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January 22, 2013


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Afrumistan-I almost spit out my coffee.


They need their own nation where they can enforce their medieval rules. Call it Afrumistan.

A. Nuran

So don't vote. The fewer of them who vote the better of Israel will be.

Yochanan Lavie

I don't think they'd complain about an immodestly dressed pole dancer.

Alter Kocker

And what would these fucking idiots do if someone complained about their attitude, smell, incapacity to interact with anything other than their own cult? Would they run around screaming about anti-semitism? Probably.

Better yet, if the voting booth presents a problem, then don't vote. Stay home. Learn Toyreh. Slip the wife your kosher salami.

Jewish Cynic

"if that works i'd like to see women in pants standing by every charedi polling place"


I never thought I'd find myself hoping people would listen to a Satmar rebbe but I hope haredim listen to him now and DON'T VOTE!


the poor charedim just want to be left alone to dictate to everyone how they should live.

i hope the central elec comm. told them not to vote.they dont understand what a liberal democracy is , have no interest in its values which demand freedom of speech and expression and equal rights for all.

hey charedim: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DEMAND A WOMAN IN PANTS BE REMOVED FROM A POLLING STATION. if you dont like it stay home. and if that works i'd like to see women in pants standing by every charedi polling place.



Just broadcast on WCBS Newsradio 88.

Yosef ben Matitya

they must be running out of the opaque eyeglasses

Atheodox Jew

This is what you call "spiritual gluttony". Real tzniut means being modest about one's own desires and preferences. In means sometimes being able to live with a little discomfort. This by contrast is the "fat and lazy" approach to religion, needing to have one's spiritual appetites filled 100%, all the time. The more we capitulate and accommodate their every whim, the more we contribute to the malaise.

A. Nuran

The fewer of the voting the better off everyone is


Maybe she could take off her pants - would that make them happy?

Robert Rowley

I wish she had worn a string bikini just for the shock value and the fun that would entail.


maybe the woman where satmar woman trying to make sure no one votes


There's a simple remedy...don't vote. Israel would be far better off.

Garnel Ironheart

For people who don't believe in evolution the Chareidim sure do like selecting themselves out of the race. The less of them that vote, the less power they have in the next Knesset.


Complain complain is all they do ,they cant tolerate anything even for a few minuts like this voting,spoiled 2 year old is what they are,let them do hard work and then lets see if they still complain what a buch of immature toddlers.

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