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January 30, 2013


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"Great. He's endangering children's lives over something an imaginary being didn't even supposedly say."

Jeff, he is doing worse than that. He is adding to the Torah a ritual that it does not prescribe, in direct and flagrant violation of the ninth of Maimonides' thirteen Principles.


this entire practice doesn't seem kosher


Is it a surprised that the orthodox don't follow the laws of the countries they live in?....just add this law to the list of ones they ignore.

Harold F

The parents, the mohel or both?



Lets not forget all theese diehard moels and rabbis are from the neighborhood of dracula,remember dracula loved to suck blood,after all satmer is from dracula country romania.


To be clear here, Bloomberg isn't even demanding that metzitzah b’peh be banned. He's defending regulations that say that parents must sign a consent form first. Education may be evil to the Haredim, but that's all this is: a "hey here's what you're asking me to do, here are the risks, are you sure?" before the mohel continues with a disgusting and unsanitary procedure on a newborn. Naturally, these imbeciles are terrified that a few parents might think for themseleves.


“He’s the mayor of the biggest city in the world, but I’m not going to listen to him,” Cohn said, referring to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has strongly backed the new rules. “I have another mayor, the almighty, and I will do it his way.”

Great. He's endangering children's lives over something an imaginary being didn't even supposedly say.

Judaism has become too insane even to bother with any longer. I'm reminded of something my cousin said recently when I told him about kapparot (of which he'd never heard): "I'm so embarrassed to be a Jew."


Arrest them all and let CPS take the children. Children should be protected from unsanitary elective surgery. If any of those involved are receiving any form of public assistance it is the state's responsibility to to check on how that money is being spent.

Brother K


here's a photo of a holy man with a baby's penis in his mouth... he enjoys his work and is very good at it...


They answer to a higher authority. If they don't obey the law, arrest them, period.

Posted by: Harold F | January 30, 2013 at 03:14 PM

The parents, the mohel or both?

meir of nyc

Since when does halacha forbid informed consent?


Hershel klar is a part of the vaad hatznious in Williamsburg , he lives in the Bedford gardens subsidized government housing, he gets food stamps and Medicaid while having millions in the bank or in a gemach on other various names, he just cashed in a life insurance worth over $5 million when his grandfather rabbi simcha died , now this Hershel klar is the one that wants to set examples on how to live in Williamsburg when he is the biggest con man on earth, he is also fighting the mayors initiatives regarding metsitsa bepeh , that's why all this opposition is a colosial failure it's because of people like Hershel klar who only have one agenda and that is how to enrich them selfs on others, they have no yirash shomayim whatsovever


You would think that ...... they would acknowledge there is even a slight risk, and therefore abandon the practice.

Interesting point. If there's some small proscription in Torah that in terms of impact or importance or whatever measure you prefer is about the size of a postage stamp the rabbonim will build a halachic fence around it with a radius of a mile just so that none of the frum should even come close to violating the proscription; they will ban every practice that even slightly resembles that which is proscribed.

How come the same degree of caution and respect doesn't apply to the health of newborns? MPB has resulted in a small but significant number of herpes infections. Wouldn't it be appropriate to proscribe a practice which sometimes injures children, or does such caution only apply to matters of kashrut or tzniut?

No need to answer...


thanks vpp

Harold F

They answer to a higher authority. If they don't obey the law, arrest them, period.

Veain Potzeh Peh

Approved MBP Consent Form from DOHMH:


Joe Field

Could you tell me again what metzitzah b’peh is? I forgot.
Posted by: Al Zeimer | January 30, 2013 at 12:53 PM

Every day when you want to masturbate do you need to ask around which organ you need to play with?


Which biblical passage says we're not allowed to sign consent forms? Oh yeah, that's right... Haredim pull shit right out of their ass and call it canon.


can someone post a link to an approved consent form?


Alter Kocker: As disgusting as MBP is, it has not injured many baby boys in the Haredi community and it has killed even fewer. During the 19th century, the Jewish community in Europe grew from 1.5 million to 8.9 million in spite of more widespread use of MBP (more religious Jews living a traditional lifestyle), some intermarriage, poorer medical and sanitary conditions, emigration to the New World and periodic wars and pogroms. The Haredi have no natural enemies in the US or Canada and will continue to thrive like cockroaches for the foreseeable future.


Shmarya, I think you have a typo. You wrote "Mohels Say They Will Not Follow NYC Law..." - it should read: "Mohels Say They Will Now Follow...."

(The Other) Eli

I didn't realize metzitzah b'peh was biblical. Or are the rabbis who imposed this ritual considered almighty?
They should just ban this practice altogether.


Arrest the cock-sucking witch doctor!

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to: I Will Follow by U2:

I was just a mohel when he said
"Tell them," I don't agree
I was looking at the kid
He was blinded by herpes
A boy tries hard to be a man
His rabbi takes him by his hand
If he stops to think he starts to cry
Oy vey

If you schrei oy vey, schrei oy vey
I schrei oy vey
I will swallow

If you schrei oy vey, schrei oy vey
I schrei oy vey
I will swallow
I will swallow

I was in the synagogue
When they pulled the diaper down
I was looking at the baby
Pay the cost, I am profound


Frum lies make a circus
I see it when I vote, so there

Frum lies... 4x


I will swallow 4x


OK, they are free to ignore the Health Dept. ruling. They will also be free to be arrested. And I hope they are. (offer void in Brooklyn)


"Al Zeimer" - metzitzah b'peh is a rare malady where someone thinks he's clever by posting the same question time and time again on a forum. At first, doctors thought it was organic in nature, but eventually realized that those folks were just being moronic.

pontis pilates

mohels; these mohels are PRICKS. and brainless as well.


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Alter Kocker

Eventually, a mohel will show up with Hepatitis. It will spread like wildfire throughout the orthodox community. If they hold true to form, there will be very very few Ultra-Orthodox left within a generation or two.


It is clear that MBP poses a risk to infants. You would think that even if the Haredim did not believe medical experts, and what is universally accepted common standards of hygiene for all medical procedures, they would acknowledge there is even a slight risk, and therefore abandon the practice. The fact that they have not done so demonstrates a callous disregard for the possibility of causing harm, and therefore they are in gross violation of Jewish law, custom and practice.

You would think there would be a rabbi within the haredi community who would know what true leadership is and would understand the meaning of the term "tone-at-the-top," and publicly state that it was time to end this unsanitary practice.


Unfortunate that there is absolutely nobody wise enough who has the ear of the Establishment of the Ultras, who can simply explain the benefit of diplomacy. There is no harm in informed consent forms being signed, while there is extraordinarily bad public relations in refusal to follow the law. Imbecilic.


As i wrote many times before we are our own worst enemy ,theese allknowing rebbes are the biggest putzes in the universe.

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