with stupid and uneducated bigots. Did you ever hear names like Mendeleev, Pavlov, Kapitsa, Landau, Sakharov, Ginsburg (by the way, many of these names are Jewish, they are Real Jewish people that Real Jewish Nation should be proud of them-not like your pseudo-Jewish and pseudo-human Rebbelach)? They all also bought their diplomas? Well I guess you never hear these names. In you Yeshivah you get educated on how to defraud stupid gentiles and to parasite from their social services.


just wondering if mordechia ben davids son was aquitted or ever tried for the rape case in israel


different dave, can you comprehend the written word at ALL? WSC didn't say 'every' frum partakes in penis sucking and being a "crook." He said that is what the frum do best. So, now, if you understand, tell us who does it better?

pontis pilates

heshy you little prick.oooh you are so scarry.


Apple Juice - secular jew does not pass the muster he has to be a satmerer chussid:)

Apple Juice

Woolscotton, please stop promoting child pedophilia, we know the head of NAMBLA is a secular Jew.


Re: Deremes @ 01:02 PM:

It is true that many non-frum contributors to this blog talk dirty. But the frumsters act dirty and are dirty. Generally speaking, walking filth.

different dave

I pay no attention to people like woolsilkdipshit when he characterizes every frum person as a crook and a penis sucker do you also think of all African Americans as drug dealers and muggers or all Muslims as terrorists, every time you make a comment I just SMH


Have any of you noticed that each time the frum haters are bashing the frumma they must throw in profanity? and that is even from the educated ones.I suppose thats the norm in their world to talk dirty.
Yah,the frum torah learners steal,molest,rape bla bla bla

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

You frumma should stick with what you do best- sucking little boys' penises and committing fraud against the government.


i'm sure that as usual, the "truthseeking" shmaria is distorting the facts

Russian PhD, what makes u a tax expert? stick with your "valuable" Russian PhD and be quiet

Yochanan Lavie

Sarek: I'm probably older than you, so these songs were top 40's when I was growing up! Plus, I listen to stuff that's even before my time, such as Elvis Presley and Sinatra.

You are giving me a run for my money, though, as Mark points out.

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Russian PhD, I admire you for telling it like it is. You are a great man. Keep up the good work here!

Isn't MBD, or one of those other Chabad douchebag entertainers, the son of Manis Friedman, who we saw on the other thread yesterday?

Manis Friedman had his head up Rubashkin's ass throughout the trial in Iowa.

different dave

russianPHD do you have proof of such defamation against MBD if not he can sue you for libel so just to let you know speech isn't exactly free it could wind up costing you money



I suggest you start your own blog called " FailedBrightonBeach."

Dont stick your nose where it doesnt belong, focus on your own community first. How did you manage to get a PhD? How many no-fault accidents did you have to stage in order to bribe someone to give you a fake degree?


i am a HUGE johnny cash fan.
his songs are gems


YL, nice one. How do you keep finding appropriate oldies that even I don't know of? Must be because I had only AM Top 40 growing up, no FM stations.

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, Mark.

LV: That Cash album was gevaldig!

Lamed Vovnik

Johnny Cash gave a famous concert at Folsom Prison in the 70's, but that was for all the inmates, not just one. I understand they tried to get Johny Cash for the Rubashkin concert, but he had to decline on account of being dead (unlike the Rebbe).


A concert in jail? Why is this allowed?


Another winner, YL!

But, Sarak, do you propose to provide competition here?


and not one thought of the children who had to work in horrible UBER DANGEROUS conditions AND NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND SCHOOL INSTEAD OF WORKING...
not one thought of the women raped in the back...

they just don't care.
i don't understand.
and we jews are supposed to be compassionate people. omg


Well at least his 27 years will be a little more pleasant for him to bear,i am just wandering how come they allowed him mordechay to sing and be with him for over 2 hours.


I wonder if the general prison population has choirs singing for them. The Chabad idiots will scream anti-Semitism every chance they get. Anti-Semitism my ass.

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to: Sing for Your Supper by The Mamas & the Papas:

Sing for Rubashkin, and you'll get glatt meat;
Jailbirds always eat
If their appeal's sweet to hear.
Sing for your felon, and you'll get kiddish---
Whine with wine of choice
If there's not a woman's voice.

I heard from wise rabbi,
Shilling makes a felon willing;
So, little mohel, swallow now.
Now is the time to
Sing for Rubashkin and you'll get glatt meat.
Jailbirds are not dumb;
They eat Pas Yisroel bread,
It's sad...
So sing 'cause his girl is wed.

I heard from wise rabbi,
A shilling makes a lawyer willing;
So, little mohel, swallow now.
Now is time to sing for Rubashkin, and you'll get kiddish.
Jailbirds are not dumb;
They only eat Pas Yisroel bread,
It is sad...
So sing, and anger the Feds, so nu---
Just sing and anger the Feds.

Russian PhD

Dear Shimi, from two of us, you are more close to Putin-you are trying control other people what to say and when to say.

Go fuck yourself.


Dear russian phd if u have nothing to say then don't say anything Go visit Putin kakdila

Russian PhD

Feds should check MBD taxes and other financial issues. There is a good chance that MBD eligible for accomodation near to SMR. They will have than plenty of time to sing together.

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