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January 23, 2013


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"Aims To Force NY State To Make Private Religious Schools Take The Same Child Safety Measures Public Schools Must Take By Law"

The law was designed for the majority (as below) not for religious schools where there is a Negligible cases of this sort! read on:

“Here in the United States, where there is a reported rape every 6.2 minutes, and one in five women will be raped in her lifetime”

“though a rape is reported only every 6.2 minutes in this country, the estimated total is perhaps five times as high. Which means that there may be very nearly a rape a minute in the U.S. It all adds up to tens of millions of rape victims.”

“Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta estimated that there were 19,000 sexual assaults on fellow soldiers in 2010 alone and that the great majority of assailants got away with it”


By: Rebecca Solnit

Bas Melech

About time.


"The plaintiffs want private religious schools to educate students in abduction prevention,..."

What about teaching the students English, math and science?


I would like to see some of the ex-students of these charedi "schools" sue them for failing to give them an education appropriate for making them employable.


I just posted this over on VIN:

"The plaintiffs want private religious schools to educate students in abduction prevention, to fingerprint and run criminal background checks of all employees, and to report any and all child abuse that takes place in an educational setting – all things public schools are currently required by law to do."

I believe the reason Shelly avoided the private schools is because some of his constituency did not want "... criminal background checks of all employees and to report any and all child abuse that takes place in an educational setting..." mandated in their schools. Heck, look at the outpouring of outrage at the Markey bill, a bill designed to protect children but it never passed due to private school pressure.

When a community cares not for its children, its future is doomed. Sad. Luke.


Sheldon silver is a orthodox Jewish political slime bucket from the lower east side of Manhatten.

Well connected into the. Community.


he should have included Agudath Israel and the church the major forces who are opposed to finger printing and background checks in religious schools


Hooray for them!Whatcha gonna do now, Shelley?


Not to mention smoke detectors, fire alarm, fire sprinkler, emergency lighting and general compliance with building codes.

A. Nuran

How dare they!
Treating ehrliche yidden like everyone else is anti-Semitism! It's worse than the Nazis! Oy! Nebech in galus! We need Moshiach now!


Maybe this explains the ease and impunity with which not only Haredi pedophiles but also those of other religions have perpetrated their outrages all these years - there are no requirements that schools protect the kids. This is absolutely incredible to me; it says much, none of it good, about the kind of society the legislators of New York State envision for its children. To the extent that a society is judged on how it protects the poor, the young and the weak then New York State has to be considered at the bottom of the proverbial heap. I wonder how that statute is worded so as to exempt these religious schools? Anyone know?

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