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January 20, 2013


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A Yid

Here is a party that has some guts to stand up for what it believes in:
Environmentalists Won't Stop 'Choking Child' Shock Phone Calls
Israel's Green Party is refusing to halt its 'shock campaign,' in which a choking child is heard pleading for an end to air pollution
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By David Lev :

Account Deleted

Here is my blessings to all Charedim...May a holy cock be in your asses, and within your spirits, amen!


Just maybe Rubinstein, who is, after all, a judge on the Supreme Court, is more qualified to interpret the law than you and I are?

A. Nuran

Stick a fork in Israel. It's done

Mr. Nowhere

Do these blessings come with a waranty, or are they to be considered like campaign promises?


This is laughable. Does any of this really matter? Is this offer of a blessing for a vote really going to change anything, especially since the bearded wonder from Brooklyn is trying to bribe these same people not to vote at all? It's like a country within a country - Haredistan within Israel.

A Yid

A respected rabbi in Israel should publicly defy this law and dare the government to arrest him.
Also a PR campaign should be started exposing the true agenda of Hiddush exposing its leaders and sponsors for what they are people who are trying to use lawfare to suppress the right to practice our religion.
In every place Uri Regev speaks someone should get up and expose him for what he is.
Likewise people should contact Stanley Gold http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Gold and other major sponsors of Hiddush and ask them how is it that they have no shame supporting a modern day Yevsektzia in the land of Yisrael.

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